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Wikifrauds is an unfunded site campaigning to expose and bring to justice a most evil, criminal organisation run by Ahsan Ali Syed in Europe, with collaboration from equally criminal partners in Australia. Our operating costs include company searches, investigative services, legal advice, travel expenses, telephone expenses, site domain costs, and of course our own unpaid time.

So far, we have Ali on the ropes. We launched our site on February 5, and have climbed the Google ladder to now sit on the same page as Ali's own site, all driven by site traffic, a spectacular success on its own and greater than we hoped for. As of February 16, our two sites  reached a combined page download figure of over 5,500 and have reached around 1450 hits per day over the last two days. This has been spread over some 43 countries across the world.

We currently have no sponsors and no advertisers, due to the specific target of the campaign. We receive great encouragement from many 'victim' companies and have received numerous thanks from people who were about to forward money to WGA, but after visiting our sites, have elected not to proceed. It is impossible to estimate the number of  financial advisors and brokers who have also put a hold on seeking funding from Ali, so we are slowly starving the snake.

We do know of certain cancelled applications in cases where we have actually spoken to people or exchanged emails with them, and we have quantified that we have saved these people some $6M to $8M  in fees that would have been lost so far, and that's just since we launched on February 5 on line. That must be hurting Ali and his Australian partners greatly.

But there is a lot of work yet to do in lines of investigation and follow-up which  include money laundering, and perhaps even the unthinkable. Information is pouring in and being shared with various authorities.

And along the way, as you have read, we have refused to negotiate the sale of our sites to Ali himself, and following considered advice from Police authorities, we have now had to take some remarkable precautions to protect ourselves against discovery and possible personal attack.   Stopping an organised crime syndicate and cutting off the cashflow has its risks.

Wikifrauds needs some financial assistance. We need one or two more staff members and some more computing power, and perhaps even a good website designer - it's all currently done by an amateur self-taught volunteer staff member, and keeping the sites updated takes away valuable investigative time. We are not out to make a profit, just to cover our growing costs. We are not all like Ali !

If you are one who has directly benefited from the exposure of these people, or perhaps saved thousands of dollars in obtaining professional diligence, or simply wish to keep us going at an effective level, please contact Investigator1 and we will advise you on how to go about it. Alternatively, you may consider becoming a sponsor and have your company logo and weblink published on every page of this site.

And to all of the people who have offered support and valuable information, from around the world, many thanks and please keep it coming. Your information is secure. Our continued readership in over 90 counties is truly appreciated.