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The following statement was most kindly suggested and writtenby one of WGA's aggrieved borrowers, who is still waiting forlornly for a settlement nearly one year after his initial promised date. And this is despite WGA having proclaimed the deal as completed in several Australian press releases, and on their own website. (Strangely, WGA have now removed all references to all Australian "deals done" from their website since we exposed them back in February.)

Wikifrauds acknowledges and is grateful to this person for providing the following, in his own words, which with his kind permission we have now happily endorsed as our own Mission Statement. It is the clear aim of Wikifrauds to force WGA to either settle their loan obligations, or promptly refund the borrowers in full with all fees paid and all the costs incurred. They are entitled to be restored to their financial positions prior to their sad invovement with WGA.

                                                                            To Ahsan Ali Syed and Omer Khan

"WikiFrauds was established with the sole motivation of ensuring that WGA fulfills its promise to all those parties around the world  from whom it currently has solicited funds and for whom not one settlement or draw down obligation has been met by WGA. No doubt you are already aware that there are numerous aggrieved parties who have placed their faith and trust in WGA (in particular Mr. Ali and Mr. Omer) and in return, continue to be treated with total contempt and a complete lack of regard for their own financial welfare and personal integrity.

All of these have/are being subjected to continual lies, false promises and protracted excuses that are completely contrived in nature and deliberate in their intent. We believe that WGA is culpable in its conduct and we understand that several parties are currently in the process of lodging documentary evidence with the regulatory authorities in three jurisdictions which clearly support claims of  WGA’s fraudulent behaviour, misrepresentation and malpractice with the aim that criminal proceedings be initiated against both Mr. Ali and Mr. Omer.

 This is not some idle thread but instead an early indication of our resolve to bring WGA to account and we urge you to immediately demonstrate the company’s credibility, if any still exists, by issuing enforceable draw down notices to all those to whom these have been repeatedly promised but not delivered. Already, we have received notices from numerous potential international clients of WGA who have confirmed their intention not to pay any fees in light of the disclosures now being made and we can guarantee that unless justice is provided forthwith, further and even more damaging notices will be posted globally, including leading newspapers.

 Now, all of this can go away with the simple actions requested herein and we will take WGA’s inactivity/lack of response as further evidence of its involvement in an ongoing and carefully orchestrated scam. We will not be bought off, nor will we be ignored. It’s over to you and we look forward to your prompt action.

Perhaps you will now share the anxiety and stress which WGA has so willingly imposed on its loyal and trusting clients!"