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Mr TUA NIEHANA TOKI -  Professional liar and conman.

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                              BEWARE: THIS OUTFIT IS A COMPLETE SCAM
Wikifrauds has documented evidence and complaints from many victims of this company which has been taking large up-front advance fees for loans that never eventuate and fees that are never refunded, and investments and loans to his company that are taken for Toki's personal use.
Update Sep 27, 2013
Toki's clients from WA have now started providing information about this man's continuing frauds in that state. Over the next week or so we will be in a position to expose a lot of this information to our readership, but of course we will be withholding victim names unless authorised to provide them. And we have reason to believe that there are more victims in SA and Victoria. Seems Toki doesn't care about our publicity and that he's such an accomplished liar that he still manages to con people. He claims innocence to failed charges heard early in 2012. We remind readers that being found not guilty on a technicality is not the same as being found innocent! He's guilty allright, and will ultimately face courts again.

Action Key Trust Foundation, New Zealand.
This outfit and its Director and Chair, Marcel Wainohu, are complicit in facilitating the obtaining of of funds by Tua Toki from one of the WA victims. The so-called "guarantee" provided to the client by Wainohu is nothing but a document designed to rush the client into parting with the money, in this case many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Needless to say, that was the last this victim ever saw of the money again and despite numerous promises by Toki that a supposed development loan would ensue, it never happened. He simply grabbed the money just as he has done to all the other victims. See document, you will be amazed at the audacity of the claims made and the demand for money using the old "threat of missing out" method.
Update July 23, 2012
Wikifrauds has been assembling information from Toki's clients that date back over four years and which detail this conman's frauduent activities and thefts.

They include large loans made to Toki himself, Spearhead Services Group, The Hand of Friendship Association and other “corporate” entities controlled by Toki. Some loans and investments are in excess of $400,000, and not one single loan or investment has ever been returned despite agreed terms and demands by investors for their money. The Hand of Friendship Association was deregistered in 2010 with no notice to investors that it was to be wound up, and no contact made to investors by the trustee. (This indicates that the money invested or loaned to the Hand of Friendship Association was never banked, or was stolen from the association by Toki before it was wound up by court order.)

Instead, Toki just keeps promising that he will return their money as soon as his ‘latest new’ funding arrangements are in place. His promises range from secured funding by NRAS grants, credit arranged by the WA Government, funding from New Zealand government housing schemes, and massive funding from overseas NGO’s through the UN or the World Bank.

In order to seduce investors into paying these large, and in some cases, relatively small investments – Toki will take anything he can get, he has misled his victims into thinking they were profit sharers in property developments he in fact didn’t own but claimed they were his.

Victims, mostly from Brisbane and Gold Coast church communities, were nearly all convinced to invest by fellow church leaders who in some cases themselves became victims. Prominent among these is well known TV evangelist Pastor Reg Kliminiok of the Kliminiok Ministries. Pastor Reg was drawn into Toki's deceipt and his name, and indeed on one occasion his actual presence with Toki,  served to give some people the confidence to proceed with Toki. His sad involvement with Toki resulted in the good pastor himself lending many thousands of dollars to this predator, and Pastor Reg has virtualy given up the prosepct of ever seeing any of it returned.

We also have evidence that Toki spent time amongst church groups in Perth and Albany in WA, and we believe he has secured more ‘investor’ money in that state as well as in Adelaide. A lawyer also known to have assisted Toki with his various schemes is barrister Rob Corrie, Toki’s official legal advisor.

Despite a phone call from Corrie in October last year in which he told Wikifrauds that he was no longer acting for Toki, and that he would have nothing further to do with him, we have written evidence that he has continued to represent Toki this year, and at the same time has acted for some of Toki's victims. Clear and unambiguous conflicts of interest exist to this day.

Earlier published information:
Fake website pulled down
February 19, 2012:
(After speaking with this person, she welcomed us to paste this email. At our suggestion, we have initialised her name. If other victims wish to speak with her, we will happily provide contact details.

My name is SB. I have just read your wikifraud news on Tua Toki. I met the man years ago in a Christian based church in Springwood. To cut a long story short is that he also owes me money for counselling work through the department of child safety in Ipswich. In those years his business was called ‘Hands of Friendship’ a charity org. He had many christians employed on contract and never paid anybody!!!!.

I was the only person that tried to debt collect via Prushka Collections, but after 3 years of trying to find him, I gave up. But I still have all my paperwork and evidence.

This man is evil and needs to be placed behind bars. Somebody has to stop him.

Is there anything I can help with?? I want to see him in jail for what he has been doing to people since he came to Australia. If there is a campaign to get all victims to testify or something I would be more than happy to do so.
Looking very forward to your reply.
Kind regards  SB
Oct 23, 2011: Wikifrauds has been made aware that a person or persons unknown has cloned this webpage and circulated it to a number of Toki's victims and former associates. Wikifrauds IS NOT the author of this cloned hoax page or any of the contents contained therein. We deplore the depths of the defamatory comments made on this hoax webpage and wish to make it known that we are in no way associated with this damaging and nasty publication which has obviously been created to discredit us, and to disrupt the work we are doing behind the scenes on behalf of the victims. Further, Wikifrauds has not been aware of any of the information published about any of the individuals named on this hoax page. Our committment to our readers and to those connected to this matter is to be respectful of people's information and to keep in strict confidence any and all information provided to us. We will continue to observe this policy. Wikifrauds will also try to discover who is behind this vicious and disgraceful attack on the individuals concerned. Someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble to do this - so who stands to benefit most? Any assistance in helping us to identify the perpetrator will be most welcome.
NOTICE TO THE PERPETRATOR: If your prime objective is to bring Toki to justice and have people's money refunded, then your actions in naming alleged accomplices is totally counter productive. However, we do not believe that this is your motive, as one of those people you have so shamelessly named has phoned us this morning and advised that the ONLY person outside of his immediate family and close friends circle, who knows his information, is Tua Toki himself. Another give-away clue that you are indeed Toki is that the internet tab at the top of this fake webpage is titled "Spearhead Services Group Vindicated". Who other than Toki would title the page in this manner - a bit of a Freudian slip we think.
It therefore follows that you are in fact Toki, and your behaviour fits perfecty with your role as one of the worst scheming fraudsters we have exposed. The information you have put out about yourself is a smokescreen to disguise your identity. People have already heard you speak of these matters so it is not news. Be advised that everything that can be done to prove this will be done, and appropriate charges will be laid, and rest assured that civil proceedings for damages will follow. And we herewith put your lawyers, Michael Sing Lawyers Pty Ltd, on notice that they are to question you about this matter. We will be writing to them shortly. You can lie to the world Toki, but when you lie to your own lawyers you will be caught out. They are, first and foremost, officers of the Courts.
And you had better take some more chess lessons Toki - so far you are not very good at it.
Oct 23, 2011 8.30PM: A second slandered person has now emailed us a copy of his email to you Toki - that's two now who confirm that the information disclosed on the hoax webpage could only have come from you. And you have the nerve to call yourself a Christian! Shame on you Toki, and may God remember your sins against your fellow man.
Oct 26, 2011  This fake website has now been pulled down. However, investigations with the host, the domain provider and the domain registrar will shortly reveal who paid for this site. Action for damages will be taken by Wikifrauds and any aggrieved persons are welcome to join.
Introduction to a real fraudster, a true Anti-Christ, a self-styled man of God whose only worship is money- other people's money:
This is yet another Ponzi-style scheme very similar to those we have already exposed. This one involves potential borrowers, predominately builders and property developers, as well as "mum's and dads" with mortgage needs, handing over money for loans that never eventuate. Some victims have loaned Toki money on official loan contracts, in which Toki has contracted to pay 100% interest over twelve months, then at which time the principal would be repaid, which of course doesn't happen.

Wikifrauds has the details of many clients of Spearhead who have all paid up-front fees or made loans upwards of $300,000 and not one single loan from Toki has ever been settled despite settlement dates being advised to these clients, nor has one single loan to Toki has ever been repaid. Yet the man lives the style of the rich and famous with apartments on the Gold Coast, investment properties, private schools, BMW cars and the whole glitzy show.

He is a supreme predator. His pray are usually members of Christian Church communities - the most likely believers of an apparent Christian and man of God as Toki claims to be, and of course the most likely people to forgive him and not take action. These people are rapidly discovering that this so-called man of God is the Anti-Christ personified, the very devil himself. Stories of bankruptcy and devastation on a massive scale are emerging. Fellow churchmen have been used as agents and then financially abused themselves, and when confronted, Toki blames anyone in sight and shrugs his shoulders and attempts to turn the blame on the victims. Nothing is ever his fault, his continuous promises are never met, and the trail of destruction wrought by this man is endless.

Spearhead Services Group (ACN 142 915 704) was first registered on April 01, 2010 and operates from a 66th floor apartment at Q1 in Surfers Paradise Queensland. The CEO is a Mr Tua Toki. We are also advised that allegedly connected to Spearhead is lawyer Robert Corrie. His specific involvement level is known to us, and we are looking further into his actions. The ASIC registration details show the locality of the registered office as Michellton QLD. Mr Corrie's accounting office is also located at Michellton, QLD. Tua Toki is telling clients that Mr Corrie set up his "NGO" lending platform and gives clients the clear impression that Corrie is part of the deal, although we are also hearing now that Corrie's name is being used without his authority, and that Tua Toki is just using the name for window dressing, and to make his lies more believeable. However we understand the Mr Corrie was initially engaged to setup Toki's various companies and act as his accountant. During this time Mr Corrie drafted some non-disclosure agreements for Toki, however, since those early days his accounting practice has not seen any bank statements or accounts to audit whatsoever.

Information that has poured in to Wikifrauds include details of how Tua, a very believable character, holds group meetings in his Q1 apartment where he spruiks about his credentials and accomplishments and names projects he has supposed to have funded, but which he clearly has not. In some cases, he has only taken applications from these quoted settled deals, and then presented the same information to new potential clients as done deals - he is very big in the name-dropping business. And like our arch-enemy Ali Syed of WGA, Tua also bluffs people with his non-disclosure agreements.

Spearhead's lawyers, Michael Sing Lawyers Pty Ltd, issued a demand to Wikifrauds on behalf of Tua and Spearhead to remove all mention of Spearhead and Tua from our website, and to make a public apology, by close of business on August 23. We have no intention of doing either. Whilst Mr Sing obviously knows his law, he perhaps does not know his client. The legal doctrine that there is no defamation in truth is a valid defense to Tua's threatened defamation action. Spearhead clients who have been dudded by Tua should email Mr Sing's office msing@mslawyers.com.au or sgillies@mslawyers.com.au with details of their complaints against Tua. Indeed, Mr Sing should ensure that his fees are paid "up-front" by Tua, and if not, then his accountants should immediately journal Tua's fees into their Provision for Doubtful Debts account.
Wikifrauds will call many Spearhead clients as witnesses should we be forced to defend ourselves against this liar and scammer.
October 18, 2011: Wikifrauds has been advised that Tua Toki has left the country for Georgia, USA. He has told people that he is going there to raise funds from which he intends to repay his debts. The same source also advised that it is believed that Toki has filed for personal bankruptcy, but as of late yesterday neither the Federal Court nor the Federal Magistrates Court appear to have any such application listed. If readers can confirm or refute this information, please contact us.
Oct 24, 2011: Information provided by a reliable souce confirms that Toki has just been evicted from two of his current leases. Firstly, he has had to vacate his current residential rented house at 9 Gumdale Street, Wakerley, and secondly, the owners of his apartments at Q1 on the Gold Coast have had to change the locks to keep Toki out, as he is delinquent in the rental of both units and has not responded to requests to vacate. We understand that Toki was previously evicted from a rental accomodation in the Brisbane suburb of Mckenzie.
Tua Toki has been bragging about his 'gang' connections to many people. Whether this is a mild form of intimidation or just empty big-noting, nobody can say. But statements made by Toki include claims that his father was head of the Mongrel Mob, a 'bikie' gang in NZ, (citation) and a second claim made is that his wife Joanne's brother is some heavyweight former NZ Army Special Forces member, and that he "looks after her". All these claims have been made to numerous people under all sorts of circumstances, and are clearly to be seen as 'warnings' by Toki not to stir up trouble for him. We have actually been infiormed that his wife turned up at one victims with what wre described as "muscle", to big threatening heavies. We have also had other complaints of threats made to other people.
Spearhead clients and victims of Tua Toki are advised that a meeting is to be held in Brisbane next Tuesday October 11. The meeting will be restricted to those persons who have lost money to Spearhead and Tua and who are yet to be repaid or have otherwise had loans and other arrangment stalled. The objective of this meeting is to agree on a strategy for restitution and justice. Our Wikifrauds lawyer will be attending to offer assistance and advice and to provide strategy options. If you are such a person please contact us to obtain venue and timetable details. If you know of any victims who are not already in contact with us, please urge them to also attend. Contact us for details.
Nov 19: Update on Shabus. A "client" who provided us with some of the information relating to fees paid to Shabus has been threatened by Glyn Wright, Shabus Authorised Australian Agent with defamation, simply for requesting his fees be returned. Mr Wright has no compassion and no morals whatsoever in illegally retaining fees paid by this client. The fees were paid for "Surety bond and Payment guarantee Products" fees for a project devised by Tua Toki. When the project failed to materialise there was no application then existing, and no due diligence was undertaken by Shabus, nor were any "bonds" required.. But Glyn Wright, financial marauder that he is, refused to refund the fees, and in a very recent telephone discussion with the client, plainly threatened the distressed client with an action for defamation and alleged that he, Wright, was in possession of defamatory documents issued by the client.
The plain facts are that Shabus and Glyn Wright are sharks, who having grabbed some fees by pressuring the client in the first instance, now refuse to refund them when clearly there is no project to finance. This behaviour is absolutely reprehensible and fraudulent. Anyone considering using Shabus themselves, or Glyn Wright as a broker, ought to consider this very carefully. It is our recommendation to steer well clear of Shabus and Glyn Wright, or be prepared to count your fingers afterwards.

SEP 30, 2011: In the last two days, the information pouring in from victims and former Tua connections has been jamming up our email system. As we get through this mass of data, more questions arise, and we will deal with them all in due course. Today we received information that has suggested that Glyn Wright, Shabus Securities Australasian agent, had a working relationship with Tua Toki and Spearhead, and has collected some 'mandate' fees for alleged funding applications made by Spearhead. These funding deals never closed, and clients are still waiting on mandate fees to be returned. However, a burning question is contained on the Shabus website under their Accredited Agents page which clearly states: "Shabus Accredited Agents may not raise or charge any manner of fees in any form whatsoever to any client of Shabus Securities Corporation, Shabus Group of Companies or any of its corporate members."

Whether Shabus Securities, Glyn Wright himself, or Tua Toki is responsible for the refunds is yet to be determined. If Shabus has been 'used' by Toki and Spearhead, and are totally in the clear, we will happily publish this information also. We are digging into this further with other informants and victims, and will post the results as soon as they become clearer. The truth will ultimately surface.
The following is an extract from a Mandate Agreement issued by Shabus Securities Corporation to one of Toki's clients. Firstly, when we see documents that relate to exotic places like The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, and other well known hiding places for dodgy companies, we tend to dig a little further. This one, according to this document, is headquartered in Belize on the Caribbean coast, the home of numerous fraud companies. And we were also alerted by the stated correspondence address being in Switzerland. Why? We checked with the company registry in Belize and poured over the list of registered financial services companies operating in Belize. Surprise surprise - Shabus IS NOT LISTED as a registered corporation in that country. And on checking the website for the Swiss outfit, Sigma Management Services, it appears that this is some sort of proxy operation - a glorified mailbox. Further, their enquiry form is from a different entity called "Shabus Limited" as shown underneath this Broker Mandate. Shabus limited is not a registered company in Australia, and it does not hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence, so if it does exist, it is operating in this country without a licence to do so. It appears to be registered in the UK and on checking this we found a company registered as "Shabus Project Management Limited" with the same company number as shown on the Shabus Limited document.  So why do these documents conflict with each other? Why the different names on the documents? Something doesn't smell right here. And we have been informed that the London office is a one-man-band!


SEP 28, 2011: Tua Toki seems to have moved into panic mode today. Information coming back to Wikifrauds during the day suggests that he read this webpage this morning, and immediately jumped on the phone to anyone who might be still on his side. His friends are dwindling and the number of informants is growing. We were ealier advised by Tua's lawyer, that Tua was going to seek an injunction against us for publishing what he says are lies and false allegations.We recieved notice from a Mr Singh to desist or face an action for defamation (see above). We have heard nothing further since then, but  we really hope he does take this action, as it would be a welcome opportunity to get him in front of a court to prove that Wikifrauds has defamed him. And to do this, he will need to brief a lawyer. If he does that, then we suggest that when a lawyer reads this page as part of reviewing the alleged evidence against us, the lawyer immediately requests payment for his services in advance. Otherwise he will become yet another victim of Tua. As an example, Tua has been known to plead to be so short of immediate cash that he has had at least one client go to an ATM to get some small amount of money transferred to him so he could pay his rent! Meanwhile of course, Tua's children go to the best of private schools (we know where, but in their interests we will not publish this information). Pity for them that their dad is certainly going to be locked up in the near future. Maybe mum too, unless she seeks independent legal advice on the grounds that, "he made me do it". What Tua doesn't realise is that we know a lot more about him and his activities than we have exposed here so far. And he hasn't woken up yet that his 'congregation' has collectively turned on him as the extent of his fraudulent behaviour finally sinks in to them, and they contact us for advice and assistance. Stupid man has not learnt a thing from history.
                                                          "You can fool all of the people some of the time.
                                                           You can fool some of the people all of the time.
                                                           But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
                                                                                             . . .Abraham Lincoln.

