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                               Triniti Communications is a USA based company that has featured on the website "Scam.com".

 We were contacted by a Mr Lewis Jones from this company seeking further information on Dean Wentworth's Eurasian company. When we rightly sought  his credentials before disclosing confidential  information relating to our informants, Lewis became downright objectionable and rather rude. He also went on to refer to Wentworth by his first name, indicating a much closer and personal relationship than a simple due diligence enquiry would be expected to reveal. He very obviously knows Wentworth very well.

A 'blind copy' of the email exchange was forwarded to one of our sources, who then referred us to this Scam.com posting.

Readers of this can decide for themselves whether or not Triniti Communications is the real deal. If the blog on Scam.com is correct, then it looks very much like Triniti Communications is a company full of hot air and fed by buyers who have purchased exclusive market territories worth nothing. You decide.   

As for Lewis Jones, his last words to us were :

Have you ever heard of defamation of character and if you post false things about any company especially one I am involved with I will own everything you have. DO NOT EMAIL ME ANYMORE PERIOD. ANY FURTHER EMAIL WILL BE UNDERSTOOD AS HARRASSMENT.