Warning!  This company is a complete scam!                                               
                                     Western Gulf advisory (WGA) and founder, Ahsan Ali Syed    April 11, 2013
                                                                      Read latest news  on Ali Syed, including copy of arrest warrant.

Latest: March 2, 2020. Funds frozen and to be repatriated by the Swiss Prosecutor's Office in Zurich, are still just sitting there after many years. All the requisite documentation has been supplied to te Prosecutor but each time he is followed up, there's an excuse that he's been busy. Delay after delay after delay. This particular Prosecutor, Marcel Scholl, keeps on laying games with the refund process and his lates utterance arounf November 2019 is that the process could take up to another year! Simply not good enough! Proffessional indifference to the plight on the victims. It is THEIR money Mr Scholl, not yours or the Swiss government's.

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                    Ahsan Ali Syed -  Thief  and International Money Launderer
                                                        A small -time crook who turned into a bigtime liar and fraudster.
                                                              Wanted by the Police in Hyderabad, India
Western Gulf Advisory, or WGA, is registered in both Switzerland and Bahrain. The company is a complete fraud operation.
There are currently at least some 20 companies in Australia and New Zealand who have paid huge up-front fees for loans that have never eventuated.
                                               Up - front fees over $100 million for loans worth over $2.5 Billion, and no settlements. Ali is a serial financial rapist.
                                                Read what the WGA website claims - just a load of unbelievable statements of pure fiction.

                                                               and . . . Germany, the next target for Ali.
                                  Racing Santander football Club in turmoil.
May 24: Serepisos fails to get loan settled- again!
May 17:
Spanish Govt moves on Ali!  Ali's bodyguard tells all ! NOTICE TO GO DADDY INC.  Click here
Website closures  Shortcut
Ali caught in lies  !
Australian Victim goes public  !
Ali's cheque bounces!
                                                   Victims in Australia and Malaysia are identified with supporting documents available.

                                                           Not one single loan has ever been settled in Australia or New Zealand.
                     It is estimated that WGA have scammed somewhere around $100 Million from these companies, using one single sham loan as the fraud "bait".
                  If you are contemplating a loan through this company, please think again and DO NOT pay any up-front fees before seeking expert legal advice.
See also www.westerngulfadvisory.net CONTACT US    philipmarlowe6265@gmail.com

Ali's native Indian TV stations are after him.
Check this link for a connection to the news report. Sorry, you will need a Telugu translator nearby, but clearly are the words "money launderer, cheat, black money, Swiss banks" .. and so on.
The Esteemed New Zealand-based newspaper, The National Business Review, has kindly provided Wikifrauds with the following translation of parts of the broadcast on Mumbai's TV9 on February 2 as published in its February 18 Print Edition

   “A Telugu translator commissioned by NBR to review the bulletin said TV9 reported Mr Ali had “cheated countless numbers of people in Hyderabad and fled overseas” and had generated his wealth “by converting black money into white.”

The report questioned claims made by Mr Ali that he owned 364 hectares of land in the town of Bhuvagiri. “However, according to records, he owns only a house which is 80 square yards (66.8sq m) in the old city of Hyderabad.”

The bulletin also made allegations of immigration fraud from more than two dozen people, each of whom paid about $3000 to Mr Ali in return for promised visas, travel and jobs in countries like Singapore.

“Victims of Mr Ali are demanding the refund of their hard-earned money,” TV9 said.

 Click here to view YouTube video. You will need to use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this site.

Our thanks to Matt Nippert, of the NBR in New Zealand.


Your actions in taking down "wikifrauds.net" and "westerngulf advisory.net" without notice, and your continued refusal to discuss this matter with us is a clear breach of contract, and may be in contravention of many US laws. We requested assistance from you several times to provide us with an explanation for 'camping' on our site. Our second dated March 3 said:
"Please expedite this matter. It is of high personal risk nature, and involves Police in Australia, and a high level assessment of personal danger to myself and my staff. We need your URGENT attention right now please. If you can't or won't help, and something does occur while we are waiting for your response, it won't look too good. Please help now! "
You ignored this email and on Saturday
March  12 you pulled the sites without notice and with total disregard to our personal safety and your contractual obligations. Further, you disclosed to third parties our identities despite the fact that we paid a premium to you to keep private such information.
We have sought legal advice and you will be hearing more from our attorneys.

