Kevin John Howe,  John  K Campbell,  Michael W Davies, and  Redland City Motors
                                                                         Missing Millions

Kevin Howe above             John Campbell, disgraced accountant and would-be "heavy". (see below)
Latest, December 8 2021: Kevin John Howe was arrested yesterday and charged with fraud in the Cleveland Magistrates Court.
He was released on bail with the condition that he not make or cause others to make any contact with the primary victim in this case. Meanwhile, the matter involving Davies in the same fraud had progressed to the District Court and is in the hand of the QLD DPP for prosecution. Some informed observers believe that Howe, now in his 70's, is expected to "squeal" on others in order to mitigate what may well be a lengthy jail term should he be found guilty as charged. The "others" may well include Campbell.

Latest, March 18, 2020:
Michael W Davies, who was Howe's accountant, has been charged with four counts of fraud and is to appear in court at the end of April
A full expose` of Howe and his close business associates, including Brian Lincez of Starwhist:
Dubious land transfers, unpaid borrowings, court judgements, and a whole lot more sordid detail about Howe and his fraud, and the missing millions. Mixed up in all this mess is a Bank of Queensland franchisee (we will name him soon) and some questionable mortgage transfers relating to Howe's family' members land holdings. 

This is all about a legitimate wholesale finance company that provided a floor plan arrangement of some $22.2 million advanced to Redland for Howe and his two sons Shaun and Nathan, to run the used car dealership. Basically, vehicles that were properly supposed to be securitised under this floor plan arrangement to this finance company, were in fact securitised to the Brian Lincez owned Starwhist company. The smoke and mirrors trick of securing vehicles to Starwhist was done by falsifying VIN numbers and by creating phony sales and car loans to ficticious people.

The decision to back Howe and Redland was based on false and fraudulent financials provided by disgraced accountant John K Campbell, an associate of Brian Lincez and who to this day still does Lincez's bidding.

Dec 18, 2019: Now we have stirred up the rat's nest, we have one Nathan Howe, son of cowboy Kevin, threatening the wholesale lender in a text message which reads, "Bad mistake Frank, Now you have a big problem."

Below is the description of the complaint to Police and Fair Trading made by the wholesale financier:

"Kevin John Howe and Michael Wathan Davies were running a fraudulent scheme from Redland City Motors and they admitted it when we eventually found them out. Howe admitted it (fake loans) and Davies called it a ponzi scheme. They were making car loans through Redland with their ASIC licence and then assigning the loans to us in return for capital replenishment. We were supposed to receive 36% interest. Davies has since moved to China and his whereabouts is unknown though we know the Singapore company he works for.They created false identities, false loan ledgers, false PPSR registrations and falsified vin nos on hundreds of vehicles. I have all the original signed documents. Our solicitor did 100 searches and all the PPSR charges turned ot to be false. Howe the director had independent legal advice prior to any loan documents being signed. They entered a deed of compromise in July 2015 to repay $15m after legal advice. They have breached that on numerous occasions. By 30/9/2016 we were to be repaid $10,100,000, We have had back $1.2m approx since May 2014. He finally stopped paying in September 2016. Howe had the appearance of credibility as his company had a Australian Credit licence and Davies was the responsible officer. We appointed Davies as an authorised rep of ACCL under our licence. Davies said he acted under instructions from Howe to do what he did and says he did not receive the funds we advanced. Despite what he says now to sanitize his conduct, he vacillates from being unconcerned if one of our directors, Otto Wilhelm reports him to the police, but he has admitted the fraud to both of us. His offers to pay us back have fallen woefully short of what was promised to be repaid. Full original signed evidence is available.

He has offered shares in a Singapore based company but that company (Raiiden Pte Limited) refuse to transfer any shares to us and they are of little value compared to the debt. A search of that company does not show any shares in his name or names of his family members and associates.

Shut him down and let the law take its course. He has simultaneously run the same scam on Brian Lincez of 2 Bega Rd Kingtson for $3 -$4 million (Starwhist Pty Ltd) and on Colin Irwin from Noura Qld for $2.6million at the same time he defrauded our company."

What we want to know is where is all the missing money and who has it. The talk is that Davies has it in some offshore bank in either China or Singapore. Whether or not Howe gets his share is a matter between them - does a crook trust a fellow crook to split the spoils?

A little tip for you Kevin:
Bank tracing orders (known as Anton Pillar Orders which have force with overseas banks) will eventually find where the money went and how and who made the instructions. Our tip is that you are in for a lengthy holiday at HM's pleasure.

Meantime, QLD Police Fraud Squad are actively pursuing this matter following a formal complaint along with evidence from Howes victims. Pasted below is an email from a QPOL detective confirming the investigation. We have removed the detective's name and contact details for obvious reasons - mainly to avoid possible harrassment or worse to the detective concerned. We have also removed the victim's surname for the same reasons. Otherwise, the email is untouched.
Bank tracing orders will no doubt form part of the evidence.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Xxxxxxx[SER] <>
Date: Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 6:57 PM
Subject: Re: ACCL v Howe and Davies (fraud complaint)
To: Frank Zzzzzzz <>


Hi Frank,
Thank you for your patience. Fraud squad in town advised on course of action. I have made application for the matter to be finalised in town and that has the support of my Sergeants here. I was hoping to have heard back but the application is still going through the process. I do keep check on it and I will let you know the outcome as soon as I do.
Xxxxxxx  Detective

Kevin Howes brother David Howe, and John Keith Campbell, criminal record:

This link will take readers to an extract from the Commonwealth DPP report 1991-2: click link and go to page 73 to check authenticity of the extract pasted below:

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions 1991-2
Extract from P73 and 74 of Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions 1991-2

David Paul Howe, Nigel Peter Smith, John Keith Campbell

On 13 March 1992 David Paul Howe, Nigel Peter Smith and John Keith Campbell were committed for trial in relation to various offences againstsection 229(4) of the Companies (Queensland) Code. The trial of those defendants is listed to commence in the Brisbane District Court on 26 October 1992. It is anticipated that the trial will last for approximately four weeks.

The charges arise out of the acquisition, in January 1988, of a property at Lloyd Bay in North Queensland by Farndale Limited for the sum of $14 million. David Howe and John Campbell were directors of Farndale Limited at the relevant time.

It is alleged that in September 1987, Howe Corporation Pty Ltd (Howe Corporation), the private company of David Howe, entered into a contract with Iron Range Developments Pty Ltd (Iron Range Developments) for the purchase of the property at Lloyd Bay for the sum of $4.5 million. Nigel Smith was the solicitor engaged by Howe Corporation to handle the conveyance of the property. That contract was never completed. However, at the instigation of Howe and Sm ith, Iron Range Developments agreed, instead of transferring the property at Lloyd Bay to Howe Corporation, to sell the issued shares in Iron Range Developments to Waracoil Pty Ltd. This in effect equated to the selling of the property as the property was the only asset of Iron Range Developments. The shares in Iron Range Developments were sold on 15 January 1988 to
Waracoil Pty Ltd, a company associated with Nigel Smith for the sum of $4.57 million. The same day, Iron Range Developments, under its new control, sold the property at Lloyd Bay to Farndale Limited for $14 million. Part of the proceeds of the sale were then loaned by Iron Range Developments to Howe Corporation to assist that company which was in financial difficulties.

Howe and Campbell are alleged to have breached their duties to Farndale Limited and Smith is alleged to have been knowingly concerned in Howe's offence.

It is our understanding that both Howe an Smith received a custodial sentence, but that Campbell managed to avoid jail. We wonder if a deal was done between Campbell and the DPP.

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