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                                     Jackie Gurr
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                                             Mundell's clumsy atempt to clear his name
  Scott Mundell's
 Halston Capital
Including Carmen Mundell, nee Carmen Piscopo.
                                                        Associated Companies: Commodus Global, and Kanella Resources Pty Ltd.
                                                                          Note: Mundell is a coke addict as well as a scammer.

           Mundell - arrogance personified                                           Carmen Mundell's shop for sale for $100! on Gumtree - getting ready to run?

  Private address:  49b, Bateman Rd, Mount Pleasant, WA 6153                                             
Ph: 08 6465 4168
  (from outside Aust: +61 8 6465 4168)
Mobile Phone: 0407 386 512  (from outside Aust: +61 407 386 512)                          


Wikifrauds is in receipt of evidence from several sources that leads us to believe that this company may be a fee or investment scam. We intend publishing further information on this company and the behaviour of its founder, Scott Mundell, in coming days. Meantime, potential investors are urged to undertake the utmost due diligence and seek competent legal advice before risking one dollar with this outfit. We also believe that he and wife Carmen may be about to "do a runner" as his wife's business, Wicked Weddings of Leederville WA has just been listed on Gumtree for $100 (yes, one hundred dollars!) - see listing.
This shop is almost next door to the Leederville Police station, so they may not need to look very far to find him, as he often pulls in to grab some walking around money. Mundell meantime, full-time member of the latte set, is running around in his shorts and thongs, and filling his white Porsche convertible (1CTY 343) and paying the servos with other people's cash, or what he's grabbed from the shop that day.  Sources we have so far show that he has snatched over $1.2 million from a combined six to eight people.
More importantly, the dress shop above is the registered office for Halston Capital ! What sort of international wheeling and dealing business operates out of a goddamn dress shop, which is now up for sale provided someone takes over the lease. Where's Halston Capital going?  . . . . Nowhere of course! Pack up the certificate of incorporation and stick it into the glovebox of the Porsche, and take off.
Associate: Jackie Gurr:  This woman is either stupid or crooked, or both. We think crooked, in fact we are certain she is nothing but a sophisticated scammer.

We have a complaint with lengthy details from an "investor" who has lost 400,000 dollars through a shabby instrument trading deal set up by Gurr, a former Macquarie Bank operator, in concert with Scott Mundell and Halston Capital.

Any which way we look at all of the evidence and correspondence we have on this matter, Gurr coordinated the payment of money from our complainant to Mundell via a personal loan. She failed to do proper due diligence on Mundell's claims on the trading instrument, and was involved in the fund-raising contract between the complainant and others.  Promise after promises to return the money have been broken over the last  four years. Her promises and that of another associate are worthless.


Wikifrauds has corresponded with Gurr on several occasions, and we have received the same promises that the complainant will be repaid "soon'. Never happens. This has been dragging on for four long years.

Correspondence and documentation on this may be made available to readers at our discretion, but meantime, here below is a sample set of emails between Gurr and Mundell. Read from bottom up. This link will take you to one of Mundell's Trade Program Loan Agreement Documents

From: Jackie Gurr [mailto:jackie.gurr@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, 20 January 2012 6:24 PM
To: <scott@halstoncapital.com>
Subject: Re: Scott Mundell RE: LOC against the HSBC MTN

Hi Scott,
Thank you for the update below and based on our discussions I am comfortable with proceeding forward with the HSBC $350M instrument that we have a call option on and with the Singapore Private Trust group selected to secure the line against the instrument.
On 20/01/2012, at 3:22 PM, <scott@halstoncapital.com> wrote:

Hi Jackie,
I trust you are well.
I have a RWA letter date January 18, 2012, from a Singapore Private Trust who are prepared to offer up to EUR 500M in a LOC against an instrument supplied by Halston Capital. They have reviewed the HSBC 350M instrument and are content with the instrument and would like to proceed. I have never worked with this group before. However, they do come highly recommended and I have "indirectly and discreetly" confirmed that they have the financial capacity to provide the LOC through Barclays bank in Singapore.

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to provide you with the RWA letter, or the name of the group until after the transaction is completed. However, I can assure you that I DO in fact, have the letter in my possession.
Do you wish for me to proceed with the call option of the HSBC instrument despite the fact that this instrument is slightly over the "suggested" financial threshold of EUR 300M?
I will await your instructions.