IF you again interfere with our activities, the worlds press, who are closely following this story about WGA, will know what you have done and will doubtless draw their own conclusions. Wikifrauds has issued a press release to over 30 papers throughout the world stating this matter.
                             *     *     *
Evidence that Go daddy have been and are still monitioring our content:

5th March 2011 10:33:13 Page View westerngulfadvisory.net/
5th March 2011 10:37:02 Exit Link http://www.westerngulfadvisory.net/
12th March 2011 08:16:36 Page View wgafraud.com/tips
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. . . and they continue!
The following is an email from Just Host confirming that Go Daddy have refused to allow the transfer of our two sites to another host. Apart from the other laws they may have broken, this now amounts to theft!

March 18
"Your domain transfer for wikifrauds.net has been canceled because the current registrar has rejected transfer. Please contact them for details according this issue.

Please let me know if you have futher questions.
Kind regards,
Van Vais

Just Host"

What WGA Claims to have done:
This is a paste from WGA's own website. Due diligence by many companies, the press, ourselves and others can find no evidence of any investments or loans completed anywhere in the world at all.

How ridiculous can such ambit claims ever be. Just about every business sector in every region around the world is claimed by WGA. Can anyone ever possibly believe these false claims could ever have been achieved in just over two years, with a staff of about a dozen people!

This is absolute rubbish altogether:
WGA Website says:

WGA’s various projects undertaken under different services are as follows


WGA has provided its Debt services to clients in countries like the UK, India, China, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and Russia as well as in the Holland. The sectors encompass Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial Parks, Steel, Cement, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Healthcare and Townships.

Corporate Finance

WGA has provided corporate finance in various countries like UK, India, China, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and Russia as well as in the Holland. The sectors encompass Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial Parks, Steel, Cement, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Healthcare, Electronics, Financial, Transport, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Rubber, Fashion & Retail, Townships, Food & Beverage and the Film Industry.

Equity Participation

The company has extended credit lines to clients from a wide diversity of nations like UK, India, China, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and Russia as well as in the Holland. The sectors encompass Oil & Gas, Electronics, Mining, Steel, Financial, Real Estate, Transport, Agriculture, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Rubber, Fashion & Retail, Healthcare, Cement, Infrastructure, Industrial Parks, Townships, Food & Beverage, Media and the Film Industry.

Besides these, WGA has also made investments in Germany, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada.

Corporate Finance

As a business advisor WGA takes a genuine and personal interest in the well-being and financial success of your business.

Today, scarcity of financial resources is the root cause of many businesses cracking under economic pressure. Irresponsible banks, financial institutions and private placement companies have allowed businesses to borrow beyond their capacity, inevitably leading to collapse. Alan Greenspan has stated that: “any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse, which” is quite pertinent in this respect.

In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch limits and fulfill your potential – it's no different in the financial realm. As a trustworthy financial partner, Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) believes that understanding market behavior is a keystone of wealth, leading to financial affluence and business growth.

WGA has a 10-year history of enhancing the financial standing of its clients by successfully drawing significant finances from its own wealth and investments for those who have sought its expertise. By facilitating cash flows up to USD 500 million - WGA enhances the credit status of clients and aligns market dynamics in their favour.

Our solutions are real and our expectations realistic. This is one of the reasons why WGA has continued to grow and expand in spite of the global economic crisis.

We are not in the business of percentages – rather, we see ourselves as financial engineers of sustainable growth, and expertly assisting with the finances you need. Unlike most banks, we would not treat you as a borrower but as a potential business prospect for our investments. You will be dealing directly with us as investors. We provide investments on our own strength and do not practice the habit of outsourcing funds.

This holds many key advantages for our clients. Since our funding capability is not reliant on other external factors, unlike banks, we can confidently provide the required funds. Our clients have a greater prospect of seeing their funding needs met as compared to other providers in the market.

