Wikifrauds takes a look at Darren Perris and Barry Tanner (aka Barry Tee)
                                                Scammers get scammed by other scammers - how good can it get! Doesn't get any better.

Barry Tanner, aka's Barry Tee and Barry Tan, is a crooked conman who claimed to be an authorised agent for Sovereign Wealth Funds based supposedly in the Middle East. When a loan application from this fund was put up by Forsythe Manufacturing, also a scam company, Tanner played it perfectly and in various correspondence with famous conman John Alexander of Forsythe, indicated that a loan approval was all but a done deal. But then Tanner, using the name Tee, claimed to the would be borrowers that he had been suspended by the Sovereign Wealth Fund for unpaid gambling debts and that he needed $125,000 to pay off the debt and resume his position as an agent, thus enabling him to complete all the loan docs and settle the loan to Forsythe. Hah! The idiot John Alexander fell in, hook line and sinker, and paid Tanner. Pasted below is some documentation relating to the supposed loan

Darren Perris

                                                                     Obviously Tanner got away with the money ....... beautiful work.

            There's much more to come on this shortly, including Darren Perris and his involvement in the washup.

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