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Ali's legal team:   Zwicky Windlin and Partners,  Zug

Ali's Auditors and Accountants:  KMPG   Zug
                                                                BDO Bahrain
Ali's Bankers:  Credit Suisse

Zwicky Windlin and Partners, Lawyers:

Wikifrauds wants to make it absolutely clear that we are not alleging any complicity by this firm in Ali's undertakings. We are however questioning their judgement.

Based in Switzerland, this company amongst other duties, oversees the signing of Loan Agreements between WGA and its clients. Inserted below is the signature of  Philipp Andermatt witnessing one of the dozens of these loan contracts. (Aside: Ali's passport number on this document is different to the passport number issued by the Police in India via the Deccan Chronicle)

Lawyers in Australia and New Zealand are aghast at the so-called legal construction of these sham contracts, stating quite clearly that they appear to have been contrived by people who have very little legal experience whatsoever. It appears that Zwicky Windlin simply innocently notarises the signing of the agreements and perhaps does not involve themselves in the content, which is constructed by WGA themselves.

Some alarm bells must have been ringing somewhere about Philipp Andermatt and his handling of matters. He was a director of WGA but resigned around October 2010. He has been instructed not to take calls from anyone in Australia, and all matters relating to loan contracts or settlements are now directed to founding partner, Jost Windlin. Indeed, we don't even know if Andermatt is still employed at the practice.

In March we were advised that in fact this law firm no longer acts for Ali or WGA. we only now know that Ali's lawyer is his close friend in Australia, john Mulally.
KPMG Switzerland:
Despite numerous attempts by a lot of people, Wikifrauds included, KPMG  have  put up a wall of silence and will say nothing. They won't even reply to emails seeking confirmation that they do represent WGA. To be fair, they were only appointed in December 2010, so we wonder if they will become party to the sham accounts, or see them for what they are and resign just as BDO Bahrain did.

April 28, 2011: Wikifrauds have been advised by a usually reliable source that on April 26, KPMG have resigned as auditors for Western Gulf Advisory AG in Zug, Switzerland.
KPMG were only appointed in December 2010, following the resignation of BDO a few months earlier due to "irregularities" and other matters relating to the WGA 2010 Annual report.
Zwicky Lindlin Lawyers in Zug also resigned in February this year.
We wonder how long it will take Credit Suisse to join the exodus and get some distance between them and the world's worst fraudster in many years. Continuing to support Ali can not be good for this bank.
The following is pasted from the website "Moneyhouse":
Western Gulf Advisory AG, train, CH-, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No 222 of 15.11.2010, p. 20, Publ 5,894,366). [deleted: According to statement by the Board of Directors of 04.09.2008, the Company is under no regular audit and dispense with a limited audit ].
People newly registered or mutating: KPMG AG (CH-, in train, auditors.

BDO Bahrain:
In earlier publications and on earlier versions of WGA's often changing website, they named BDO as their auditors. It appears that this was so up to around October 2010. Wikifrauds are in receipt of an email from BDO Bahrain which states (pasted directly from email):
"I spoke with Jawad about the sensitivity of your pending bid and inquired if there were any ‘integrity issues’ as you put it when we spoke. He simply said, by the virtue of us pulling representation, you may take that as a red flag. He also told me to tell you that the operation was suspended for seven weeks by the authorities. Unfortunately, Jawad didn’t give me anymore details to go on. I hope this somewhat helps. Kind Regards, Alwynn Taylor, BDO Bahrain 
Tel: +973 1753 0077
Dir: +973 1710 1343 Alwynn.taylor@bdo.bh
BDO Bahrain resigned from their association with WGA, and around the same time, the regulators in Bahrain shut down WGA for about seven weeks for "operating outside their remit". They were not licensed to act as a lender, and the loan contracts executed in Bahrain were illegal and unenforceable.

Credit Suisse:
The following is a google-translated extract from Spain's as.com on-line newspaper. Clearly Credit Suisse promoted Ali to the president of Cantabria and the Racing Santander Football Club

Pernia has been among the first in Spain to find the prize he sought. Especially statements: "With the current owner of Manchester and I met four years ago in Qatar. Incidentally, the trip also was Fernando Sanz, who informed him of what was going to do there. It shows that our intention was not new. had to be proactive. In Racing we got into the hands of Credit Suisse to advise us. We found a number of stakeholders. Many were geeks. People who think you know everything and you all. With many ideas and little money . At the first meeting you go with questions. Especially because I expected people interested in Mexico, where much Spaniard exiled after the war. But suddenly appeared Ali." 

Full story in Spanish here. Use Google translator for English.

Credit Suisse, like most Swiss bankers, always have a 'secrecy' code of ethics, and like the others, is a repository for all kinds of money, legal and illegal. Transactions from three different  borrowers  in Australia show a trail of money paid into a Middle East Bank. Yet when one client received part of his fee refund, the money was returned from an account held at Credit Suisse. So what happened to the fees deposited to the Middle East bank? Did they simply go straight to Ali's consolidated account in the Swiss Bank? Why did the refund come from Credit Suisse and not the Middle East bank into which they were paid?

WGA's Valuers - another Khan lie.
Wikifrauds has been advised by several clients that Omer Khan has stated that their usual valuers are Knight Frank. Our direct investigation of this claim resulted in the following email from Knight Frank's Sydney office:
 "Hi ----------
, We made extensive enquiries throughout our UK and Emirates network and those that we contacted had not heard of WGA. Thanks David Castles, State Director, Knight Frank Valuations"

So many questions:
How is Ali using borrower's fees?
Is he funding other things like his new jet or soccer club with other people's money?
                                              We think so.  No answers. 

                                                       Bernie Madoff ver2