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Since launching on February 5, 2011, we have survived death threats, beaten hackers, won law suits against us, exposed dozens of scammers, and managed to recover vast funds for victims.
                                                       HUNGTINTON HEALTH AND WEALTH CLUB  - What a joke!                                                                                         
Founder and "no brains trust" Mark McIvor, extravagant con artist and very careless with the truth.
January 10, 2022:
We took McIvor off Wikifrauds for a while as he made an arrangement to commence repayments to his first victim. He made one payment and has now renegged on the agreement.

June 28 2021: Wikifrauds is now hearing that he has put his relationship with his girlfriend, to quote him, "on hold". Maybe because he is not having success in getting his grubby hands on her property at Cowes, Phillip Island Victoria, where we hear he wanted to use it for a development project. Nice try McIvor, but you missed again. People are awake to you now.

June 18 2021: Wikifrauds will shortly detail some remarkable information gleaned from an insider concerning McIvor's latest attempts to raise funding. A real eye opener!

The man is a complete and deluded first class dud, with no scruples and no idea of reality. He's a self-appointed expert on everything, and thinks he will do a 'phoenix' rise from the ashes!

  Mark McIvor, "Lord Huntington"           "Sir" John Foley, Founding President.            Martin McConnachie  . .  more about him soon.                 James Loel - dishonest solicitor                               McIvor (3rd from right) with members of the Githabul tribe. More detail here.

We are preparing a summary of McIvor's disastrous business history with Equity Trust, and aim to publish shortly. Meantime, interested readers should checkout this link to Aussie Stock Forums and read the blogs for themselves.

McIvor's latest effort is The Huntington Health and Wealth Club, of which "Sir" John Foley is the Founding President. More on this dodgy outfit to come, including information on Martin McConnachie and his company Allotz, which despite a glamorous  website, is under external administration. Link The outfit's Information Memorandum has some real worries. Apart from Foley and McConnachie, page 12 of the IM mentions partnering with "Autoyield Pty Ltd" - well, . . . what do you know, Autoyield is under external administration also.

Then on page 26, one James Loel, solicitor, is listed as a Founding Director. and further states " . . . James is a true fiduciary, and his respect for the Rule of Law lies at the heart of the Huntington Investment Partnership". Seems McIvor didn't want to tell potential investors about  Loel's  reprimands and fines for misconduct, and that he narrowly missed being struck-off.  More info.

We are looking a bit further into this Huntington Health and Wealth Club, and the closer we look, the more odious it seems to become.

March 10, 2021: The latest we have heard is that this would-be-again-millionaire is receiving a Carers Allowance of $470 a fortnight for supposedly caring for an elderly gentleman. How embarrasing for this arrogant braggard!

May 30, 2021: We have heard from two different and unrelated sources that McIvor's relationship with his partner Janice is all but over, and that his plans for a development on Victoria's Phillip Island will therefore likely fall over. It is not his land! Readers can read between the lines and form their own view.

Plus !  . . . The son-in-law of McIvor's very first investor met with McIvor today (Feb 22, 2021) to discuss getting some of the investment money returned to his wife's elderly parents. They had invested their life savings with McIvor personally, (not McIvor's Equity Trust, $100,000 to be precise), way back in 1982, and never saw a penny returned. Nor did they receive shares in Equity Trust. The arrogant son-of-a-bitch, who has been permanently banned by ASIC from ever again being a company director, said " . . .what, a piddling $100,000 - I lost 180 million!" What he failed to mention was that whatever he McIvor lost, wasn't his money, it all belonged to mum and dad investors. And this arrogant prick has had the cheek to drive around the Gold Coast in an Audi R8 !!

We have more coming shortly after we speak to an insider who McIvor recently crossed. Stay tuned.
Meantime, the Gold Coast Bulletin had this as a feature article:
HE'S AT IT AGAIN . . . . ?

 Q: Who owned this mansion below, and what happened to it.  . . . . . . . ?
A: McIvor's mother Janice, above right. McIvor talked her into mortgaging the home when he was running short, and it was subsequently lost. So was his own mansion on Cronin Island above.

Very strong rumors:
We hear that McIvor is running around tearing his hair out trying to find out who suggested we publish this webpage on him. Good luck McIvor, we protect our sources very well.We also hear that his current girlfriend, who shares his mother's name and who is in Melbourne at the moment, is owed some $300k by McIvor. And another story goes that there's a man on the Gold Coast who has repeatedly pushed McIvor in the chest, trying to provoke him into a fight. Wonder why? Maybe McIvor needs eyes in the back of his head, as it seems he has many people who feel angry with him bigtime. But maybe not, because we also hear that he often brags of having a minder. If he's such a savvy intelligent businessman, how come he went bust owing $260 million, and is this the reason  he now has a minder?
  In the article above, McIvor claims to be just "an ad man" for Huntington, but an informant tells us that he "runs the whole show". Indeed, ASIC might like to follow this up. There are plenty of precedents where banned company directors have continued to act as directors albeit their names do not appear on any company documents, and these quasi directors have been prosecuted.

Some more good reading here
Readers wishing to contribute to his page may do so in confidence. Contact us.