Robyn Schneller, now going under the name Robyn Brauer, last known to be in Temora NSW

Schneller is heavily implicated in the Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) fraud run by Indian scam artist Ahsan Ali Syed. Her role as WGA's paid agent in Australia and New Zealand in this massive fraud has cost investors and would-be borrowers millions of dollars. See "How the scam works" for a full expose` on Schneller.
Schneller has changed her name to Brauer since we exposed her role to try to avoid her association with WGA and the frauds she assisted with. Luckily some alert people have advised us of her new details listed below. We have advice that even in her new role with Bruxton Estates she has caused considerable problems. Readers are warned about dealing with "Brauer"  . . . count your fingers before and after.

If anyone wants Brauer's - Schneller's contact details, we will supply them They include her Sydney phone numbers - both mobile and static, Skype address and new email address.
She's still at it! The following email was received today, June 7, 2021:

"Hi, I came across your website and have been less than impressed with Robyn Brauer by setting up a loan with security registered under her name on my behalf, that was never repaid to the tune of $70k and feel this was a set up from day one. Can you shed some more light on her and her activities and alleged bikie gang(s)"

The following three emails from different people and at different times also detail her being now located at Temora NSW:

1. "If it's any use to you, that Robyn Schneller bitch who worked with Mulally, now has purchased a house to my knowledge at Old Cootamundra Rd Temora NSW 2666 I received this info from an informant who I can easily reach out to."

2. "This lady is living in Temora NSW 2666 I have seen her on several occasions at a small bakery in our rural town, she has purchased a house to my knowledge at old coota rd Temora NSW 2666"

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3. "I'm sure I've seen her in the Roundabout bakery in Temora NSW,quite often.Certainly looks like her,but I could be mistaken."


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