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                                                                                      Michael Grant Kendon
                                                         Trading Power Pty Ltd
                                                              Port Macquarie, NSW
                                                                   Warning !

New information is coming to Wikifrauds concerning the activities of Michael Grant Kendon of  Port Macquarie NSW .

Details of Kendon's activities are starting to come to Wikifrauds. He is guilty of running a Ponzi style scam which may have netted him so far some $2.5 million from dozens of people. He is currently the subject of court action in Queensland (citation). Kendon is believed to have been working at Essential Energy in Port Macquarie, where he has recently been suspended for using the company's computers to run his scam. It is understood he has scammed fellow employees and even close friends, and that his activities go back to well before the GFC.

Wikifrauds has been provided with detailed hard copies of documents and correspondence from one of his victims and received phone calls from numerous others. All with the same story - invest with me and I'll make you money! Hah - never happens.

Wikifrauds is prepared to declare openly that he is a fraudster and a liar, and we challenge him to take us to court. If he wishes to do so he may contact us and we will provide him with our lawyer's details for service.

We expect to be able to publish more details in coming days. Meantime, if you have any information about this man and his activities, please contact us in confidence.

Kendon's latest scam - free-range eggs: (Check here for details)

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