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The property development at Beaudesert QLD is a scam.

Michael Delport
Property guru with a string of investors who have lost their money!

Wikifrauds knows of several people who have paid a lot of money to buy into a development at Beaudesert owned by Michael Delport, and received nothing in return. In one particular instance, the 'investor' paid some $240,000 to Les Cheers, who was introduced to him by serial conman Doug McCoy. When nothing eventuated he tried to obtain a refund and is still trying as of today, September 6 2023. He endeavored to contact the property owner Michael Delport, but was not even given the courtesy of a reply. The money was paid into a Cheers' owned company "Uptown Villas".
We now have confirmation that Delport knows what's going on with Cheers and the Beaudesert development. Having made enquiries from a design contractor working on the development, and who is owed tens of thousands by either Delport or Cheers, or both,  we were advised by email of the following: "I have never met this man think of only ever spoken to once each time I sent him an email asking what is happening with Beaudesert he just passes it back to Les Cheers. I do know someone who might know him so will see if they can assist. Thank you".

So, either Delport is part of the scam, is indifferent to the scam, or is a victim of Cheers and McCoy. He certainly should know what is going on at his development at Beaudesert! We will be taking a closer look at Mr Delport in coming days. Watch this space.

Read about the stalled development here (Article from local newspaper)

Meantime, numerous promises made by Cheers through his lawyer John Rivett that the ionvestor's money will be returned have so far failed which then begs the question of how much of his $240,000 went to Delport.
Mr Delport - you had better get control of this before you find yourself in the same hot water as both Cheers and McCoy are in. They are headed towards an interview with QLD police.


Leslie Matthew Cheers, aka John Alexander. Serial Fraudster, twice convicted criminal, and compulsive liar without remorse. 
                                                          Leslie Matthew Cheers                                            Doug McCoy               Robin Wickham,                     Cheers' lawyer, John Rivett            
                                                                                                                                                                       Cheers's stepson, also a crook.            Read our opinion of Rivett here
                    Cheers' Pajero                                             Cheers' bullshit business card. "B,Bus Commercial Law, Qualified Builder". He is only a Bachelor of Theft with Honors.
Extreme Warning ! Les Cheers of 4 Baronet Crt, Pelican Waters QLD (Golden Beach). He dives a white Mitsubisi Pajero 783CR3, and his accomplice wife has a Jeep Cherokee 946TGM. They also own a Mercedes RV Camper, reg 11YES
Planned Group Action. Link

Leslie Matthew Cheers, a twice convicted criminal who has done jail time twice, is a serial  fraudster. He is among Australia's worst racidivist scammers. His main victims are elderly women with assets, but he will scam anyone he can for any money he can get. He has probably never earned an honest dollar in his entire life, and rarely speaks the truth. The man has no social conscience whatsoever. He frequently uses a false name, "John Alexander" and even signs legal documents using this name. Apart from scams, Cheers is famous for not paying debts, contractors, supplies and staff from numerous cafes and restaurants that he has owned together with his stepson Robin Wickham, also a con artist. Cheers chiefly operates in two business sectors, property investments and retail food outlets.

Latest, August 2023: Cheers and McCoy sell property they did not own, no property passes to the buyer, and they keep the money - $240,000
Another blatant fraud! Read more

