PL Securities
Warning ! This company is a fraud.                                                                                                    Date:  May, 2014

This glossy website invites investors to trade securities and shares through PL Securities, allegedly based in London and with an office in Germany. 

The site contains no information whatsoever on any directors or other personnel, any company registration details or anything else that can verify authenticity.    

A check on company entries at Companies House London shows no registrations for a company of this name.

Further, we have strong reason to believe that a person using the name "Peter Langer" in corespondence with clients which has been shown to us, is none other than Peter Liva, famed fraudster responsible for millions defrauded from Australian investors over the last five years. See below.

Other names being used in correspondence with clients, a number of whom have contacted us, include a David Burke and a John Sullivan.

Liva also registered a PL Securities Pty Ltd in Australia with the assistance of conman Richard Goodfellow. See below.
 If anyone has had, or is contemplating, dealings with this person, or anyone associated with this company, please contact Wikifrauds urgently. 

Pierino John Liva, or Dr Peter Liva as he prefers to be known as, is a cheap fraudster from Australia with a long and very bad credit history. We have a list of around twenty or so people from whom he and his former company Facultus Pty Ltd, has snaffled somewhere between $2M and $3M over the last two years, using fake documents to con unwitting people with his Morgan Tsvangirai scam plot. He is currently (as of October) still in Brussels staying at the Novatel - on other people's money we might add. Now he's trying it all over again with this new company PL Securities, and we have the documents to prove it. More details coming soon.

John Alexander - an alias name - :
  is a convicted fraudster who was sentenced to seven years jail for for dishonesty in the nineties. He has an extensive criminal record, and is now working with Liva in trying to obtain fees in advance from would-be borrowers through PL Securities. Both Liva and Alexander are also working closely with a Richard Goodfellow and Annitta Waterhouse, a well known deal spruiker on the Gold Coast and fellow director of another Alexander company.

In fact, it turns out that Goodfellow setup PL Securities on behalf of Liva who was at the time, and still is, in Brussels. The deal was that Alexander and Goodfellow needed money to get a new company, Linkenbrook, underway, and that Alexander and Goodfellow would raise fees for Liva in exchange for a no fee loan from Liva, which never happened. Seems Liva conned the con men!

Dr Edward Garner: Mysterious middle-man and conductor of Liva's activities. Also based in London and the Isle of Man
The interesting connection here is that the number provided to PL Securities clients is also an Isle of Man phone number.

Patrick Thomas: A South African located in Brussels who, together with his father, is the supposed link to the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe!
                             (see Morgan Tsvangirai Scam)

Liva's recent whereabouts: Liva has been in Brussels since March this year - living at other people's expense. He is virtually a full-time resident at the Novatel. Here are all the details - note that he rarely moves more than a few metres from the hotel which has become his comfort zone.
              Hotel:   Novatel Grand Palace
                          Rue du Marché aux Herbes 120  1000 City of Brussels, Belgium 02 514 33 33
              Dines:   Mostly frequents Giuseppe Pizzaeria,
                          Rue du Marché aux Fromages 33, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium
              After:   Sphinx Nightclub
                         20 Kaasmarrt 1000 Brussels

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