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                                                   Wikifrauds has big win in NSW Supreme Court.
Jan 25, 2012.
To all those scammers we have exposed, and to our readership in general, we are pleased to report that one villain who thought he was big enough and wealthy enough to take us on, has just had his statement of claim against us struck out, and the interim injunction he was earlier granted has been dissolved. In delivering her decision today, NSW Supreme Court Justice J McCallum dismissed proceedings brought against us by Neville Mahon, and awarded costs against Mahon.

Our defense of this matter was most ably represented in court by our barrister, James Catlin of Melbourne. James specialises in defamation, fraud and whislte-blowing, and was the architect of our win. To read more about James, or to contact him, click here.

People or companies who have been named by Wikifrauds should be aware that we publish for good reason. We don't just suddenly decide to write an expose` for no good reason. We generally act on requests from readers, and only then after we are satisfied with the facts and or have coroborating evidence from further victims.

There is another such similar matter currenlty before the Federal Court. We are not allowed to name this case or anyone involved, but these people, should they be reading this page, ought to know that their fate will ultimately be the same as Mahon's. We deal in facts, and facts alone. And in the end, the facts will always speak for themselves. And we have facts a plenty on this one which we are yet to disclose, including the intimidation of witnesses and perjury for payment. And once again, we are being defended by James Catlin.

So for those who think we are just some fly-by-night gossip mongering crusaders, better think again. We take fraud seriously, we publish only the facts and the truth, and we stand by everything we publish.

And to our supporters and victims alike, thank you for helping us expose some of the lowest criminals on earth - fraudsters.







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