Latest, January 20, 2023: Cheers has been making numerous promises to us over the last five months about how and who he is going to repay. Every week or so he contacts our 'conduit' man with another story of how he is about to receive a 'settlement' which will enable him to clear all his debts and those he has cheated. He recetly advised a colleague of ours that he had received a settlement cheque and was awaiting clearance from the Bank of QLD - that was in eatrly January, some two weeks ago, He has even contacted one victim to ask if she would accept certain amounts each month. NONE of these promises have ever turned out to be able to be relied on. He has not made one even small repayment to anyone.  Everything he tells our associate is just blatant lies, and he expects us to believe him! This bastard rat is now five months behind with ptomised repayments to his victims. Karma will get him - maybe a large out-of-control Kenworth.
Cheer's criminal history and list of complaints and scams:
(Some victim names have been abbreviated for privacy reasons)
  • 1994: Cheers obtains financial control over a property owned by Mrs Pamela Anne Begbie by forging her signature on mortgage documents. Read story here
  • Prior to 1997: Jailed for fraud offenses - first time inside. Citation needed.
  • 1997: Jailed for 7 years for fraud, dishonesty, uttering, issue of valueless cheques, forgery, and  false pretences over a period of three years (1992-94) and over 65 separate transactions. Read trial judgement below.
  • 2003: Civil case wherein Cheers, in company with Keith Kelly, rips off Delahunty Enterprises of $80,000 for a supposed development at Coral Cove, Bundaberg QLD. Cheers, by the time of this trial, is still in prison.  Read case here.
  • 2008 - 2010: Cheers cons a Mr Murray Txxxx out of loans for two mortgages. Mr Txxxx later contacts us in Sep 2021 to warn us in relation to Uptown Villas propoesd JV at Beaudesert QLD
  • 2012: Cheers first comes to the attention of Wikifrauds by using the name John Alexander and posing as a victim of Facultus Pty Ltd and Peter (Pierino) Liva. In fact he was an accomplice of Liva in a very large fee-up-front loan scam.
  • 2012: Cheers twice threatens the editor of Wikifrauds for our continued expose` of Liva.
  • HERE WE HAVE A FIVE YEAR GAP IN INFORMATION DUE TO A STOLEN COMPUTER. We are searching old records to recover the missing time.
    • 2017: Repossession agents for BMW finance contact Wikifrauds seeking assistance in locating Cheers over four unpaid car payments. Cheers has issued a number of cheques all of which bounced and the vehicles cannot be located.
  • 2017: Cheers, calling himself John Alexander, signs documents relating to the purchase of Murray Goulburn's Kiewa Country Milk brand. The deal fell over when Cheers failed to come up with his 'Arab' money supposedly some $25Million from, supposedly Dubai based, Southern Wealth Fund,
  • 2018 March: Cheers receives $10,000 from Theresa J for a promised investment return through Ausiv Equity Pty Ltd - she lost it all and no replies from Cheers.
  • 2018 November: A Brett M formerly thought to be an associate of Cheers and Keith Kelly, contacts Wikifrauds and claims Cheers cost him $600,000 in various dealings including Go Getta Finance and BMW Finance, and that Cheers had copied and pasted his signature on various documents.
  • 2018 November: Staff from Charr'd cafe begin contact with Wikifrauds regarding unpaid wages. Communications from one staff member accuses Cheers of intimidation and threats if he pursues the matter.
  • 2019 June: 'Skip Tracers' Hunterwhite and Associates contact Wikifrauds in a search for Robin Wickham, Cheer's stepson.
  • 2020 May: SVPartners (Liqidators) contact Wikifrauds seeking information concerning John Alexander's (Les Cheers) involvement in Forsythe Retail Pty Ltd. Cheers listed himself as John Alexander CEO of the various Forsythe companies.
  • 2020 June: Cheers tries to con a property group on land at North Lakes QLD with a promise of $10 million he has secured through an Arab wealth fund in Dubai. The documents are checked thoroughly and it is discovered that the Dubai address for the supposed lender is in fact a mattress factory. Wikifrauds has a copy of the proposed Joint Venture between the property group and Warrior Development Pty Ltd, one of Cheers' scam operating companies
  • 2020 THIS IS DISGUSTING: Wikifrauds is contacted by a Ms Gilda V who, in February 2015, was conned into firstly investing her life savings of $50,000 into Forsythe Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd and was then appointed by Cheers as a director of other worthless Forsythe companies. She was conned into several guarantees for motor vehicle financing (BMW Finance) and subsequently lost everything when Forsythe fell over. She was introduced to Cheers by Douglas Graeme McCoy, a known scammer. McCoy was paid a commission by Cheers. Documents now in our possession detail the whole saga and include signatures made by Cheers using his false name 'John Alexander'. (read these documents implicating Cheers, McCoy and others in this scam)The poor lady is right now in 2023 still living in her car! Cheers has not paid repaid  Gilda as has been promised on numerous occasions. We keep in touch with her via phone calls through an associate of Wikifrauds.
  • 2020 August: Wikifrauds contacted by Caveman Storage. They did some work for Cheers and can't get paid.
  • 2020 September: Wikifrauds contacted by Eastern Land Corporation Pty Ltd alleging Cheers attempted a fraud on them through real eastate agent Graeme Cook.
  • 2021 March: Wikifrauds contacted by Mr Grbxxx about Cheers wanting to arrange a JV on a building Mr G owns - Mr G sends us all the documentation prepared by Cheers but adds that he is pulling out because, . . . "it all sounded a bit dodgy".
  • 2021 May: THIS ONE IS BLATANT FRAUD! We are contacted for assistance by a Ms Narelle C who has signed a JV dated May 6 2021 on a property supposedly owned by Cheers. Ms C hands over $100,000 to Cheers, the purchase of the property falls through, so Cheers tries to have her agree on another property. Ms C declines and to this day is yet to receive her $100,000. Cheers has hand-written two repayment agreements since that time, but no money returned as yet. He had the audacity to firstly threaten Ms C and secondly, to then be blatant enough to claim he has just purchased a restaurant (Ashfar) for a million dollars and can't pay her back immediately. In other words, the criminal offence of Fraudulent Conversion has taken place. Read agreement number one here and note that Cheers gives his address as 12/12 Kelly Crt, Landsborough QLD. Cheers failed to repay as per the agreement, but instead conned Narelle into accepting yet another repayment agreement (read it here) with the first repayment of $5000 to be paid on August 1st, 2022. Well, who would ever believe that would happen? It didn't! Cheers conned her again promising he would pay by August 7. More bullshit. August 9 2022: No promised repayment ftom Cheers.
  • 2021 June: Wikifrauds contacted by an unpaid staff memeber of We Cafe at Paradise Point. There are four staff members owed about $3500 in unpaid wages.(Similar story to We cafe above Nov 2018)
  • 2021 June: Wikifrauds contacted by Mr Barry R in relation to an attempt made by Cheers to obtain "investment money" from an ageing widow friend. Thankfully he contacted us in time to thwart Cheers' plans.
  • 2021 August: Wikifrauds contacted by yet another WE Cafe employee who has not been paid her wages.
  • 2021 December: Wikifrauds contacted by staff recruitment company owed over $34,000 for staff supplied to Gourmet Sliders and WE Cafe. Cheers makes arrangements through his lawyers to commence payments, makes just one small payment, then fails to honour his written payment agreement.
  • 2022 April: Wikifrauds contacted by a civil project manager about numerous works done for Cheers but never paid.
  • 2022 June: Wikifrauds contacted by a brewing company about unpaid supply invoices for WE Cafe totalling over $2,500
  • July 2022:  Wikifrauds contacted by an electrical contractor owed over $24,000 for extensive works carried out on Cheers' two restaurants, WE Cafe and Eshfar.
  • July 2022 current: Cheers, using the company Warrior Trading 15 Pty Ltd, has been trying to create a joint venture with the owner of a property just inland from Noosa. Luckily the owner has been well advised to only accept a full cash offer for the property. Interested readers can contact us for details of the sham JV proposal put up by Cheers.
  • July 2022: We have just now (July 21, 2022) confirmed that Cheers' restaurants Eshfar and WE Cafe have both been closed with massive debts. Contractors who have not been paid have been removing their fixtures and fittings. 
  • August 2022: Cheers manages to borrow some $30,000 on a two-week personal loan, and prompty fails to repay. Upon contacting Wikifrauds, the lender provides us with all thye details. A couple of weeks later the lender sends the Wikifrauds editor  the sms text message as follows: "Just had a threatening phone call from Les. Said if I want my money to stay away from you. I don't know how he found out." This is not the first time Cheers has threatened people who have had the great misfortune to have met him and been conned out of their money with lies and false promises.
  • September 7, 2022: We receive an email from yet another We Cafe employee which reads, "Hi team, I was a staff member of cheers, and we all haven’t been paid any of our last wages from back in June. No tax has been paid on our behalf and no super. He won’t reply to emails or phone calls." This bastard Cheers has no compunction in ripping off anybody, be they investors with big cash, or simple casual staff at his cafe. We doubt that there's a lower scumbag alive in Australia than Leslie Matthew Cheers. If you ever shake hands with him, count your fingers afterwards.
  • July 27, 2023: We received an email from "Max" (real name withheld) of Perth WA which is pasted below in its entirety, along with numerous documents and copies of emails from McCoy, all lof which clearly demonstrate how McCoy and Cheers conned him out of some $240,000  in January of 2022, Among these documents is yet another offer by Cheers lawyer John Rivett to repay only $40,000. The email explains all:  

