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John Foley
March 1, 2021: Read letter from a Forsythe insider.

Wikifrauds is not accusing John Foley of any illegal wrong doing, just of being very unsavory, and failing to undertake proper due diligence. We wonder why such an eminent barrister is associated with these known conmen below. It is our opinion based on information from an insider, that Foley "sells" his name to the victims of these men in order to promote credibility of their projects to what turn out to be victims who have lost huge amounts to them. Furthermore, we have been advised that he has benefitted from lending his name to a misrepresentation to advance the interests of this group. This borders on gaining a financial benefit by deception, which is by definition a fraud.

Foley is also listed as Founding President of Mark McIvor's new dodgy outfit called Huntington Health and Wealth Club. Again, we ask why a man as Foley is supposed to be, is so closely associated with known scammers!

Conman "X" who for the moment will remain anonymous as he is repaying a victim, has threatened us on several occasions, includng late night phone calls, and is often stating he will take legal action. Why then has he not engaged his close friend "Sir" John Foley to act, and why also has John Foley not taken exception to this page about him. He has known about it for months and done nothing. We think we know why not.

   Mark McIvor, disgraced head of Equity Trust         Jim Bogoevski                           Keith Kelly              "King Con" Dudley Quinlivan      

What we do know is that two elderly women visited Foley in his Q1 apartment on the Gold Coast and that they were introduced by a well known conman who for the moment will remain unnamed..Foley flashed some gold bars to the women to impress them. Also, in a recent email to us from the conman 'X', one of the copy addressees was John Foley. And we know he was rewarded with shares in Forsythe Manufacturing - see ASIC extract.  The conman is currently repaying a victim and so his name has been redacted and is now referred to as "X".

We also have been provided with an email from one of these women which is pasted below. You the reader can form your own opinion. Our opinion is that Foley conspired with these crooks, in particular with  Clarence Boyd Nelson, to secure the ladies' wealth for their company, Forsythe Manufacturing. Neither of the two women knew Foley was a director of Forsythe.

"He (X) phoned me one day to say that he and Y had to move out of the container in which they were living on his sister'place as one of her kids needed to move back there, and would they be able to come and live in my old Dairy. He was aware that it had been rebuild years earlier as a 3 bedroom cottage instead of being an 8 bail milking shed, but was still very basic. At that stage, the plans that Ruth, John Foley and X for my flats in Dornoch Terrace had gone up in smoke, thanks to John (Foley) and all his lies to both Ruth and me. The bank had repossessed and sold the place. Another long saga. John and X had taken Ruth's co and renamed it Rutlin P/L. She deposited some $240K into a new bank account in the Co name but B O Q. refused to allow Rutlin to take over the debt.

Anyway I said I would be pleased to have them come and live here as permanent tenants but only if Y could handle country living and if X helped with renovating it again as the white ants had had a field day and I had started from floor up to rebuild it. I had knocked out walls, dug up the floor and reconcreted it, relined the ceiling, put in solar panels etc. but he would have to cover his share of rates and maintenance. They were there next day and said yes please. He was to help on the farm as well as get all the legal work done so I owned the farm and it was unemcumbered.

He came up a week later with a double bed, fridge, small chest and some clothes and we stored them in a container. Then a couple of weeks later he rang late one Friday night with the story about Les, Keith, and Forsythe, and how they could cover all my debts from Arab $ if i would allow them to take out a 2nd mortgage so they could pay out a creditor of Forsythe. Enter Jim and Dale.
I think you know the rest of that story, but Y was put into a nursing home, X went ????????????? to live, perhaps with "Blondie".
Neither X nor Y ever moved up here, but he certainly conned me. He did do up an agreement for me to sign to say that he "owned" the miking shed and initially it was 30mt around it. I had words about that so he changed it to the land around it, no good to me. He kept resending new versions saying that he owned the shed which I kept refuting till eventually he arrived one day with Y in tow trying to insist that I sign his agreement, which Y was to witness. He went away empty handed but insisted I had signed. After months of my asking for a copy of that agreement, I got one with my name "signed" in very small writing, similar to my signature but not mine. It was on that document that he took out the Caveat only to have it thown out by D N R as he did not return the required docs to DNR in the required time, probably because he knew that it was a forgery and would not stand up in court. He and Andrea just turned up one day, when he handed me papers claiming that I owed him$1.5m, and he took his fridge and clothes with him but left the small chest and some linen which had got wet, ha ha ha. He was also told to leave that day by my cattle partner (The C I B cop) he fronted him and told him he couldn't tell him what to do, and only a cop could tell him what to do. Woopsie,  on being told again to leave,  Karl offered his rank and serial no so X rethought his options and left rather promptly, Andrea drove quite quickly out the gate. So anyway, he does not, never will, nor does his mum live out here. 

The caveat had an email address on it which when my solicitor checked up on it was registered to someone in San Francisco. USA.

He often insists that he paid a large sum of $ into a BOQ account, of course he didn't, and yes we opened a bank account in the name of a company that "was given to us by Les"(Les Cheers).  I paid in a small sum to make it patent but he has since withdrawn that and I have contacted ASIC and resigned as a Co Director and office bearer. So for what it is worth, he has cost me about $3m in losses of property, plus my sanity and relationship with each of my 3 children and their families etc etc plus all the legal issues.
I called a meeting with all those involved with Forsythe (Owned by Keith Kelly), held down the coast and asked Dale (Wilkinson) to have the Caveats lifted off all my properties and allow me to get on with selling those places and relieve me of all debt. I believe Ray you asked the same of him, which he did, not X, but it was too late then for me to unburden the places myself and the banks got them."

Is or was there a conspiracy involving Foley to defraud either of these two women? Why were these women shown gold bars from Foley's safe at the Q1 apartment on the Gold Coast? Were these gold bars given to Foley in lieu of a monetary payment from Citigold, a company in which he is a non-executive director, and from which he draws a stipend in excess of $200,000 per annum? Was tax paid on these gold bars?

These questions require answers. Foley is a barrister, an Officer of the Courts. Seems that responsibility might have flown out the window. Read more here.

March 1,2021: Wikifrauds has received the following letter from an insider in Forsythe. It says a lot about the kind of man Foley seems to be. It also raises the question of whether or not Foley is or was a properly accredited lender or broker.

The whited out text above was conman X.
Notwithstanding the writer's note that Foley resigned in December 2016, he nevertheless presented two elderly women with a golden view of how good an investment in Forsythe would be, and so they went ahead - and lost all their money! Again, Doug was the introducer in both directions.

Mark McIvor's Huntington Health and Wealth Club page 27 of the Information Memorandum showing Foley as Founding President. President no less!

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