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New information is coming to Wikifrauds concerning the fraudulent activities of Michael Briscoe of  California, USA .

Briscoe is guilty of running a "fee for loan" scam which has netted him and his co-conspirators close to a million dollars that we know of so far.
He is currently the subject of court action in California for credit card and identity fraud.

For a much more detailed testimonial exposure of his fraud ring, click here.

                                                                             Briscoe                             Beverly

Briscoe's co-conspirators are:
   Jesse W. Hathorne
   Daniel M. Gotvald, Leveraging Wealth LLC
   Dayo Beverly, New Perspective Media LLC
   Dean Wentworth and Euroasian

If you have any information about this man and his activities, or anyone else mantioned above, please contact us in confidence.

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