    "Hi, As per our telephone conversation this morning in regards to Douglas McCoy and Les cheers I have attached all of our corresponding emails as well as screenshots of text messages to do with this matter. So just to give a brief rundown of events…
    I initially spoke with Douglas McCoy in early to mid 2021 he was gonna give me advice on some issue I was having with a fine. After this he then contacted me about six months later regarding a development in Beaudesert that had townhouses for sale.He was looking for investors and sent me some information on these townhouses. Graeme Cook from Dynamo Reality was the agent. Once I filled out the paperwork and on 17/2/2022 I transferred the initial payment in Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrency which came to the cash value of $193,270. I paid a second instalment on the 18/2/2022 to Dynamo Reality of $6,730 electronic funds transfer. Supply this time my investment was 200,000 with the combined cryptocurrency and cash transfer which I was then supposed to receive one townhouse 2story 3 x 2. 

    Doug contacted me a couple of months later and said that the developer Les cheers was willing to let another unit go cheap as he needed funds to pay his employees to keep his restaurant open. On the 27/5/2022 I paid $40,000 electronic funds transfer to Upland Villas. A few months past and I haven't really heard much in the way of progress on the developments although I have tried to contact them numerous times. There was always excuses and delays which is when I realised something didn't seem right. I saw the property was for sale online for 4603 Nerang Road, Beaudesert so I contacted the agent the listed her phone number is 0439 472 829. She said the property had been on the market for quite a long time.…."

We also know that the property investments above which were supposed to include legal transfers of title, were NOT Cheers' properties to sell. We have this confirmatiion from real estate agent Cooke in text message exchange with "Max"  the victim . . .

