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                             A new victim emerges from Malaysia

Wikifrauds has received leaked documents from one of 77 investors who so far have lost some $4 Million to Ali.
The loan and a Franchise Agreement giving the borrower a WGA franchise for Malaysia, were executed by the borrower in December 2008 and February 2009. The loan amount was $100M and the upfront fee was nearly $4M. The initial "processing fee" of US$425,000.
To this day, none of these agreements have been carried out by Ali and WGA. The borrower is out of pocket by over US$4 Million. Sadly, the raising of the $4M fees was undertaken with the assitance of some 77 individual investors, and it is one of these 77 people who has supplied the documents available on this site.
The most audacious additional skim of US$425K  was paid into a personal acount of Ali's, not to his company. The pressure of a payment to Ali within 24 hours was applied, and the victim complied.

Here are the banking instructions for the deposit to Ali's personal account:

   NAME OF BANK :    UBS AG, Switzerland
   ACCOUNT NO :        0206-397147-602
   IBAN NO :      CH 1000-206-206-397147.602
   SWIFT CODE :           UBSWCHZH80A

Contained in a number of emails to Wikifrauds from the investor, was advice that ..."he (Ali) has send
a letter that upon receipt of the last payment, he (Ali) will within 48 hours remit the sum to the borrower."

"His (Ali's) letter was dated 24/2/2009 and today is 2/3/2011, the money is still not in."

But the most brazen fact is the letter has an address for Ali as his London address that he abandoned in 2006! Therefore A)  He was skimming from his own company so his backers didn't know about the $425K, and B) He used his old address in case the Malaysian people later wanted to locate him. And why wasn't the letter on WGA Stationery? He scams everyone, including his backers!

These original documents are available on the following links:

Franchise agreement signed by Ahsan Ali Syed:    Click here   (You may need to use the back button on your browser to return to this site)

(Very poorly constructed document which includes spelling and grammar errors.)

Letter from Ali to Borrower dated Feb 24, 2009 and giving until Feb 25, 2008 to receive US$425K as a service fee. Read the garbage from Ali about his legal team in Rome!    Click here

Our comment.
This story is nothing more than utter tragedy for some 77 investors in Malaysia, and their principal borrower. It is full of deceipt by Ali. To make his victim comfortable while he helped himself to his money, Ali even issued a press release stating he was to open an office in Kualar Lumpur, which he never did. But the Straits Times carried the story, as did many news outlets. So it became "fact" and our borrower believed it. And so therefore did future victims from Australia and New Zealand when undertaking their due diligence on WGA. The old story, if it's in the press and on the internet, it just must be true!
Ali is a cunning and totally ruthless man who does not care how many people are suffering at his hands.
Wikifrauds observers have been demanding proof from us and names of victims.
Well, we have delivered two now, and included the supporting documents. The Australian victim, Keith Johnson,  has now gone public.
We hope our friends in the Spanish press will at last publish these documents and start asking those hard questions instead of giving this pig of a man free publicity, and fawning all over him.

                                               This man Ahsan Ali Syed has never settled a deal in his life!
                                                                  Over two years waiting, two years!