Through its own funds and wealth sustained by WGA shareholders, it is able to leverage its financial power to strengthen your business aspirations. Our past record is testimonial of our success in drawing significant finances for those who have sought our expertise. We are neither commission agents nor do we believe in taking undue advantage of your necessity. We simply harness the power to transform your financial inabilities into abilities and convert your weakness into strength through our own financial capabilities.

With WGA, you can be assured of completely transparent dealings with integrity – no hidden costs, no bureaucracy, and no wastage of precious time. We welcome you to a dialogue where we can understand how our joint potential can unite to create a highly rewarding relationship.

WGA has provided corporate finance in areas such as Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial Parks, Steel, Cement, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Healthcare, Electronics, Financial, Transport, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Rubber, Fashion & Retail, Townships, Food & Beverage and the Film Industry.

WGA’s range of packages in Corporate Finance is diverse and personalized. Please contact us for a more personal discussion.

Even WGA themselves will refuse to name one single investment that they can point to as a reference, despite the current adverse press. One would think that any legitimate company under such press scrutinity would be happy to nomonate some business relationships that had actually happened.

Earlier versions of the WGA website made claims and issued press links to investments in Australia. These include the much publicised Cubbie Station, Regional Land,the Total Group and others we know but cannot name here. Collectively some $800 Million in loans that they claimed all through 2010 as done deals. Not one of them ever settled, not one!
Since Wikifrauds first exposed these lies, WGA have taken down these claims from the website. But their global presence map still shows Australia as being represented by WGA. Except for the rogue lawyer who perpetuates their lies and encourages unsuspecting victims to stump up with fees that he knows they will lose, there is now no presence in Australia at all - just a heap of corporate victim bodies.

                          Home Page


Most Ponzi schemes involve potential investors handing over money for investments on sure-fire returns that never eventuate. For a while, the unsuspecting investor gets statements showing their investment growth, some may even be paid apparent dividends to keep their beliefs on a high for a while, and to use as references for new investors. So the money pours in to the fraud company, and trickles out as 'dividends', and so the scheme mushrooms. But there is nothing at all behind the company, and while it fools a lot of people for often a long time, sooner or later it all falls over, and the company owners have disappeared with all the money.

Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) works on a similar line, except that customers aren't investing, they are wanting to borrow capital for projects. They are enticed into paying huge up-front fees to get the loan process started, fees in excess of 1.6% of the loan required. So a loan application of say $100M will cost some $1.6M plus in fees, and then the snow job starts. No loan ever eventuates, and WGA just hang onto the borrowers money. A "Nigerian" style Ponzi scheme.

And when a client does jump up and down and demand their so-called "refundable" fees be returned, they might eventually get some back, but only when WGA have sucked someone else in to enable the refund. Typical Ponzi. They still lose their initial application fee which currently stands at some GBP 54,000, and can wait up to four months for any refunds, if at all. We know of one client here in Australia who was eventually repaid most of the refundable fees, but it took four months and came in two tranches, many weeks apart. Why? Obviously because WGA didn't have the cash to repay and had to wait on more client fees to come in. Yet they claim to have US$8 Billion of their own money to invest.

This whole episode, after losing the application fee and a hitherto undisclosed 'break' fee as well as a currency exchange loss, has cost this company well over $500,000 and left them having to sell a valuable real estate asset. And meanwhile, WGA have had the use of nearly $2M of the client's money for nearly 12 months - nice work!

And there are a number of clients in Australia and elsewhere who have been promised settlement of their loan funds over and over again, but always an excuse for the delay. The clients in the above case were promised settlement back in June 2010. It never came, and was followed by the saga of trying to get their money back from these fraudsters, who claim to have over $8 Billion available to lend. If they did have that money, why did it take so long to refund a customer when their "Advisory Agreement" clearly stated a prompt refund if a loan did not proceed for any reason?

Ahsan Ali Syed. Once a small-time embezzler in India, now a bigtime international master fraudster.
Time is running out for this evil manipulator, with several investigations currently being undertaken.

                                   WATCH  THIS  SPACE !

