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The Spruikers  -   People who run Wealth Seminars            
These spruikers, or 'Snake-oil Salesmen" are all phony. The only people who make money from their seminars and online channels are themselves, NOT the investors they claim to educate.
        Douglas Graeme McCoy                  Michael Delport                                                                 Dominique Grubisa
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McCoy is a charlatan who runs wealth seminars and has a number of websites and on-line academies, notably the Australian Success Academy, and calls himself the 'ReCreation King'. He has a reputation as an excellent salesman but all he sells is money on seats, his seats. He is heavily involved in direction would-be property investors to the hands of scam developers, notably Leslie Matthew Cheers (AKA John Alexander), one of Australia's worst con artists. His cheating ways go back a long way and even rated a long-winded mention in the NSW Parliament. See Hansard record.  McCoy is responsible for massive investment losses incurred by many elderly women, particularly members of the church to which McCoy claims to be an adherent.

Delport is a self-annointed property investment guru formerly from South Africa. He also runs seminars, mainly on You Tube. So far in Australia, all we have discovered so far is that he purchased some land on Nerang Rd at Beaudesert QLD, some twelve years ago, and has not been able to turn a shovel on it since, This is despite his association with Les Cheers (cited above) who has fraudulently raised over $1.3mil from six or seven investors in this development now known as 'Uptown Villas'. These investors were all, without exception, recruited by Douglas McCoy. McCoy also induced, through his church association, one formerly wealthy elderly woman to invest $750,000 into 'Forsythe Manufacturing' owned by Cheers. That company was insolvent at the time and the lady lost everything.

Grubisa is another public spruiker who runs wealth seminars aimed at the property investment sector. Her platform is the 'DG Institute'. She has attracted the attention of investigative journalists and law courts, and has some very interesting associates. One of her adherents is our friend McCoy. Grubisa spruiks at her seminars, intoduces investors to McCoy, who in turn directs them to Cheers!

What a nice circle of public seminar speakers - like a pack of wolves hunting naive investors into losses amounting to millions!

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