Cheers' Lawyer: John Rivett of Better Business Lawyers, Brisbane:

    It is our opinion that Rivett is complicit in Cheers' deceptions. We have on hand examples of his payment arrangements to people on Cheers' behalf, none of which have ever eventuated. We have also been told that Rivett warned one victim to keep away from Cheers. So, is Rivett complicit or just plain stupid? Either way, he would be far better off without his association with Cheers, who in the long run probably won't pay Rivett's full bill anyway. Still, even Al Capone had a lawyer.
We have observed (from Linkedin) that Rivett specialises in start-up services in property and business. We wonder how much he has been involved in all the myriad of Cheers companies.We will be having a closer look into that question.

August 9 2023: We decided to check the QLD Law Society re the status of Rivett. The email reply leaves a question or two to be answered: First, is this the same John Rivett? Second, if so why is he showing as working for Lillas & Loel Lawyers when he openly states on many searches, including LinkedIn, that he is Better Business Lawyers.  There's something very fishy about the Rivett we know about!  We are also alarmed that Rivett has sent a few 'settlement' advices to victims without establishing whether or not Cheers actually has the money to settle these refund claims. In any event, why would a supposed officer of the court be party to knowingly offering only a small refund of a large debt? Wikifrauds has copies of such paltry offers on file. Rivett needs to explain why he persists in protecting Cheers' blatant frauds.

Dear Sir,
I confirm that the only record I could find was for a Mr John Philip Rivett who according to the Society’s records holds an unrestricted employee practising certificate and is employed by Lillas & Loel Lawyers.

Kind regards

Myles Waugh | Queensland Law Society
Solicitor, Regulation
P 07 3842 5963 |
1300 367 757

We acknowledge the First Nations people as the original inhabitants of Australia. We recognise,
respect and celebrate the cultural distinctions of First Nations people and value their rich and
positive contribution to not only Queensland but also to the broader Australian society.

Cheers' owned or controlled companies and businesses: (Some are now defunct or have been liquidated.)
  • Snowflakes Pty Ltd
  • The Australian Pie Shop Pty Ltd
  • Southern Sea Board Finance Pty Ltd
  • Tealcorp Pty Ltd
  • Voyager Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Anivor Pty Ltd
  • Ausiv Equity Pty Ltd
  • Linkenbrook Pty Ltd
  • Q-Vic Dairy Pty Ltd  (Richard Goodfellow named as having funded this and Forsythe companies to the tune of $100 million, held in Escrow) See Forsythe share listing
  • Kenilworth Country Foods Pty Ltd
  • Warrior Capital Pty Ltd and Warrior Developments  (Warrior Developments is often used as Cheers' money clearing account)
  • Warrior Trading 15 Pty Ltd - first registered 29 Oct 2021
  • Warrior Trading 14 Pty Ltd - first regstered 29 July 2017
  • Forsythe Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd and Forsythe Dairy Company - see ASIC record. This company morphed out of many other companies listed here.
  • Forsythe Global Marketing Pty Ltd
  • Scorpio Goulburn Valley Meats Pty Ltd
  • Forsythe Retail Pty Ltd
  • Eghl Recycling and Skips Pty Ltd
  • Multi-Skips (Queensland) Pty Ltd
  • Dove Property Group
  • Charr'd Restaurant Cooloongatta. (Charrd Pomodoro and Jaffel Company)
  • We Cafe Paradise Point QLD
  • Efshar Restaurant, Labrador QLD
  • Cross and Feathers restaurant, Paradise Point QLD
GROUP ACTION: Wikifrauds is keen to gather victims into a group so that a 'global' complaint can be made to QLD Fraud police. We believe that in most cases of an individual complaint, the usual reaction of police is to treat it as a civil matter and suggest the complainant see a lawyer. However, a group action with proper presentation of evidence and affidavits, will certainly get their attention, particularly as Cheers is a repeat offender with a criminal record a mile long. Please contact us if you would like to be included in this group action.


*December 2020: We took Cheers off Wikifrauds for a while back in October 2020, as he started to make some repayments to a victim, but he has renegged on the last schedued payments and told us nothing but lies about the reasons, and has continuously broken numerous promises related to this. This is despite him entering written agreements with victims promising those repayments on a timely basis.

We are in the process of re-writing this crook's history which goes way back into the early 90's. It will include every scam, every unpaid debt, every unpaid contractor or employee, and all his associates. Meantime, read what Judge Macrossan had to say when refusing Cheer's appeal against a seven year sentence for his second set of charges. Cheers has learned nothing from his two jail terms and continues to this day to scam people.

Leslie Matthew Cheers


[1997] QCA 329


CA No 214 of 1997 

Leslie Matthew Cheers


..DATE 26/08/97 
260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 
de JERSEY J: The applicant is a 54-year-old man who has sought 
leave to appeal against an effective sentence for offences of 
dishonesty of seven years with parole recommended after two and 
a half years. He pleaded guilty to the charges which explains 
in part the parole recommendation. The head sentence is partly 
referable to his prior criminal history, convictions for other 
dishonesty which had led to three years probation and, of 
course, to the circumstances of the particular offences.


