John Mulally, crooked Sydney Lawyer
John Mulally is a liar and a conman. Further, he has in the past few years acted without a Practising Lawyer Certificate.
We can prove it in court if he dares take us there, and can line-up over a dozen witnesses to confirm his deceptions.

During a two year period between late 2010 and 2012, this man spoke to well over a dozen would-be clients of fraudster Ashan Ali Syed and his sham company
Western Gulf Advisory (WGA), and based on his false testimonial, these companies paid huge sums in advance fees to WGA, never to see that money again, and never to obtain the loans touted by Mulally. We now have evidence from Credit Suisse records of regular payments to this liar conman.

Mulally, who had in the past been dismissed by two law firms in Australia for misconduct*, had no compunction in telling potential clients that they could rely on Ali Syed and WGA. He in fact told these people that one of his own companies, Landmark, had received loan funds around $200 million from WGA for a development in Gawler, South Australia. This statement was a complete falsehood.

Mullaly, who also claimed to be a lawyer for Australian Rules Football premiers, the Sydney Swans, constantly visited Ali Syed in Bahrain and Switzerland during that period, acting for WGA as their Australian-based lawyer. Yet at the same time, the tea-and honey-loving and seemingly charming and genuine gentleman, led companies in Australia into vast losses - amounts in the millions of dollars. We have spoken to directors of all these companies and they have confirmed that they relied on Mulally's confirmations and on his position as a well-known Sydney lawyer, in deciding to pay advance fees to WGA. Typically they have all said that if it wasn't for Mullaly, they would not have gone down the disastrous road with WGA. WGA has never closed on a single loan but has taken tens of millions of dollars in fees paid in advance by Australian companies and many overseas entities.

Mulally was ably assisted by partners Alan Keller and Mat Somers in inducung clients to go to WGA. Indeed, people who applied direct to WGA for multi-million dollar loans were referred by either Ali Syed or his CFO Omer Khan, to seek confirmation of loans supposedly already settled by contacting Mulally, Keller or Somers, each of whom would confirm the lies about the Landmark deal. Read more.

* Mulally was a lawyer partner with the major Australian law firm of Freehill Holingdale & Page but after 25 years with them he was removed for misconduct, and does not appear on their alumni. He then went to be a partner with Dibbs Barker but again he was unceremoniously sacked over dubious business practices and his belongings placed on the footpath outside 123 Pitt Street.

Acting without a licence: See Statement of claim by Zig Zag Railways Co-op Ltd attached.  The court found in favour of Zig Zag and Mulally was ordered to repay Zig Zag the sum of  $103,842.61 plus costs. He was found to have acted without PI insurance and thus without a proper licence.

Wikifrauds received a demand from Mulally this week (March 10, 2020) to remove this webpage. we refuse to do so and invite Mulally to take legal action.
The demand email is pasted below:

Dear Sirs
I am writing for the purpose of having articles removed from the web.
The article which has been posted (listed below) is false, misleading and we consider it defamatory.  We have brought legal action in the New South Wales Courts in Australia against the persons who originally posted these and other articles and those persons have since removed only some of the articles.  These articles are causing untold damage to Mr Mulally’s practice.
The remaining articles (listed below) should also be removed and I request that the content be removed within 5 business days or else we will have no other choice but to take further legal action.
The link to the article in question is
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Louise Cohen
John Mulally & Associates Lawyers
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