Dean Wentworth, fraudster and now convicted child molester.
  Latest, April 7, 2022: We have received an unconfirmed report that Wentworth has been found guilty in the NSW District Court of numerous historic child abuse charges. We understand that Wentworth will now await sentencing after the court hears victim impact statements. It is believed that he will receive a custodial sentence, and that would normally mean being remanded in custody, which has been frustrated by Wentworth apparently having Covid at the moment. Details will follow when our information is confirmed.
7 Mar 2022  These matters will be heard in Sydney Downing Centre District Court today: .... R v Dean Wentworth.

 Latest, July 3, 2021: Dean Wentworth, currently on trial for historic sexual assault of a minor. NSW District Court, Downing Centre. Case No 2019/002 13080  Presiding Officer Judge H. Syme.

Dean Wentworth's

 The Euroasian Group of Companies
 Westerly Mortgage Trust    (link)
The Wentworth Foundation
Wentworth, Dean
Passport: E7027028 -Australia
First Union Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas) 
The Wentworth Foundation (Nassau, Bahamas)
Dean Wentworth Chadwick Corporation Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas)

                                BEWARE: THIS OUTFIT IS A COMPLETE SHAM
Wikifrauds has evidence of this company taking very large up-front advance fees for loans or joint ventures that never eventuate, and fees that are never refunded.               

                                     If you want confirmation of this scam and evidence from victims, contact us below.


                                   Dean Wentworth is an Australian currently living in Pebble Beach, CA.

                                            We also believe that he spends about six months a year in Port Douglas, Australia. 
Most Ponzi schemes involve potential investors handing over money for investments on sure-fire returns that never eventuate. For a while, the unsuspecting investor gets statements showing their investment growth, some may even be paid apparent dividends to keep their beliefs on a high for a while, and to use as references for new investors. So the money pours in to the fraud company, and trickles out as 'dividends', and so the scheme mushrooms. But there is nothing at all behind the company, and while it fools a lot of people for often a long time, sooner or later it all falls over, and the company owners have disappeared with all the money.

Many advance fee loan companies and scam brokers work on a similar line, except that customers aren't investing, they are wanting to borrow capital for projects. They are enticed into paying huge up-front fees to get the loan process started. So a loan applicatant pays thousands of dollars in fees, and then the snow job starts. No loan ever eventuates, and the loan company or broker company just hang onto the borrowers money while changing the goalposts and seeking further information from the client for as long as possible to stall proceedings. A well rehearsed trail of excuses continues until the client gives up. It is always then too expensive to recover fees legally as most deposits have been made to an overseas 'corporation' which always seem to be registered in the Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Vanuatu, Costa Rica or other such 'tax haven' countries where the pursuit of refunds becomes impossible. A "Nigerian" style Ponzi scheme.

And when a client does jump up and down and demand their so-called "refundable" fees be returned, they inevitably are told that there will be break costs and charges or other fees that will (or have already) been incurred by the lender and therefore cannot be refunded. It is all hidden away in the fine print of the initial application documents.

                                                  There is also a current warning on the USA website "Cyber Crime Ops".
Update June 30, 2012

Since first publishing this webpage on Wentworth, we have received dozens of complaints and evidence of the scam being perpetrated by this man and his associates listed below. And we have found that Wentworth, when questioned about why our website exists, reverts to attacking us and alleging that we are blackmailing him.

Typical is this email below from wentworth to a potential victim in New Zealand:

"Mr. Txxxxxxx,
The Wikifrauds posting is from a finance broker with whom I have no relationship. Internet postings such as these are difficult if not impossible, to trace as the people who post the messages, never identify themselves lest they be sued. In the Wikifrauds case, the broker threatened to do what he has done unless I paid HALF A MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS TO HIM. I never had any obligation to him at any time so it is simple blackmail and as such has been reported to the appropriate Authorities. Legal action has been taken against the offender and accordingly I am limited in what I can reveal.
I have been in business since 1960.The people and banks that know me, take no notice of such postings however should you elect not to proceed, I will take this opportunity to wish you the best for your project.
Dean Wentworth"

There has been no legal action whatsoever. We welcome Wentworth to do exactly that, and if he wishes to contact us we will gladly provide him with details of our law firm to enable him to commence proceedings.

Wentworth's Associates in crime:
  Jeremy Whitley     Michael Briscoe  Vincent Chow

                       Check the website. It all looks pretty professional, but that's how these scammers get their money. See sample below:
Program SC1 Loan Fund

Other references
Wentworth, Dean
Passport: E7027028 -Australia
First Union Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas) 
The Wentworth Foundation (Nassau, Bahamas)
Dean Wentworth Chadwick Corporation Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas)

Associates: Vincent Chow
                  Jeremy Whitley
                  Michael Briscoe
Probable partner:
                 Triniti Communications

Lender A United Kingdom based Fund.
Project Type Suitable for completed and to be built, projects.
Security First charge over the Project
Cash Deposit
(The Sting) 

12% of the loan sum must be deposited with the Lender for the first year of the loan at which point it will be deducted from the principal leaving 88% owing. Euroasian is generally able to assist the Applicant to borrow the major portion of this Cash Deposit.
Currency Euros and USD
Term Up to 15 years
Rate Currently 4.5% to 6.5% fixed for the term.
Loan to Value Ratio Up to 100% of cost.
Equity Requirements Lender will take a 60% equity position during the term of the loan which is returned to the Borrower upon loan repayment. Lender does not require to share project income. Therefore the Borrower has effectively raised 100% of the project cost without having to share equity.
More Rubbish from Wentworth
See this supposed Bill Facility for USD $320 Billion! What a joke.

This company has very recently been given the opportunity to refund a huge up-front fee and will not do so. Details will be published in coming days if this refusal continues.

If you have further information you would like to share, please contact: