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                                            Kevin John Howe, QLD                                   Etta Lynne Crisp, USA                   Pierino (Peter) Liva
                                                  We understand QLD police want                                   Current whereabouts unknown.                Facultus Pty Ltd fraudster.
                                                  to charge this man when he is located.                             Last known location was
in a jail              Believed to be in Brusssells.
                                                  It is believed that Howe 'went bush'                                in Baldwin, Alabama USA.                      Scammed millions from Aussie
                                                  gold mining some time back.                                           Now calling herself "Dr Crisp:                  investors in a very big fraud.
                                                  None of his associates will give                                       Wanted for serious
fraud matters.
                                                  him up.Read his file.                                                       Read her file                       Read his file

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