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                                                              Wanted by the Police in Hyderabad, India
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Sep 10, 2011: Information that Wikifrauds has had for many months but not published, is now starting to be validated by second and third parties, and therefore deserves to be mentioned.

It has been put to us by three different parties, that during the period 2006 -2008, Ali spent a lot of time in Dubai, where he met Omer Khan. It was during this time, and obviously with the assistance of intermediaries, that Ali was introduced to a number of potential investors in his 'advisory and wealth management' schemes. No stranger to elaborate lies, Ali managed to con sufficient people from Dubai to build up some sizeable capital, enough to skip across to Bahrain and set up shop as WGA. The big and surprising news is that it appears that one of those conned in Dubai was the royal family itself. Wikifrauds has heard this from three sources now. Apparently the royal family is deeply embarrassed and has taken no action in any public arena, however our informants have confirmed that he is 'persona non grata' in Dubai, and that if he ever sets foot in the UAE he will be immediately arrested. More information is expected in the next week or so from a range of informants in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait. We are also seeking information from a source in Saudi Arabia.
Ahsan Ali Syed's early history is vague. Currently available information tells us that he became active as a small-time suburban lawyer in Hyderabad, India, where he also worked for a local bank.
It is here in Hyderabad that his criminal activities began. Numerous press articles, mostly from the Deccan Chronicle, detail his foray into "Cheating", the Indian legal term for fraud.

During the years 2000 and 2001, Ali 'cheated" a number of victims including a "Godman" out of hundred's of housands of dollars. (A godman is a colloquial name for a particular type of charismatic guru who has a high-profile presence, is capable of attracting attention and support from Indian society, and makes claims of spiritual attainments. - Wikipedia.) Wikifrauds has been contacted by one of the commercial victims in India who was duped and is still trying to recover his money. He is seeking our assistance in this matter.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, Ali then "absconded" and fled India late in 2002, and is now wanted by the police to answer "cheating" charges.

He then turned up in the UK in 2001. What he actually did there is a mystery, but he again fled in 2005 and left a trail of debt and unpaid fines behind him. The BBC's Adrian Goldberg published the following article (Click here to read) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11163004

During 2001 - 2005, records show that Ali Syed  failed to pay a county court judgement of 61,500. Other debts include 7,800 in unpaid rent and nearly 1,000 in unpaid council tax.

He suddenly vacated his apartment in 2005, leaving no contact details and the place in a mess. He also had two companies de-registered in the UK for not filing returns. As for a claim to have ownership of companies in Canada, there was one, but it too was also closed down by the authorities. Not bad for a man now claiming he has over $8 Billion in reserves, ownership of 133 companies and offices around the world!

What Ali was doing between 2005 and 2008 when he surfaced in Bahrain where he started WGA is again a mystery. However, there are now so many contradictions published on his own website that just don't match the timelines. Omer Khan's assistant, Muneera Amin, is quoted as saying that WGA has been in business for 12 years - yet Ali was busy cheating in India in 2001 - doesn't add up at all.

Perhaps he was busy buying the 133 companies around the world that he brags about, or recruiting the 3200 consulants he speaks of. Or was he giving advice to Royal Families during this time, yet another ridiculous claim he makes on his website. Are we to believe he fled the UK with debts and court proceedings behind him in 2005, but is suddenly by 2008 a billionaire advisor to royalty, an investment adviser, owner of 133 companies and buiding a great thoroughbred racing stud farm at the same time? There just plainly would not be enough daylight hours for ten men to achieve all this in that time frame.

Ali Syed has told many victims that he is of the direct line of the Nazim of Hyderabad Deccan, once the richest man in the world, yet some due diligence searches revealed no existing members of that family know of him at all. He is simply an impostor with no verifiable connection to this once powerful family. Extensive research in and around the villages of the Hyderabad region of India reveal no knowledge of this man's Nazim's connections whatsoever. And he is not mentioned in the family's tree available on Wikipedia.