CEO & Managing Director, Halston Capital
Perth, Western Australia
Direct: +61 4000 42494
Skype: ScottMundell
EM: scott@halstoncapital.com

And here's two more emails which confirm the debt owed by Mundell and plans to repay it, which to this date have not happened:
Mon 3/09/2012 4:21 PM

Jackie Gurr jackie.gurr@yahoo.com

 Don't worry, I have worked out a plan with xxxx to try to work on Paul to get the crap removed from the website as part of Xxx paying Paul out and taking over any future transaction directly with HC. Xxxxxx just signed with a major investment bank out of New York for $75m investment into XXX so we have the funds to pay back Paul but only on our terms now.



Jackie Gurr <jackie.gurr@yahoo.com>

Thu 20/09/2012 6:49 PM
Hi Scott,

Thanks for sharing the information below. The dilemma I can see is that Xxxxx has agreed to takeover the transaction and return Paul's funds on behalf of HC so not sure how much leverage we have over getting Paul's assistance to help remove the comments.

It would appear John will not be that cooperative and particularly given there is a second group now involved makes it even more difficult. I will discuss with Xxxxx tomorrow. Lets talk further then.

UPDATE Jan 7, 2014
Mundell's clumsy atempt to clear his name:  www.halstoncapital.com/about_us/legal_and_media/

This Halston Capital web page is a deliberate attempt by Mundell to camouflage the facts and to attempt to discredit Wikifrauds. It is false and misleading in as much as it makes certain claims of innocence on Mundell's part and is designed to give the reader the impression that the Australian Federal Police and The Australian Securities and Investment Commission have cleared his name. Not so. What follows the links to these government agencies has been written in the third person by Mundell himself. Neither agency ever produces such comments. Further, he refers to a Federal Court matter which we are unable to comment on, save to say that Wikifrauds has NEVER lost a case in any court. Mundell also refers to the writer as using a ficticious name. This is not so and our own home page clearly identifies the writer's details. Further, we have invited Mundell to take legal action against us at any time, and we do so here again.

He also states that Wikifrauds is a fee-based website. This is also a total fabrication. And there are more victims of Mundell than the two named on his web page. I take this opportunity to again warn reades of Mundell's behaviour and refer to his threats of violence against me personally. (Link to threat)

And we wonder why the Bank of Costa Rica is interested in Halston Capital. Our web page monitor service shows this recent visitor to this page on Mndell:


Page Views:


Entry Page Time:

4 Jan 2014 06:53:22


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San Josť, San Jose, Costa Rica

IP Address:

Banco De Costa Rica ([Label IP Address]

Search Referral:

https://www.google.com/ (Encrypted Search) 

Visit Page:


This is not the only bank or authority to view our web page. Macquarie Bank were also recent visitors, as have been several investigative agencies.

John Carter, Editor Owner, Wikifrauds.
UPDATE April 21, 2013: Mundell is now trying to flog a 1937 Chinese Government War Bond.
According to Mundell, this pre-war Nationalist Government Bond is allegedly worth potentially millions of dollars. He has tried to have a financial investor in the USA who contacted us last week, open an account with the Bank of America into which he can then deposit a so-called "Pioneer Bond" for some $500 million!  And he is also offering to have another similar bond, or maybe the same one, sold to repay a number of his "investors" if they accept this and drop their pursuit of their money through other means. What a joke. These bonds are available all over Ebay as collectable memorabilia - see sample or search on Ebay for yourselves. There seems to be nothing Mundell will not try in his efforts to scam anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Here's part of his sell job to one aggrieved investor who has already lost $400K to Mundell: (Quoted from an email from Mundell)

"We presently have a 1937 $100 Chinese Liberty bond in trust with our attorney. The Chinese Government and the IMF are presently redeeming historical Chinese bonds to satisfy the historical debt that is owed by China from the issuance of bonds during the late 1800’s and through to the early 1940’s prior to China becoming a communist state. These bonds were issued by the Chinese Government to fund the war with Japan and also to implement basic infrastructure in the form of railways and ports in China. In 1987 China redeemed its outstanding historical debt issued from the bonds,  with the UK and settled with all bondholders who owned historical Chinese bonds. Although China does not publicly acknowledge the debt, by redeeming these historical bonds it will enhance China’s credit rating and status with the WTO and its trade partners. It is anticipated that the 1937 Chinese Liberty bond will soon be redeemed in the coming weeks in Zurich, Switzerland and the value at redemption could possibly be anywhere from $25M to $100M, (estimated), per bond depending on the condition of the bond and the number of coupons attached, etc., (this bond is in excellent condition with ALL coupons attached). There is a great deal of “broker joker” information on social media sites such as “LinkedIn” that lay claim to “billions of dollars” being paid for these bonds. This in itself is a ridiculous statement and the maximum we have seen paid for a bond to date was a 1913 Chinese Petchili bond which was purchased for $100 million. However, we believe this case is a rarity as this particular bond had been passed from generation to generation in one single family before being sold. If the UK redemption prices are any indication, we believe the numbers quoted are a reasonable guide."

