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                                                                          Bill Field above, consumate conman, blackmailer and staller.

                                                         We are searching for an image of Field's daughter Belinda - complicit in an attempt at blackmail.

Updated Oct 16, 2019 
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Updated again Jan 13, 2020.
William Lindsay Field,
also known as Bill Field and Billy Field, Corporate crook and conman, owes millions and won't pay.
For those looking for him, we believe his current address is 49/3 Wulumay Close, Roselle NSW. Interested parties can contact us for his phone number or email address. It is believed that he also has a family home in Dural NSW.
IMPORTANT:  Before you read what we have to show and say below, you must read this background first:
Telstra lost approximately $22 Million in a Joint Venture with Field, and nobody (except Field) knows where it went. Link  Please read this first, as Field has been running around telling his shareholders that he is an innocent man and that Wikifrauds has been making up lies about him and V2Pay. Do your own Google research on Field and or V2Pay, there's plenty to read about him and none of it nice.

This is just some of the sordid history of this con-artist:

Field's failed companies: Think Systems Pty Ltd, Energy Appliances Australia Pty Ltd, Macquarie Centre Betta Pty Ltd, V2Pay Group Pte Ltd (Singapore based), 888 Red Pty Ltd  and several others. All of these companies have cost investors millions.

V2 Pay Group Pte Ltd:
Set up in Singapore to supposedly create some fancy card pay systems. it has never turned a dollar. Here we have several victims, notably  Mr Brian Lincez who is owed some $1.6 Million. (We have on hand a signed achnowledgent of the debt, an agreement to repay firstly $500k then the balance of $1.5M, signed by Field. NO MONEY has been repaid! We also know he owes some $80K to a former employee Rick Whaite, who with his family invested in V2PAY.  A False Statutory Declaration has also been provided by Field. We checked the place and witness details of this declaration supposedly made at Galston Medical Clinic NSW only to find that the Doctor who supposedly witnessed the declaration, a Doctor Thomas, has never worked at the clinic, and indeed he probably doesn't even exist.
Bill Field is no stranger to falsehoods. See declaration.* Field also conned another employee (name withheld) into investing $125k all of which is lost - all of which has been spent by Field for his own pleasure or to finance his lavish lifestyle.

*UPDATE Jan 17, 2020:
We have now discovered that the doctor mentioned above did indeed have a practice in Galston.
The declaration cited above is now the subject of a police complaint lodged at Windsor police station in NSW by the person whose name appears as a witness to this declaration. He catagorically stressed to Wikifrauds in a long conversation that Field forged his signature on the declaration. (We have already on hand an admission by Field that the declaration was indeed false.) The good doctor's surgery was also broken into and ransacked just recently, and files and records stolen. It is suspected that Field and daughter Belinda was behind the break in, and looking for anything that might be used to subject the doctor to threats and or intimidation.
The following extract from an email of Jan 13 from Field seems to support the assumption that Field or his daughter Belinda have taken possession of medical records from the doctor's clinic and for whatever reason, are blackmailing the doctor. Probably the aim is to keep Belinda on the clinic's payroll despite the fact that she has taken indefinite stress leave.

"He has only gone rouge not on a money matter but other matters I am not happy about which he is very clear on 
.I am not worried about any charges he would attempt  as he is well aware of what I hold  which would destroy him and his practice if I get loose . That document has enough evidence  to support my statement that he is 100% aware of it.so don’t get to excited about what he is prepared to do  My point was about my daughter and other issues attached is not smart to involve her as the issues are severe and he knows it has massive implications."   

As it happens, Field's second daughter Belinda worked for the doctor for quite a long time but recently took "stress leave" and is trying to get the doctor for liability for the stress. Field's whole family are rotten apples that have not fallen far from the tree. The good doctor has been Field's family medico for many years, and this scumbag Field has seen some imaginary scheme to pressure the doctor out of some money. The man has no scruples whatsoever and will turn on anyone if he sees a dollar somewhere.

M2Cash: The forerunner to V2Pay:
Also set up in Singapore. We have some M2 Cash ANZ bank statements that clearly show Field's misuse of shareholders' funds for his own personal benefit - huge transfers to his own bank, exhorbitant hotel and travel bills, gambling on poker machines and so on. See statements and a summary.

Promises to pay but never does: The following are emails where Field promises to commence repayment of a substantial loan

From: Bill Field <bill@v2pay.com>
28 March 2018 at 5:03:09 pm AEDT
Fwd: 2017 v6 shareholder final update

This is the updated V2PAY shareholders document which was recently sent to investors One of which is your client lender 

I have one other document to send which explains the next steps , and will send to you shortly 

The process we are taking is an ICO which is in progress  commencing next Month or capital raise for the program The process which has already provisioned to settle any loan. Holders Besides your client we only have $280k in outstanding loans Brian was & is the largest holder of Debt Once I send you part 2 which is the G00bits program you will see that we are about to commence a pre ICO for approximately $10 Mil 
Within that amount we have allowed $2.0 mil for debt repayments The model allows for 25% of capital intake to be sent to Debt holders What we don’t know yet is how long it will take to raise the $10m other than we have spent the past 3-4 months testing the markets interest . With fund managers , Banks , & professional investment groups. Where we have received a very high & positive response to the program . We have altered the system in some areas also in response to genuine critics 
In summary We have always accounted for the repayment to Brian in addition to his entitlements in addition to the loan as a holder of V2PAY shares I am more than prepared to put Brian ahead of all Loan holders in settlement as they arrive We go live in Mid April on the capital intake when the website goes up and we have the final ASIC approvals process on funds management My early indications would be paying Brian at least $100k a month as the low threshold amount starting  say mid May & expecting this to ramp up to $250k by Aug until we clear Let’s discuss the best way forward when you have had time to absorb both documentations
Regards Bill Field V2PAY

------- Original message --------
From: Bill Field <bill@v2pay.com>

Date: 29/3/18 11:06 am (GMT+10:00)
To: raymondarthur48@gmail.com
Subject: Brian Settlement confirmation
Confirming our call today
The first instalment of $100,000 will be made towards the settlement of loan from Brian by the close of April
We may make periodic payments during the month, however by the close of April the full $100k will be made
If you could forward the account details for the funds settlement
Regards Bill Field
. . . . . . . . never happened! Field has not repaid one cent as of this day, Sep 20, 2019. He is frankly "full of shit".

The V2Pay website is still up. We think his webpage designer does not have a working bullshit metre.

Field's V2Pay Singapore Director, Lawyer Lee Chiat Jin Jeffery
(For those not familiar with Singapore company regulations, a company formed in Singapore by any foreign owner MUST have a Singaporean Director.) filed several complaints with the Singapore Police requesting they investigate Field for wrongful issuing shares in V2Pay, and in one complaint in particular, he alleged that Field stole 1M Sterling in cash from his own company. Beat that!  Link to complaints.

Worthless Share Certificates issued by Fields without propper authority.
Link  (We apologise for these images not being rotated)

Sales pitches to get  capital loans. Must read! Link (These are pathetic and more fool Lincez for falling for such un-provable claims and forecasts by Field.)
QLD Supreme Court Statement of Claim, Brian Lincez vs. LindsayWilliam Field   
See Statement of Claim

ASIC has dealt with Field on prior occasions with regard to some of the companies being run by him whilst being a bankrupt. Link And it Seems the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree - Field's daughter Dominique has also been dealt with by ASIC Link for a number of offences relating to Bill's businesses. Either she is blinded by father Bill, or just a cheap little crook like him, or Bill himself couldn't care less if he brought-up another con artist. She copped a ban for five years!

Read this absolute rave from Field about strategies and forecasts. We have rarely read such rubbish in an update to shareholders. link

We also have a list of some shaeholders of M2CASH and the amounts invested. We are looking to obtain more lists in the future. Meantime, the list we have contains the investor's contact details and we will be in touch with them over the next few days. Watch this space.

We have also been given two reports, which are in essence the same, one addressed to the ATO and the other to ASIC. See ATO Report  See ASIC Report

Bill Field is a thoroughly crooked conman, a thief, and a totally untrustworthy person. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. All he ever does is make statements about how much the shares will be worth in the near future, and pass out more bullshit about his company's future prospects. He is a professional "staller" who never comes good on his promises and prospects.

Latest: We now publish several bank statements. These clearly show Field taking money paid for shares for his own personal use. We have also been informed by several people of Bill Field's penchant for the best prostitutes in Singapore. Apparently he was or is a frequent visitor to the best brothels in that city. They also show Field's love of poker machines. Some great family man eh! And all paid for by shareholders' investment money. Bank Statement1   Bank Statement2    Excel Summary Sheet of statements

Also attached are Companies House London (The British equivalent of Australia's ASIC) Prosecuting Solicitors'' criminal proceedings on M2Cash, along with a demand letter from Hadfield & Co Solicitors (London) for some GBP 61,343 payable to Manx Telecom Limited. Seems Telstra Australia are not alone in being conned by Field. Attachment.

Shareholders  Class Action:  Shareholders interested in joining a class action against Field should contact us immediately in confidence of course. We will be briefing our barrister next week and engaging the NSW Police Fraud Squad also.

If Field does not like what we have exposed here, he is more than welcome to take us to court, in fact we wish he would do so.                         

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