All we can surmise is that Ali had a backer somewhere, and that he set up this elaborate scheme and all the players during those 'missing' years. It takes time to build the house as it now stands. There is no family wealth, nor a group of  family uncles who have entrusted him with investing their fortunes. This is the story he puts out when he first meets a new client. It is a more plausible conjecture that he is laundering money for criminals he knows back in India, among whom it has been suggested, is one Dawood Ibrahim. Do your own research on this one please.

Does the money travel this way?
A number of contributors have formed this conjecture which seems to be confirmed from many sources. We emphasise that this is conjecture only, but all the dots seem to connect.


There is a ring of familiarity when the recent histories of Ahsan Ali Syed and Hassan Ali Khan are put into the same timelines.

Hasan Ali Khan or Syed Mohammed Hassan Ali Khan is a 56-year-old alleged stud-farm owner based in India and allegedly worth USD 8-9 billion or more according to police-authorities. Some news sources claim that he might be the fourth richest person in India and one of the richest people in the entire world, perhaps surpassing even legitimate billionaires like Azim Premji or Mukesh Ambani, India's richest man. However, he is not officially recognized as a billionaire because most of his money is in the form of unaccounted or black money. This might be true because even credible sources say that India tops the list for black money in the entire world with almost $1,456 billion in Swiss banks (USD 1.4

trillion) Former Union Minister and BJP MP Arun Shourie said that Ali Khan has been known to be connected to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, known to have been channeling very large amounts from unknown sources into the Indian stock market and had 8 to 9 billion dollars in the UBS and other banks of Switzerland, and has been responsible for hawala transactions (money laundering) of over Rs. 35,000 crore (USD 7 billion) through Swiss banks.
6 common features with Ali:  as provided by a supporter of Wikifrauds
1. From Hyderabad
2. Made his money from hawala (private loans)
3. Strong interest in racing horses
4. USD 8 bn at Swiss bank account in Zurich (UBS). UBS, not Credit Suisse, was mentioned by Omar Khan at a meeting in Bahrain that Mr Ali instead of letting UBS to manage the "family" money, he wanted to manage and invest it himself. 
5. Same amount USD 8 bn, UBS asked this money to leave Hasan Ali Khan's accounts and maybe WGA was set up to do this job?
6. Timing is interesting. Has been hiding since 2007. WGA started in 2008.

Ali had no money in 2006. By 2008 he boasted having $8 Billion. Where did this money come from?

All  this points to a grubby little crook, happy to swindle millions from anyone he can. He needs to be locked up - permanently.

See also www.westerngulfadvisory.net

A report on an Indian Television station was broadcast early in February 2011. Please click here to view YouTube report. A translation, courtesy of the New Zealand National Business Review, reads in part as follows:
“A Telugu translator commissioned by NBR to review the bulletin said TV9 reported Mr Ali had “cheated countless numbers of people in Hyderabad and fled overseas” and had generated his wealth “by converting black money into white.”

The report questioned claims made by Mr Ali that he owned 364 hectares of land in the town of Bhuvagiri. “However, according to records, he owns only a house which is 80 square yards (66.8sq m) in the old city of Hyderabad.”
 Does Ali's sudden wealth which appeared in 2008 come from the activities of  Dawood Ibrahim and Hasan Ali Khan?
More information.  Ali's mystery connections
Here's a small list of mysterious associations to Ahsan Ali Syed. These are the dots we have or are connecting. If anyone can supply more verifiable dots, please let us know. The people below may all involved, or suspected to be connected with an international money laundering circle, washing drug and arms money from India. This is information supplied to us by reliable informants, one of whom is a former employee of WGA. If anyone can confirm or refute the connections, we welcome your input.

One can easily describe Ali's activities and structures as almost the same as  a real serial rapist on the loose.
The analogy is a whole bunch of women who are victims of a serial rapist - a few talk, the rest are living in shame and fear of revenge if they say anything. Figuratively speaking, we have identified a lot of the women but still only have one or two who will go public. Others have pressed charges but want their identities kept private. Most won't talk, and new victims are slowly emerging every day, but all are still living in fear.