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Dominique Grubisa and her DG Institute     . . . . "Ms Grub"   . . . . the Grubbiest spruiker in Australia!                                                                                                                         Page updated Jan 21, 2021
Before reading this webpage, please go to this link and read an expose` of Ms Grubisa which appeared in 'THE AGE" on Sunday November 29, 2020, by award-winning journalist Richard Baker. The article just about says it all, except for information that we have concerning her working relationship with serial conman Doug McCoy.

The article cited above had a follow-up article by Richard Baker, also in "The Age", on Sunday December 6 2020. Read it here. There seems to be few limits for "Ms Grub" in her dubious money-making endeavours.It seems clear from this article that she appeals to desperate people, or creates desperation and fear into ordinary people with misleading comments about what governments might do to their savings and superannuation during this Covid 19 crisis.

4 BC's Property journalist Kevin Turner interviews Richard Baker about Grubisa's misleading spruiking. A must listen to discussion:

Fake testimonials: The on-line publication "Independent Australia" (IA) has uncovered evidence that Grubisa and her DG Institute have used fake reviews to promote her business. In an article by editor David Donovan on October 28 this year, IA has produced the following details of the phoney reviews on "Quora", which readers can read here. Here's the summary:
  1.   Angelina Carnarvon, claimed to work for law firm Civic Legal in WA yet she has never worked there and lives in Port Douglas. Carnarvon has now been banned from Quora.
  2.   A "Jack Morrison", real estate agent,  posted a video on Quora. Turns out his real name is Soly Halabi from the USA. Halabi and AI have had the Jack Morrison profile deleted from Quora.
  3.   Mary Dunn, former accountant at National Australia Bank, identified herself with an uploaded photo of someone else, a Marcia Page, also from the USA. Dunn is now banned from Quora also.
  4.   Elijah Gyles, Economics Graduate WA University and with Australian Real Estate, but his uploaded photo on Quora is of one J D Erb, also a real etate guy from the USA. Gyles is also now banned from Quora.
  5.   Charlotte Cole and Jesse Bayliss, financial analyst of 15 years, both now banned from Quora, but both gave favourable revew of DG Institue and Grubisa.
Check this link to a Quora posting which calls into question the grubby tactics of Ms Grubisa and her parents, both convicted fraudsters, and both of whom still work for her.

Independent Australia claim they have found more "favourable" reviews by people whose photos are of other people. It seems that a Google search using the catchwords "buy Quora Reviews" returns hundreds of sellers of upside reviews. Apparently a business can easily manupilate its public profile. How grubby can a business be???

Another posting worth reading: This relates to the validity of DGI's Power of Attorney forms. Link

We contacted McCoy by email last week to enquire about his relationship with Grubisa. Pasted below is his exact reply:

"This is humiliating for you to even bring this up!! It clearly shows you know nothing about investigations!! Dom is purely using the list the Courts supply and print themselves.  People can get the lists themselves from the Courts.  See just saves time for her students.I am nothing to do with this business, but as a friend I am happy to help Dominque or her family if they even needed me. You can show the world just how silly you are IF you decide to pick on Dominique.  She has the ABSOLUTE NICES Parents.  They are lovely people.  BOTH Highly Qualified Solicitors and Dom herself is retired from being a Barrister.   

Just a friendly warning:  Not that you are a friend of anyone that I know??  BUT, Dom's dad would make your life like HELL.  He is an incredible Lawyer and not someone you would want to clash with.    WARNING:  DO NOT UPSET HIS DAUGHTER or Family!!!"

Well, if this is not a direct threat by McCoy, or an indirect proxy threat by Grubisa, then we don't know what a threat is. Either McCoy is stupid or he thinks we are. Grubisa's parents were both struck-off as lawyers for fraud related offences. And what's more, we know that McCoy was a feature speaker at the DG Institute, and that from there he managed to con one particular elderly woman out of a fortune. This story is on McCoy's page also.

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More will be published about the victims of McCoy and Grubisa's tactics in coming days. Three elderly women done out of their assets!
If you have any information or complaints about Ms Grubisa and or her company, please contact us in confidence.                                             

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