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                 Dimce (Jim) Bogoevski is a fraudulent finance broker, and co-conspirator of Keith Kelly and John Alexander.
Updated Feb 24, 2020

Bogoevski has been central to numerous fraudulent deals, and we now have some information coming which will detail his involvement in scamming investors of over a million dollars in a deal run through some disbarred lawyers that ultimately ended up with Sydney criminal and former Deputy Mayor of Auburn, Salim Mehajer being the beneficiary. There is also a lot of information about his role in defrauding two elderly and naive Queensland ladies. See QLD'S Fraud Ring.


                                                                                          Mehajer outside court. He is currently in jail for a number of offences  Read more about this clown

The following was supplied by one of our readers:  "His address is 38 Cozens Way Highlands Way Qld 4211 and he shares the house with a Brody Nelson. He apparently works or worked at the Australian Telemarketing Solutions in Bundall and is promoting and selling duplex properties and financial advice etc. At present he is not registered on ASIC however he is associated with John Alexander on your site. His website www.financialcontrol.com.au is not active, although he is still using it in his emails and at present he is going through a bad legal situation and lost his license to drive and having custody /access problems with his wife etc."  . . .


We think Brody Nelson is a corrupted name and it is actually Boyd Nelson, a disbarred lawyer. Boyd Nelson  (above) is his closest  co-conspirator in his numerous frauds .

In one effort to "buy time" or convince a creditor that a debt had been repaid, Bogoevski created this counterfiet bank receipt and sent it to the creditor. Naturally enough, no money was ever received.


                                                                 This was supposed to be a repayment of a loan made by the creditor to the Forsyth Group, detailed below.
Phoney "pumped" finance deals:
Bogoesvki also arranged finance for a number of cars for Forsyth Manufacturing (below) with "pumped price" deals done with BMW Finance.
It has come to our notice that BMW Finance has been trying to collect payment arreas for about six prestige cars under the control of  Keith Kelly and John Alexander. The cars are under finance in the name of  Forsythe Global Marketing Pty Ltd.  Forsyth Global Marketing Pty Ltd directors are Brett John Mills, Keith Kelly, Raquel Hirvonen. Mills is secretary. Both Mills and Raquel Hirvonen are guarantors for the car finance contracts.
Jim Bogoesvski arranged the finance for the cars with BMW Finance. Here's how he scammed them. Example. Kelly (Forsyth Global Marketing) finds, say, a cheap used BMW X5 for $30K. But as this model books much better than that, he arranges the finance at say, $70K. BMW Finance settle the deal at $70K and Bogoesvki and Kelly split the surplus funds. Nice work! Wikifrauds has five such examples including the registration numbers of those vehicles.

Bogoevski is also party to a scam on elderly women run by John Alexander and currently owes some $100,000 to one of these women.

From a photo of a glossy brochure of Forsythe Manufacturing, showing the two crooked partners in crime.  The Ice Cream acquisition never happened, and as for working with youth, all we can say is that Kelly spent a long long time in a youth home himself. He is currently a bankrupt  but did receive a substantial payout relative to his youth detention, but the money is apparently in his wife's name.                                                                    


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