The charges were spread over two indictments. The first contained a count of misappropriation with a circumstance of aggravation for which he was imprisoned for six years, seven counts of false pretences each of which attracted three years imprisonment, 11 counts of forgery with a circumstance of aggravation for which he imprisoned for seven years, and another seven counts of uttering with a circumstance of aggravation which attracted seven years.

A second indictment presented ex officio charged 31 counts of passing valueless cheques for which he was imprisoned for two years and eight counts of false pretences for which terms of three years were imposed. All of the sentences were to be served concurrently with an overall recommendation for release after two-and-a-half years.

The offences arose in these circumstances. The applicant in August 1992 approached one Wilson with a proposal to build 28 units. Mr Wilson was to provide the finance and the applicant to act as site supervisor. They were to share the profits equally after Mr Wilson recovered his $500,000 outlay for the 260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97

Purchase of the land.

The building commenced in March 1993 and Mr Wilson was the authorised signatory for cheques to pay for services and materials. The applicant provided certified copies of invoices and, acting on that certification, Mr Wilson would provide him with a cheque for payment for the invoice on the basis that he would then pass the cheque on to the provider of the goods and services.

As an example of what happened, on 17 March 1993 Mr Wilson was given a photocopy of an invoice from Why Wait Plumbing for $7,954.30 and wrote out a cheque for that amount. The invoice was false, no materials had been provided. The applicant went to his solicitor's office with the cheque which had a forged endorsement for the applicant's company. The applicant asked the solicitor to clear the cheque through his trust account because he said he did not have a banking account. The cheque was cleared and the applicant received a bank cheque.

On 8 April 1993 the applicant gave Mr Wilson an invoice from M L M Cartage for $2,342.50 and received a cheque from him in return. That invoice in fact related to work done at another site in which the applicant had an interest. Using the same procedure, he obtained a bank cheque from the solicitor. This was the general pattern relating to these offences, although there were variants. In the end, $41,790.78 was lost to the victims of these offences of dishonesty.

The second indictment related to a period August 1992 to May 
260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 
1994 during which the applicant conducted 39 transactions on 
cheque accounts with six different financial institutions. The 
cheques were used to obtain goods and services which he used in 
his building enterprises or for goods and services used in fish 
and chips shops he conducted or to pay debts relating to his 
building enterprises. None of the cheques was met on 
presentation and the suppliers have never been paid. The total 
amount outstanding in respect of that indictment is $131,535.59 
so that the aggregate loss is $173,326.37.

There are two other features which bear mention relating to the applicant. The first is that he was an undischarged bankrupt throughout these periods. The second is that the offences committed after 1 September 1993 in respect of the second indictment occurred while he was on bail.

He pleaded guilty, although the plea in relation to the first indictment came only on the morning set for the trial. The sentencing was thereafter adjourned twice in the hope that some restitution could be arranged. It was first adjourned on 17 October 1996 until 17 April 1997, and then later from 17 April 1997 to 2 May 1997. Neither adjournment produced any financial relief for the victims so that that total amount remains outstanding.

Counsel for the Crown properly points out that the offences were serious and that they involved a deliberate and systematic course of dishonest conduct for almost two years involving 65 separate transactions. In all of these circumstances, a sentence of seven years with consideration for parole 260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 recommended after two-and-a-half could not be described as manifestly excessive. The two cases to which we have been referred, Taylor, CA406 of 1994, and Keogh, CA408 of 1994, in each of which the ultimate sentence imposed was the same as here, provide ample support for the sentence which was imposed here, the circumstances of those particular cases being roughly comparable.

The applicant sought an adjournment of the hearing of this application and the circumstances which led the Court to decline to adjourn will appear sufficiently from the transcript of what has preceded this judgment this morning. When asked to argue the merits of his application, he referred only to a future possibility of restitution. The vagueness of that, accepting for argument's sake its relevance, is of course reminiscent of the vagueness apparently of prospects of restitution when raised before the learned sentencing Judge on the occasions which led to the adjournment of the sentencing process from 17 October 1996 ultimately to 2 May 1997. I would refuse the application.


McPHERSON JA: I agree.

More about his more recent and current activities:

Above: Leslie Cheers blatantly claiming to be John Alexander (top) and Keith Kelly from the Forsyth Manufacturing glossy brochure, which is all bullshit. Right: Dimce "Jim" Bogoeskvi, crooked broker, who lives with disbarred solicitor Clarence Boyd Nelson.

And as we all know, the apple never falls far from the tree, particularly a bad apple. We now also know that Cheers' own son
Robin Wickham (below right) is also a scammer. He is listed as a major shareholder in Forsythe Manufacturing.

Read about Cheers, Keith Kelly, and Jim Bogoevski, along with "Sir" John Foley, and the scamming of two elderly women here.

