Stephanie Maria (Chase) Rhea . . . . . megabucks international con artist.
This remorseless predator and her cohorts is responsible for the defrauding of millions from unsuspecting borrowers.
   Associated conspirators:  Khalil Luheshi, Nino Saviano, Bryan Pallone, Etta Crisp, Angelo Montanari, Richard McCullagh, Virgil Smock, Luisa Escrihuela.                                                                                                                                                    
   Stephanie Marie (Chase) Rhea, Criminal Mastermind above and next right.           Etta Crisp, convicted criminal                    Bryan Pallone, "hero" football star, . . . and conman         Sebastian (Nino) Saviano  co-conspirator.

    Khalil Lueshi                               Angelo Montanarii                                Richard Scott McCullagh             Luisa Brines Escrihuela                 Virgil Smock
    United Kingdom                         Italy                                                          United Kingdom                            Spain                                                 Birmingham Washington USA

                                                      Click their names to see their unbelievable faked proof of funds and other false information. .

 Stephanie Maria Chase Rhea (above) , Arch Asiaworld (HK)East Winds HK Limited, and her lawyers Andy Fung & Associates, Hong Kong.  . . . . Covid 19 mask or a bandit's cover all?     
All are partners in crime, all claim to be in contol of billions of UD Dollars - all total bullshit. All include fake declarations, fake HSBC and Tokyo Bank documents, and fake SBLC's, and are all on hand in our files.
Beware:   Arch Asiaworld (HK) Limited is a scam company run by  Stephanie Maria Chase Rhea who only uses the name Stephanie Chase in corespondence. She is also a rent skipper, details here.

We have received information about this company and its American Owner/Chair/CEO Ms Stephanie Marie Chase Rhea, which strongly suggests that the company and Ms Chase (as she refers to herself) are no more than skilful fraudsters.This is an elaborate scam that was brokered by an English financier Andrew Achilleos and a Canadian financier Mark Michaud.

We have also seen files relating to her fraudulent bank statements:

Implicated in the scam is the Hong Kong Law Firms of Andy Fung Associates who acted as stakeholders and advisers to Arch Asia World (HK) Limited and Ms Chase by providing their law firm trust account as security for investors.

However, after payment of fees to the law firm trust account that is supposed to generate a Standby Letter of Credit from a major international bank, that is then to be Monetised with funds then placed in a Trade Program, no Standby Letter of Credit is generated and none of the promised returns and profits are received.

Also heavily involved in these scams is one Etta Lynne Crisp, aka Dr Crisp. She already has an impressive arrest record in various states in the US for fraud and identity theft  See record

Watch this space for more detailed information coming shortly, as we have full details of the scam and copies of all documents that will confirm this scam, and the plethora of promises and excuses from Arch Asiaworld (HK) Limited, from Ms Chase, and the lawyers Andy Fung & Associates.

In addition to a claim for many millions of dollars in damages against Arch Asiaworld (HK) limited and Ms Chase, the matter has been referred to the Hong Kong Law Society and Hong Kong Police.

 Meantime, if you have been caught up with this scam then please contact us in complete confidence.

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