Wikifrauds has just received new information about Ali's activities between leaving the UK and popping up in Bahrain. We will publish this soon, after an independent check on the source is verified. If it proves to be correct, it will add another disturbing dimension to this criminal's activities.

                 Send me a million,
                 and I will lend you a hundred million.
                 But I won't say when.

                 Enviadme un millón, y yo le prestan un centenar de
                 millones de dólares. Pero no voy a decir cuándo.

                 Inviami un milione, e io vi presta un centinaio di
                 milioni di euro. Ma non voglio dire quando.

                  मुझे एक लाख भेजें, और मैं तुम्हें एक सौ उधार दे देगा
                  लाख. लेकिन मैं जब नहीं कहूँगा.
Senden Sie mir eine Million, und ich werde Sie verleihen hundert Millionen.
                  Aber ich will nicht sagen, wann.

أرسل لي مليون دولار ، وسوف تقدم لك مئة
   مليون نسمة. ولكن لن أقول متى.

See also www.westerngulfadvisory.net


Free Speech - other sites shut down:
The tentacles of Ali's legal or bribery chain are long and strong. Owners of other sites supporting the charge against Ali have also met with their sites being pulled and in some cases, demands from the Sydney lawyer's own lawyers that they cease and desist publishing "defamatory" articles have hit home. The Sydney lawyer himself acts for and on behalf of Western Gulf Advisory, and Ahsan Ali Syed.

Sites effected by this 'censorship are:
  WGAFraud.com - the server, Rackspace, was instructed by this same bunch of lawyers, 
  to pull this site and so they did. We cite below a more detailed explanation of the threats 
  to "tumblr" by Rackspace, who are in turn under threat themselves:
  WGAFraud.com has spawned a host of 'mushroom' sites, pages and blogs to be found on
  Facebook, Quora and throughout Twitter.

How can a commercial law firm fly so blatantly in support of one of the world's biggest international fraud rings and its associated lawyer in Australia? But then, even Al Capone
had lawyers! Seems some law firms have no morals whatsoever. Some people assert that there is no defamation in truth, and the truth is emerging daily.

Message from Tumblr Support:

Marc, Mar-15 15:17 (EDT):

Hello. One of Tumblr’s web service providers, Rackspace, received a notice from a law firm alleging that you are defaming their client at http://wgafraud.com. Rackspace has demanded that we remove your blog and said they will shut down all Tumblr servers hosted by Rackspace within 24 hours if we do not do so.

Rackspace hosts a server that Tumblr uses to manage custom blog domains, such as wgafraud.com. That is why Rackspace received the legal notice regarding the issue. However, Rackspace does not host your blog itself or any other servers directly related to your blog. It only hosts the custom domain server piece.

Tumblr is in a difficult position in that we do not wish to remove your blog, yet we cannot stand by and watch all of our servers at Rackspace be shut down. 

This is a clear capitulation on the part of Rackspace. This blog is aggregating reports from other websites and mainstream news outlets including The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The National Business Review (NZ) and elsewhere. To refuse to host our content is a serious blow to free speech and only increases the odds that this fraud will continue unabated.

Links to the 'mushroom sites about WGA and Ali:


Someone is camping on the site for a very long time. We wonder who and why ???

Number of Entries:
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18th March 2011 15:56:29
22 hours 51 mins 7 secs
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Sbc Internet Services ( [Label IP Address]
No referring link
With no referring link, this has been referred direct by an email to whoever is having a seriously good look at us. Why?

Other Investigations:
Wikifrauds is also looking into a number of unscrupulous 'brokers' in Australia who continually promote their ability to find funders, charge up-front fees and never produce any reliable funders. Some of these 'bottom feeders' have continued to send new clients to alleged funders knowing that the funder has never performed, and this practice has extended over considerable periods of time. At an estimated $6000 per time, one broker has collected an over $120,000 in twelve months and not one client has ever seen a result. Nice work - just keep sending the sheep to slaughter. Wonder if he has paid GST and income tax?
We invite verifiable contributions that may enable us to further our knowledge of these companies or any brokers such as described above. They are as bad as the scammers themselves and need to be cleaned-up.

If you think you may be able to add information to these or you have information relating to other suspected frauds, please contact us.