This outfit run by Alexander and son Wickham (above right) has been kicked out of the Runaway Bay Centre for non payment of rent.  They have also not paid wages, used a false ABN number and have probably not paid group tax or payroll tax. There are two other shops also closed. The Chef  Marcel is owed about $1900 in unpaid wages, as are two others. Marcel is now receiving harrasing and intimidating messages from "John Alexander". His son Robin Wickham didn't fall far from his father's tree. If anyone knows his current wherabouts please advise us in confidence, as there are innocent victims also trying to get their money back from this little cheap crook. If anyone knows this man's current address, or Wickham's address, please notify us in full confidence, we will not disclose where we obtained the information. There are a lot of people who need this information for service of claims etc.
Cheers advertisement offering 25% returns (Click)
Keith Kelly, a partner of Cheers, has defaulted on a property repayment schedule. He and Cheers did a deal for the purchase of a property, the terms of which were some cash and shares in one of Kelly's companies. One only scheduled cash payment was made, and Kelly won't respond to contacts made chasing payments. More on this soon.

Cheer's history:
1. Luxury cars on finance delinquency list.
It has come to our notice that BMW Finance has been trying to collect payment arreas for about six prestige cars under the control of Les Cheers, who again has been calling himself John Alexander. The cars are under finance in the name of  Forsythe Global Marketing Pty Ltd.  Forsyth Global Marketing Pty Ltd directors are Brett John Mills, Keith Kelly, Raquel Hirvonen. Mills is secretary. Both Mills and Raquel Hirvonen are guarantors for the car finance contracts. There have been bounced bank cheques involved in these matters.

2. Forsythe Manufacturing Pty Ltd.
This company is the re-incarnation of several former companies: Eghl Recycling and Skips Pty Ltd, Linkenbrook Pty Ltd, The Australian Pie Shop Pty Ltd and Tealcorp Pty Ltd.
The secretary and sole director is one Keith Kelly of 6 Kelsey Circuit, Nerang QLD 4211, just around the corner from 142 Eastlake Street Nerang, the HQ for Forsyth Global Marketing menioned above, which ASIC also records is the registered address for this mob.
The company set up an elaborate scam to fraudulently obtain a QLD dairy farm using collateral that did not belong to them. We have all the details including the draft share sale agreement. see below
It is clear from his behaviour and contacts he has made with numerous victims,  that Les Cheers calls the shots for these companies and is in fact the so-called brains behind them, but nowhere does he ever appear on any official documents of any registered companies. He has signed contracts under his Alexander name, and he often uses other people as office holders, is a convincing and plausable liar, and doesn't care who he cons.
Claims made by Cheers include him being a buyer of dairy manufacturing businesses and farmland developments. All his efforts to weasel shares or money out of other busineses appear to have failed thus far but he persists.
We have had contacts from five such businesses each of whom have had sad experiences with Cheers and his cohorts.

This liar even had the cheek to claim that he had a controlling interest in dairy giant Murray Goulburn in an attempt to leverage their assets as collateral for another scam.

Cheers Rips off yet another elderly defenceless lady:
JA, how's poor old Ruth going after losing some $2m in one of your scams? (Ruth Rothery is 89 years old, but he still swindled her)

We also know he ripped off another elderly woman, Eleanor Whight, a friend of Ruth's and about the same age. An email from her is pasted further below.
Meantime, he agreed through a contact of ours, to commence repayments to Ruth of $10,000 per month. The first mayment was due in late January, but he has been stalling week after week and still not started. One earlier promise was that he would make the first installment Wednesday February 19,2020. But he turned up to meet our contact and provided nothing but a supposed bank statement which showed one uncleared cheque. He stated that he had asked for a special clearance on that cheque. Given that we already know he has previously produce phoney bank cheques, we reckon that the statement was a forgery also.
Email from Eleanor Whight:
"He (M) phoned me one day to say that he and Joan had to move out of the container in which they were living on his sister'place as one of her kids needed to move back there, and would they be able to come and live in my old Dairy. He was aware that it had been rebuild years earlier as a 3 bedroom cottage instead of being an 8 bail milking shed, but was still very basic. At that stage, the plans that Ruth, John Foley and M for my flats in Dornoch Terrace had gone up in smoke, thanks to John (Foley) and all his lies to both Ruth and me. The bank had repossessed and sold the place. Another long saga. John and M had taken R's co and renamed it Rutlin P/L. She deposited some $240K into a new bank account in the Co name but B O Q. refused to allow Rutlin to take over the debt.

Anyway I said I would be pleased to have them come and live here as permanent tenants but only if Joan could handle country living and if M helped with renovating it again as the white ants had had a field day and I had started from floor up to rebuild it. I had knocked out walls, dug up the floor and reconcreted it, relined the ceiling, put in solar panels etc. but he would have to cover his share of rates and maintenance. They were there next day and said yes please. He was to help on the farm as well as get all the legal work done so I owned the farm and it was unemcumbered.