Mundell must think people are plain stupid.

UPDATE March 7, 2013
New information is coming in from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, where Mundell was a Nissan salesman, and where he ripped off people in an investment scam. We are expecting further details in the next few days. This information also includes confirmation of previous information that Mundell is also a  cocaine addict. Watch this space!
UPDATE Feb 18, 2013
1. It is widely believed that Mundell's wife Carmen is now a possible cover for his fraudulent activities. She's apparently running "Commodus Global" which a Google search showed as being a subsidiary of Halston Capital, although no such company is rtegistered with ASIC.
2. Watch out for a company called "Kanella Resources Pty Ltd". It is another Mundell incarnation, ASIC registration no
139 425 184
3. The Halston Capital website contains information relating to a matter brought by Astra Resources against Wikifrauds. This matter is still as of this date before the Federal Court in Adelaide. All that happened is that Judge Besanko, based on the balance of convenience doctrine, granted an interim injunction against us which we have complied with, but the application by Astra Resources is being vigorously defended in court by Wikifrauds. Mundell's posting of a blog on this matter is simply his way to portray Wikifrauds in a poor light and deflect attention away from his fraudulent activities. Mundell knows exactly who we are and can take action against us any time he chooses.
Wikifrauds stands by all and every accusation we have made, and will defend the truth in any court, as facts eventually speak for themselves. See "Big Win For Wikifrauds"

Is this proof of funds?
The image obtained by clicking the link below has been presented as a sort of "proof of funds" by Halston Capital. We have our doubts about the authenticity of this supposed screenshot of a Bloomberg trade, and our doubt is simply raised by the 'out of context' incongruous text and font styles displaying Halston Capital Group as the trader. We have looked at a number of screenshots of various Bloomberg trades and none use the font or style shown below, which leads us to believe that this may be a cut and paste job. See image, and judge for yourself. (Google images have a number of screenshots of Bloomberg trade tickets which can be compared to this one - go to images. )

Further information now available on request:
Sep 16, 2012: We have now been contacted by disgruntled investors who claim to have lost around $1.1 million in their dealings with Mundell. So it's not rocket science to suggest that either this man is a scammer, which we are not alleging, or that he is totally incompetent in managing other people's money. If anyone needs to see this evidence, or join the growing group of people providing us with evidence, contact us and we will connect you with the others.

Threat of violence from Mundell to the writer:
In an attempt to have Mundell repay one investor his $400k, we emailed Mundell to apply some pressure, and at the same time invited him to take legal action against us if he chose to do so. Pasted below is his last response received Sep 16, 2012 at 6.51pm AEST . Readers can judge for themselves the quality of this man and decide if they wish to have any business dealings with him. The only editing on this email is the replacement of a client's name with Xxxxxx and the alleged payee of the debt as just "M":
That was the one email I was waiting for. Thank you! fortunately I already have your contact details from your pathetic website so if you want to go to war...BRING IT ON!!
"M" already has plans to compensate Xxxxxx. However I have something special planned for you and it doesn't involve court! we are now way beyond your threats and bullshit. We'll be seeing you really soon.....

Scott M. Mundell
CEO & Managing Director
Perth, Western Australia
M: +61 4000 42494
S: ScottMundell

Further threat from Mundell.
Wikifrauds received the following email from Mundell late on Feb 19:
       "Now you have made this PERSONAL
        You can expect a visit soon"
Just to show that we are not making this up, click here to view the actual email.

We presume Mundell is infuriated that we dare mention his wife's association with his business. However, he is not in any position to deny the involvement. Her email address is c.piscopo@commodusglobal.com  This information has been given to us by a very creditable informant, and so in keeping with our policy of warnings, we published the information.

And for Mr Mundell's information, his threat has been forwarded to relevent police in WA.

More on Mundell and his overseas criminal mates can be read here

If you have information about this company and it's CEO Scott Mundell, please contact us in total confidence below. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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