Khalil Luheshi, international conman.

COMING SOON: A full expose` on top scumbag Khalil Luheshi and his involvement in major international scams. Companies: Libventure Limited, Synergy Systems, both of Manchester UK.
A more detailed list of his directorships is available here.

Khalil is heavily involved in a number of international scams with Arch Asia and Stephanie Chase, Bryan Johnson Pallone, Andy Fung and Associates Hong Kong, and others.

Shame CaseLuheshi scams a hospital of $520,000 USD ! How low can a thieving asshole stoop.

We have recently received (May 2022) a reported scam by Luheshi and a Peter Targownik, perpetrated in Honduras. He was then operating a London registered company "Helvetia Limited" which is obviously a deception of the legitimate Swiss insurer Helvetia Group. The victim of this fraud is a trust which was developing a hospital in Comayagua, Honduras. The scam was an up-front fee of $500,000 Euros paid to Luheshi's Helvetia Limited for a supposed capital works loan. The loan never eventuated and Luheshi closed his sham company. Complaints and allegations of fraud were laid with London police who have done nothing about it. Luheshi is fast becoming one of the worst international scammers.And shame on the London police. We are awaiting further details.

Luheshi doesn't mind scamming ordinary people either, see email below received on August 23, 2021. 
"To whom it may concern,
I want to remain anonymous, however I was groomed by this man for the last 3 years.  He met me when I was at my most vulnerable, having just lost someone close to me, and recovering from a serious assault and rape, he said to me he would help me get back on my feet, give me a job and support me emotionally.
I’ve come to realise he completely used me, fabricated wild lies, he and another associate of his bought my company then he disappeared and switched all his phones off, I have not been paid the money for the sale of my company, he also kept other monies that did not belong to him.  This happened to me only a few months ago.   I’ve spent months trying to contact him, his associate won’t pay me either.  I have now lost most of my possessions, no home and he has completely broken me and left me in such a mess it will take years to recover.  He is a complete con artist who took advantage of me and I trusted him, I have since found out he has done this to many others who’ve lost bank accounts, jobs, reputation and their finances and companies because of this man.  I can’t believe someone could ruin someone’s life deliberately when they are already vulnerable.  
Lives near London and Kent. He needs to be stopped immediately"

If you have any information or have been scammed by this man, or any of his known associates or companies, please contact us in strict confidence.                                                

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