He came up a week later with a double bed, fridge, small chest and some clothes and we stored them in a container. Then a couple of weeks later he rang late one Friday night with the story about Les, Keith, and Forsythe, and how they could cover all my debts from Arab $ if i would allow them to take out a 2nd mortgage so they could pay out a creditor of Forsythe. Enter Jim and Dale.
I think you know the rest of that story, but Joan was put into a nursing home, M went ????????????? to live, perhaps with "Blondie".
Neither M nor Joan ever moved up here, but he certainly conned me. He did do up an agreement for me to sign to say that he "owned" the miking shed and initially it was 30mt around it. I had words about that so he changed it to the land around it, no good to me. He kept resending new versions saying that he owned the shed which I kept refuting till eventually he arrived one day with Joan in tow trying to insist that I sign his agreement, which Joan was to witness. He went away empty handed but insisted I had signed. After months of my asking for a copy of that agreement, I got one with my name "signed" in very small writing, similar to my signature but not mine. It was on that document that he took out the Caveat only to have it thown out by D N R as he did not return the required docs to DNR in the required time, probably because he knew that it was a forgery and would not stand up in court. He and Andrea just turned up one day, when he handed me papers claiming that I owed him$1.5m, and he took his fridge and clothes with him but left the small chest and some linen which had got wet, ha ha ha. He was also told to leave that day by my cattle partner (The C I B cop) he fronted him and told him he couldn't tell him what to do, and only a cop could tell him what to do. Woopsie,  on being told again to leave,  Karl offered his rank and serial no so M rethought his options and left rather promptly, Andrea drove quite quickly out the gate. So anyway, he does not, never will, nor does his mum live out here. 

The caveat had an email address on it which when my solicitor checked up on it was registered to someone in San Francisco. USA. I later came across some information which has led me to believe that he is actually registered in Australia,  as "M" a false identity. His pension card is in the name of Michael Douglas.

He often insists that he paid a large sum of $ into a BOQ account, of course he didn't, and yes we opened a bank account in the name of a company that "was given to us by Les"(Les Cheers).  I paid in a small sum to make it patent but he has since withdrawn that and I have contacted ASIC and resigned as a Co Director and office bearer. So for what it is worth, he has cost me about $3m in losses of property, plus my sanity and relationship with each of my 3 children and their families etc etc plus all the legal issues.
I called a meeting with all those involved with Forsythe (Owned by Les Cheers and Keith Kelly), held down the coast and asked Dale to have the Caveats lifted off all my properties and allow me to get on with selling those places and relieve me of all debt. I believe Ray you asked the same of him, which he did, not M, but it was too late then for me to unburden the places myself and the banks got them."

Another connected entity, which concerned people have enquired, about is Warrior Capital Pty Ltd, also of 142 Eastlake Street Nerang.

List of persons associated with Les Cheers, aka John Alexander, or have shares in Forsythe:
Keith Kelly                                                     
Raquel Hirvonen
Richard Goodfellow
Jim Bogoevski (Actual name Dimce Jim Bogoevski) of 38 Cozens Way Highlands Way QLD 4211. Lives with Clarence Boyd Nelson who is a disbarred lawyer, and operates "Financial Control".
Clarence Boyd Nelson - barred solicitor
Walter Frymml - Fraudster
Graeme Delaney - solicitor  (link)  This guy has "form" and is not allowed to practise without supervision.
John Raymond Best  - currently working for Sensient Technology in Keysborough VIC. Claims to be a broker who can access Emirates Wealth Funds. Finds target companies for Cheers to hit.
Anita Waterhouse
Robin Noel Whickam
Peter Liva & Facultus
Tony Morizoff
Wellington Investment Group Pty Ltd,  Warrior Capital Pty Ltd,  Ausiv Equity Limited,  Brighton Grand Pty Ltd. 

His scams include Linkenbrook Pty Ltd T/as Meridian Quarry     THIS IS A MUST READ!
P L Securities
Facultus Pty Ltd

He is also now running Euro Group Holdings Limited,
Forsythe Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd.,
Forsythe Global Marketing. But his name appears nowhere on any ASIC documents.
Here's an extract from some information we recently received.                                                                    

Hi Guys
John Alexander (Les Cheers) is the principal shareholder of this company that manufacturing cheese and ice cream.
He wants to buys the shares in my client’s company (sanitised) for $5.6m - $3.8m in cash and $1.8m in shares in his company.
The problem is:

  1. The cheese making and retail facility is not owned by his company at all, and the owner is upset that John is purporting to own it
  2. The ice cream making plant in Melbourne has been vacant for 12 months according to the neighbours
  3. Basically this means that the assets are not there and the financials are rubbish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated: September 22, 2017
 If anyone has had, or is contemplating, dealings with this person, or anyone associated with him, please contact Wikifrauds urgently. 

