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                                                                                 Due Diligence Service
Our investigations into WGA actually commenced in late September 2010, and by February we had been able to package the then known information and begin to expose Ali Syed and WGA as a fully-fledged fraud gang. In the five months leading up to publication, a substantial number of contacts were made with brokers, with law firms and accountants, with bankers, and with press connections. And now we have connections at very high levels with several law enforcement and regulatory authorities. It was in fact Wikifrauds' own due diligence and persistent digging around that led us to the ultimate point of realisation that WGA was a scam, while many others, clients and brokers, football clubs and some members of the press, still thought WGA was a real company and would deliver. And some of these people had done their own due diligence without obtaining a true outcome.

Wikifrauds has been asked to look into many companies and brokers since we launched on February 5, 2011. We have done so on a number of occasions and advised the enquirers accordingly, usually at no cost to them.

Due Diligence can sometimes be a lengthy process which is often expensive when it means obtaining company and director details from regulators and references from auditors and accountants if available. The process of discovering the legitimacy or otherwise of supposed funds and lenders may also rely on associations and networks built over long periods.

To adequately service the increasing enquiries for assistance in researching people and companies takes time and resources, and we cannot continue to do this simply as a favour to readers of Wikifrauds.

Wikifrauds will investigate any matter we are requested to do so. There will be a modest fee for a Pre-Due Diligence Report, and if further more in-depth searching is required, which may include reports from regulators and other authorities that have to be paid for, then additional fees to cover costs will be requested. A confidentiality agreement will be required, and we will undertake to protect the client's interests and privacy at all times.

Contacts we liaise with include:
Government    Swiss financial regulatory bodies, FINMA and PolyReg
                      Australian Federal Police
                      Australian Crime Commission
                      NSW Fraud Squad
                      Queensland Police Corporate Crime and Fraud Office.
                      Department of Justice, Brussels Belgium
                      Serious Fraud Office, New Zealand.
                      Australian Tax Office
Press              The Sydney Morning Herald
                      The Australian
                      The Brisbane Courier Mail
                      The BBC
                      Business Day, NZ (Fairfax)
                      Vanity Fair
                      Cantabria Diario, Spain
Other:             We have numerous relationships around the world in financial and private investigative circles, and people who are extremely well connected in 
                       their spheres. They include contacts in Germany including a judge, the UK, the USA, Italy, India, Malaysia, Thailand, The Netherlands and  
                       many more.
If you would like us to undertake due diligence a report, contact us for a further confidential discussion.

An email from a near miss victim in Europe sums up our performance:
     Dear Investigator, I am so happy to have found the website westerngulfadvisory.com as I was just about to wire 3MM$ to WGA. Can you  
     please provide me with information on this company which evidently shows their fraudulent nature? Thank you very much, Kind regards.

We will be happy to fully disclose this source and many other references to interested parties.