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Ali's Emails to Wikifrauds:
Wikifrauds was launched on February 5 2011. It took hold immediately, and achieved a website hit-rate beyond expectations.And it only took Ali six days to try to buy us off to ensure silence. When the emails below didn't work for him, Ali then enlisted the aid of hackers t try to break into our site. Ali's advertisement for hackers is reproduced clearly on this page along with a translation and that story.

Meantime, here are his attempts to buy us off:

The following email was received by Wikifrauds on February 11.   (There is now a follow-up email from Ali further down the page.)
Dear Sir,
I am the company lawyer and I was appointed to make an agreement with you to buy your domain and to avoid that further compromising news are spread, that we consider false anyway.
Please contact me immediatley so that we can find an agreement that will satisfy both and will avoid  useless legal expenses.
I am looking forward to your reply and your offer.
Jean Claude Barret.
Tel: 0041417909909.
Wikifrauds response:
There are two ways for you to move forward in resolving your problem:
  1. Immediately settle those current deals in Australia. The ones that Omer has been promising, as recently as last week, that are to be settled this week. We know of at least four who you have callously let swing on a rope for many months with broken promise after broken promise. These people are at the end of their patience and are about to go public about your company’s atrocious behaviour. And no rubbish about commercial confidientiality - we know all the players and the sums involved.
  2. You make a serious offer to purchase the two websites from Wikifrauds. But it would need to be a very good sum to even be considered  - perhaps at least 10% of the fees you have wrought from clients in Australia and New Zealand.
If you elect for option 1 above, Wikifrauds will immediately publish the settlement facts and apologise for previous information released. But we will need facts. And settlements must be confirmed at this end within 2 days, but your reply to this email within 24 hrs.
If you elect option 2 above, and if the offer is attractive enough for Wikifrauds to consider, then instructions will be given to our lawyers who will in turn advise you on how to make payment. Such payment will be placed in trust for distribution to victims of your company. It might help some of them keep their homes!
There will be no telephone contact at this stage whatsoever. You will contact us only via this site, like everyone else.
Further, if you fail to respond within 24 hours, your email will be published, along with your contact details, in full on the Wikifrauds site and the Western Gulf site, under a bold banner headline reading: WGA TRIES TO BUY WIKIFRAUDS !
That alone will be sufficient to further damage your company and the funds you were receiving from unsuspecting borrowers will suddenly dry up completely, which it has already started to do. We have been contacted by several people over the last two days who have stopped moving their projects forward already.
You have 24 hours or we publish.
Investigator 1
Ali may be able to buy new private jets, a new villa in Lucerne Switzerland, a Spanish Football Club, and lots more, but he can't buy Wikifrauds!
SECOND EMAIL FROM ALI   dated Feb 12   (This is a direct copy and paste):
“Dear Sir,
First of all I want to make clear that we don’t mean to buy your silence. The publication of incorrect, defamatory and criminal information is to be avoided. As you cowardly hide yourself behind the anonymity of a website, we tried to negotiate with you choosing a path we thought less onerous and more immediate but we notice that you only want to make unfair profit out of it. Please note, we just wanted to try to buy the domain www.westerngulfadvisory.net that you plagiarized.
It is not our intention to explain, especially to you, what are the reasons that drive our cop orate policies.
We will be able to provide you in detail every request that you will send us in a legal form and we invite anyone believes to have an issue with us to contact us directly.
We don't know who is hiding behind you, we don't understand the ethical motivations that lead you to behave like champions of justice, we don't understand why you are asking us money, we don't understand your mob-like way of solving legal issues with illegal means.
You took our company logo, our identity and our privacy, by doing so everyone will wonder which one, you or us, is the criminal!
We invite you to identify yourself and to confront yourself in an appropriate place; at the moment you are like masked bandits and we will use all our strenght in order to punish you legally. We appointed our lawyers and our security structure to indentify you and to prosecute you in every country.
We wonder if you will decide to publish also this email or, if you will decide to publish only part of it. It is clear anyhow that one day you will have to answer in front of the law of the crimes you are committing."
 WIKIFRAUD'S REPLY TO ALI (Again, a direct copy and paste):
You can make all this go away by simply honoring your loan agreements, in full, and each of them. No garbage about technical issues or re-signing agreements, no more playing games – just simply settle all the deals. And we have the sources that will keep us informed of settlements, so don’t just settle one and claim the moral high ground, settle all those approved loans, or be judged as the Ponzi scheme you really are.

                                                                                                      Or   . . .

Alternatively, you can agree to immediately return all fees, including your diligence fees, along with interest costs and currency devaluation costs, and other costs, to all your current loan applicants in Australia and New Zealand. Wikifrauds is in the process of bringing all these people together to assess the full amounts concerned and to open a trust account to receive this money. Our estimate is somewhere around US$40 million. You may have to sell the jet or the football team.
Again, your answer to Wikifrauds within 24 hours is required!
Unless we have such a commitment from you for either alternative by then, advertisements in all national newspapers will be placed and may include this email. Certainly, there will be appropriate press releases to this effect at the very least.
Our responses hereunder address each paragraph of your email:
1. Please return to Hyderabad and present yourself to the Police, and the courts, and face up to the justice awaiting you there. Wikifrauds hasn’t charged you, the Police have. Deal with it.
2. Your corporate policies are plain enough - gather as much money as possible from around the world and hang onto it at any cost!
3. All your clients have been in direct contact with you almost daily, and all you and Omer tell them is downright lies. Wikifrauds has been personally privy to such lies from Omer Khan himself – we have heard the lie direct from his mouth over a telephone conversation. And the lie proved itself. The promises made were not kept. You two blatant liars think you can keep getting away with it.
4.  Sometimes people just get fed up with the so-called legal means, and turn to people like us and the media for results. And we get them.
5. We “borrowed” some images from your website and other places.
6. You mean you would like Investigator1 to just walk up to a meeting with your people – hardly! We can’t afford to lose good people that easily.
7. We are the ones simply looking for justice on behalf of so many people you have completely ruined. By next week, at least two companies will be prepared to go public and name themselves as victims, unless of course you settle five or six deals before then, which of course you won’t, because you either don’t have the money, or want to keep it all including their fees, to pay for the jet, the football club and so on.
You are without doubt Ali, the world’s biggest liar and fraudster in the last ten years. What a grubby greedy, little man. It’s up to you to prove us all wrong. You have been given chance after chance, and all your clients get are lies after lies.

                                                                 In fact, neither Ali nor Omer Khan ever answer a single question.
It is our estimate that if Ali and WGA were to settle all the deals in Australia and NZ that we know about, he'd suddenly need to find some $1.6 Billion.
                                                                                                    Not going to happen.
And if he was to simply rerturn up-front fees for all the loans he has never done, he would need to remit over $50 Million, and maybe up to $200 Million
                                                                                               Not going to happen either.

Contact: philipmarlowe6265@gmail.com