 2012: Les Cheers  is a convicted fraudster who was sentenced to seven years jail for for dishonesty in the nineties. He has an extensive criminal record going into the last decade, and is now working with Peter Liva in trying to obtain fees in advance from would-be borrowers through PL Securities. See criminal history citation below.  We have further criminal history available relating to his activities involving unlicenced home constructions, deposits taken on land acquisition, forged documentation and signatures, and some downright callous predation on one insuspecting and trusting woman that he met through an introduction agency. Readers wanting to see trial transcripts should contact us and we will forward them. These are lengthy documents too large to paste here. Companies (now defunct) he has been in control of are Devcon, Orchid Homes, Snowlake, Anivor, Flamekey and Whywait.

He and Peter Liva (see below) are also working closely with a Richard Goodfellow and others we will name in this scam. He has been posing as a representative of victims in numerous contacts with Wikifrauds relating to the Peter Liva and Facultus scam. "Alexander's" email address

We also know that he and Richard Goodfellow organised the registration of Liva's PL Securities for Liva, and were using this front company to raise fees for Liva, and that in turn it was Liva's solicitor Graeme Delaney who introduced Goodfellow to Liva!
Cheers threatens us:

Alexander twice "passed" on threats to us in the last few months that he would be unable to control an "exitable, arm waiving Greek or Italian type character" from Sydney who would "deal with us" if we published the Facultus and Liva matter, which we have now done. He has also claimed to have a "heavy" in Sydney who would take care of anyone else who exposed Liva. These matters have already been advised to the Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police.

Update Nov 27 2012: This scumbag is still actively trying to borrow money and promising to repay from funds he alleges his accomplice Peter Liva now has. Under no circumstances should anyone lend this conman as much as a cigarette! Any attempts by him to borrow money or obtain fees for business dealings should be reported to the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group at Brisbane Police ( 07 3364 4125), or by contacting us.

Criminal Associate: Walter Frymml's name appears as a fellow director of many companies run by Alexander. It appears he has his own fraud history as disclosed by a news article in Gold Coast dot com

Also disclosed in a series of ASIC documents on Cheers' numerous companies are continued directorships and shareholdings of Judith Helen Wickham, Robin Noel Wickham, and Anitta Waterhouse. Waterhouse is well known and dubiuos deal spruiker on the Gold Coast.


Associate: "Dr" Peter (Pierino) Liva, QLD Australia. (Currently in Brussels)

Pierino John Liva, or "Dr" Peter Liva as he prefers to be known as, is a cheap fraudster from Australia with a long and very bad credit history. We have a list of around twenty or so people from whom he and his former company Facultus Pty Ltd, has snaffled somewhere between $2M and $3M over the last two years, using fake documents to con unwitting people with his scam plot. He is currently (as of October) still in Brussels staying at the Novatel - on other people's money we might add. Now he's trying it all over again with this new company PL Securities, and we have the documents to prove it. More details coming soon.

Credit History:       Obtained from Veda Advantage as results of a Multi-Power Express search on Facultus Pty Ltd.

Pierino John Liva,   D.O.B. 31 October, 1966, Werribee Victoria.
                                 Current Address: 12 Winterhaven Key, Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218  (The Gold Coast)

Court Judgements:  19/4/2011 Creditor  SOVEREIGN PROPERTIES PTY LTD                               Magistrates Court Judgement  $7015
                                  24/6/2008 Creditor TOWNHOUSE REMOVALS AND STORAGE PTY LTD  Local Court Judgement             $1674
                                  26/3/2007 Creditor  CHRISTOPHER MARK STANLEY                                    Local Court Judgement             $4789
                                  23/2/2007 Creditor  UNIQUE LOANS PTY LTD                                                  Local Court Judgement             $9380
Facultus Pty Ltd
Court Judgement:  24/8/2011  Creditor  SENSIS PTY LTD                                                                   Magistrates Court Judgement  $36327
Court Action          - Current    Creditor CHRISTOPHER JOHN CLARKE                                        Supreme Court Victoria            $43000
                                  Facultus Pty Ltd ordered into liquidation. Action not defended by Liva.
Business History
                                Start: Mar 1987        Director                      Talia Property Investment Pty Ltd                 Deregistered Sep   1987

                                Start: April 1988       Director/Secretary      Multilec Services Pty Ltd                               Derigistered   Jun   1993
                                Start: May 1996       Director/Secretary      Livacomp Pty Ltd                                            Deregistered  Mar  2004
                                Start: Aug  1987       Director/Secretary      Cantala Pty Ltd                                                Deregistered  Dec  1992

                                Start: Jun  1997        Director/Secretary      Brewco Holdings Pty Ltd                                Deregistered  Jun   1998
                                Start: Mar 1987        Director                       Bromac Investments Pty Ltd                          Deregistered  Sep  1997

                                Start: Jun 2000         Director/Secretary      Premier Focus Pty Ltd                                     Deregistered  Dec  2005
                                Start: Jan 2004         Director/Secretary      Corplink Services Pty Ltd                               Deregistered  Jul    2007
                                Start: May 2002       Sales Consultant          ANM Curtains

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