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                                              Doctor Goebbles could not have done it better.
                                                                                 Culpable involvment by these companies:
Citigate Dewe Rogerson, UK
Jackson Wells, Sydney
Hill & Knowlton:  Headquarters New York.

The first PR machine in the UK.
Citigate Dewe Rogerson,  London
This company was the first of Ali's pressmen who were either duped by Ai, or succumbed to the attractive fees offered, and went along with anything he stated and requested be released.
In either event, they failed to apply any sort of diligence or truth test to what Ali stated, and continued to issue press releases for perhaps a year. These carefully crafted press releases on subjects such as the announcement of the rescue of McCabes, and later Ali's negotiations with the Blackburn Rovers Football Club, which were all a sham anyway, were designed to give Ali and Western Gulf Advisory credible "credentials' on a world stage. And they did. After all, if a well etablished PR firm issued a press release, the newspapers ran the stories without due diligence of their own. Why would't they, they have dealt with this company for years and had no reason to doubt the veracity of the claims being made. And Ali of course played his role in the prolonged negotiations with Blackburn because those negotiations alone provided all the sporting press with a great story. The only hiccup was the BBC's comments, but that faded after a while and Ali's reputation simply grew, and potential borrowers by the dozen began to line up for their loans and pay their fees. And anyone trying to get confirmation from McCabes were simpy told that their dealings were of a confdential nature and couldn't be disclosed under the terms of WGA's confidentiality agreement. The cash cow had begun to give milk and Ali's cashflow grew massively.

The PR Machine in Australia
Wells, Sydney.
This company was engaged in Australia to handle Ali's press releases to newsapers including The Australian and the Financial Review, and a handfull of regional newspapers where projects were first announced. Articles announcing the Landmark Business Developments International and Regional Land Pty Ltd deal in Gawler, north of Adelaide, were the first, and were promoted as having ". . gained the credit line from the Middle East group Western Gulf Advisory." The article went on to quote Regional Land's Matt Somers' views on the development, and any reader would be left with the thought that this was already a done deal. Wrong - it never happened. In fact Somers and his associates John Mulally and Alan Keller have apparently had a falling out. As an aside mention, we can advise that Matt Somers' Lexus was reposessed last week! No comment from Jackson Wells on this one!

The next big story released was WGA's rescue of Cubbie Station, one of the world's largest cotton farms, located in Queensland. Again, like the Blackburn Rovers, the story of Ali's bid for Cubbie went on for months but eventually it fizzled as the lender, WGA, didn't come up with the money. But it was portrayed in the Australian press, thanks to Jackson Wells, as a done deal only subject to Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) permission. Indeed, WGA's Omer Khan has confirmed this story many times over to potential borrowers on their own due diligence trail. Khan simply tells people to read the press. And of course, the FIRB will not comment. And neither will Cubbie's chairman Keith Delacy, former state treasurer of Queensland. Delacy is a full time director and current chairman of Macarthur Coal Limited, Nimrod Resources Limited, Reef Coporate Services Limited and Queensland Energy Resources Limited, all listed public companies. But it's all over the press for months and again, as in the UK, hopeful borrowers queue up at Ali's door and hand over their money. Cubbie are victims also, and based on the loan amount publicised by Jackson Wells of $320 Million, may have paid out some $5 Million in fees. Delacy will not speak up - too embarrasing in front of his industry peers for it to be discovered that he was duped. Might cost him all his directorships. Credibility must be kept at all cost, and that's another way Ali wins - his victims are too frightened or embarrassed to talk.

There have been other press releases of a similar nature relating to other prominent developments, but it would take another page to go through them in detail.
Suffice to say that Jackson Wells continued to manipulate the press long after the Landmark and Regional Land deals had fallen over. Landmark was deregistered in April 2010 and a replacement "business" name only is currently listed as a NSW business entity only. It is no longer a company. Yet Landmark's Alan Keller continues to confirm to borrowers that WGA are real and that he is indeed seeking a further loan from WGA himself. All this gives comfort to new clients looking for funding.

The Keller connection as a recruiting agent for WGA goes back to a public notice in The Australian in December 2009 it reads:
Landmark Business Developments International Limited
(LBDI) has procured a funding line of USD $100M from Western
Gulf Advisory AG of Bahrain (WGA) to enable LBDI to acquire
properties in Australia and Vanuatu. WGA is at:
Link to notice in The Australian:  http://www.lottos.com.au/forum/viewthreadlite.php?tid=199646
Interestingly, Keller and Mulally, a lawyer, are co-directors of six other currently registered companies in Australia. Odd that Mulally is also acting for WGA as their legal representative in Australia, a clear conflict of interest. And it is widely known in Sydney that Mulally and John Wells of Jackson Wells are close friends.
                                                                                     John Wells of  Jackson Wells
  From their Code of Ethics: "The ethical principals on which our company is founded comprise trust, respect, reponsibility and equity"
 "We expect our employees to  . . . . inform and
advise honestly."  
We understand that Mr Wells has resigned as a director of Jackson Wells since Wikifrauds first published on February 5.
Hill and Knowlton, New York and Worldwide.
When Wikifrauds first heard of the recent appointment of Hill & Knowlton to "clean-up" Ali's image, we perhaps thought naievly that we should give them a tip off to stay clear before Ali's house of cards crumbles. We sent them an email (below) to which we have had no reponse. The email was sent to every regional office and to their CEO Dan Bartlett two weeks ago:

Email to Hill and Knowlton:

"Dear Sirs, Wikifrauds is a site dedicated to investigating and exposing serious fraud on a major international scale.
We have been advised that your organization may have been recently engaged by a company called “Western Gulf Advisory” registered in both Switzerland and Bahrain, and headed up by one Ahsan Ali Syed.
Our investigations reveal that this company is a fraud, and similar investigations are now taking place by the Swiss Federal Police, the Israeli authorities, and Interpol. Further, we are advised that Ali is wanted by the Police in Hyderabad, India, to face fraud charges there which were committed back in 2001/2002.

This “heads up” is intended to hopefully have your esteemed company maintain its worldwide reputation of integrity and high due diligence performance. Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) has left a trail of destroyed and distraught companies in Australia alone over the last twelve months, and in doing so has amassed well over $25 million in up-front loan fees for capital loans which have never taken place. Indeed, the Swiss authorities have requested Wikifrauds supply hard information from victims to assist them in bringing the matter to justice. We are in the process of furnishing them with bank account details for monies sent to them over the last year, which victims have already kindly supplied to us.
Wikifrauds is asking you to review any relationship you may have with WGA and to decide to act accordingly. When WGA is finally shut down by the authorities, which it most certainly will be, it would be a great shame and blight on your company to have been associated with it.

For more detailed information, please visit the website: www.wikifrauds.net It will be a matter of public record that we have sent you this early advice, so your earnest attention is requested, and we are confident that you will react in the best interests of your organization.

Hill and Knowlton pressure the New Zealand journalist.
The esteemed New Zealand financial journal, The National Business Review ran an article on Feb 11 relating to Wellington developer, Terry Serepisos who had argued in the Wellington High Court that week that liquidation proceedings brought against him by Inland Revenue should be suspended. The article went on to say. . .
He told the court he had arranged funding for his businesses from a source in Switzerland. NBR has learned, however, that the funding source itself was subject to international scrutiny following a series of dubious deals, including some in Australia. A banker told NBR: "I warned him. This [funder] had all the hallmarks requiring caution and it raised serious questions. Išve been in banking for far too many years and Išve never seen one of these overseas refinanciers come home. And Išve seen many, many that were scams," the banker said. It is understood Mr Serepisos has been dealing with Western Gulf Advisory, a Bahrain- and Switzerland-based firm that made headlines in Australia last year promising $A1 billion in loans to various developments.
Next day, the paper had this to say:
"A global public relations outfit first best known for lies that helped launch the invasion of Iraq is now representing the questionable Swiss firm troubled Wellington property developer Terry Serepisos is trying to borrow money from. Revelations in last week's NBR about Mr Serepisos and Western Gulf Advisory were initially met by silence by the property developer and the investment firm founded by Ahsan Ali Syed. Detailed questions were sent to WGA - concerning its relationship to Mr Serepisos, criminal charges outstanding against Mr Ali and a string of suspect "loans" in Australia.

It was only after NBR's print deadline that Terrence Billing of Hill and Knowlton called suggesting further questions about WGA and Mr Ali should be directed his way. Global PR firm Hill and Knowlton have a mixed reputation.

                                           Does this Terrence Billing know that New Zealand is a democracy or what!

He is the Vice President of this company based in the US. The article must have ruffled Ali's feathers badly. Wikifrauds feels that this is rather a clumsy attempt at heavy pressure on the free press. Just shows what other people's money can buy for Ali.

It is our opinion that the continued relationship with Ali Syed and WGA is tantamount to collusion with a criminal enterprise. As soon as Ali is prosecuted, and he will be for sure, all current associates who have continued their relationship in the face of all the overwhelming evidence of this Ponzi Scheme, will also be charged. In the USA, such associations will fall under US RICO laws (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and are likely to be severely punsihed. And having been specifically warned about this association, H & K will not be able to say that they "had no idea".

Further, as the human pain inflicted on so many individuals who have lost their whole life's savings and family homes, is so great as to make life intolerable, who would be jointly responsible should some poor individual take his life. People who become so distressed about such matters sometimes do this. We certainly pray that nothing like this happens. But if it did, then the Americans have another criminal charge up their sleeves called "Depraved Indifference". Alongside a RICO charge, this would present a real problem for anyone continuing to support Ali Syed and WGA.


                                                      Dan Bartlett, CEO                                  Terrence Billing, VP at Hills and Knowlton.
                                                    Warned about WGA                                       Lots of rah rah rah from this bully.