And time is something Tua will soon have a lot of. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Acting under instructions from a client of Tua Toki's, Wikifrauds has investigated further facts which reveal how Toki and his wife Joanne Melinda Bamford have manipulated the shareholdings in Spearhead Services Pty Ltd and the company's second incantation, Spearhead Services Group Pty Ltd.

Tua, despite documented evidence and behaviour which lead people to believe he IS Spearhead, the facts are that he is not a director of either Spearhead company. THE ONLY current director is his wife Joanne Melinda Bamford, and she is the sole director and secretary of both companies.

Tua was a director of Spearhead Services Pty Ltd for various small passages of time, and obviously when it suited him, he resigned and appointed others, then re-apointed himself and resigned again. Here are the dates when he was a director, and the dates when others (puppets) stood in:

    1.  July 27, 2007 to August 15, 2007:       A total of 19 days, during which exact time his fellow director was Pravinesh Pratap Singh.
    2.  August 4, 2007 to Sep 21, 2009:          Maxwell Robert Murray was the sole director.
    3.  Sep 21, 2009 to March 30, 2010:        Tua Niehana Toki was sole director.
    4.  March 30, 2010 to current:                  Sole director Joanne Melinda Bamford

Murray appears at this stage to have become Tua's fall guy, and has also suffered badly under Tua's directions. His family home is under mortgagee siege by Perpetual Limited in an action for possession lodged in the Queensland Supreme Court on July 7. See:

Joanne Melinda Bamford is and has always been the sole director of Spearhead Services Group Pty Ltd. The paid up capital of this company is $1 - one dollar. The paid up capital of Spearhead Services Pty Ltd is $2 - two dollars. She is also the director of Spearhead Care Services Pty Ltd,  and Spearhead Financial Group Ltd.

Tua's strategy is to work his way into various Christian Church groups, find out who has money to invest, and talk them into investing in various schemes or to provide loans to him for often very large amounts of money, in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that's the last they ever see of that money.

We have the names of at least twenty people who have fallen victim to this smooth-talking liar and conman, and we are assembling documentary evidence for further action. People interested in joining a class action against Tua should contact us and we will direct the information to our lawyers who are coordinating the group.

And this message is for Tua personally: As you have sought fit to hide behind your wife's name so that you can hopefully avoid legal problems that you know will come, the bad news is that in the first instance, our lawyers will go after your wife, Joanne Toki, for restitution. But you will not escape Tua, we have now sufficient information of your systematic plundering to have you charged with many counts of fraud, for which you will serve time. If she is very lucky, she might not be charged herself. You might reflect at what this will do to your family Tua, and make very quick arrangements to repay your debts before it is too late for you and your family. You may contact us yourself if you wish to discuss how you might repent and repay, and to whom. We already have an authority to act on behalf of several clients. And save the money Tua, don't waste it on your lawyers. Cut through the BS and contact us yourself. The game's up now and we might be your only and last chance to save yourself.
Tua pressures client to demand Wikifrauds removes information provided:
September 01, 2011; Update.
The client we had previously detailed below has now requested, in fact demanded, we remove his details from the website, so we will now refer to him a "Mr A". In a series of emails to Wikifrauds last night, "Mr A" quite passionately requested the removal of his first email below, stating that he had come to an arrangement with Tua  to have his fees refunded:

"Dear , i have come to an arrangement with Tua Toki from Spearhead and unreservedly ask you to withdraw asap the comments and testimony I forwarded to you to put on the website.It is important that my sayings are retracted as soon as practical as there are aspects of what I said that were not complicit in the strict sense of truth and in the spirit of an agreement to be repaid it is imperative those comments are removed. Thanks"

Wikifrauds response was that we were placed in an ethical dilemma in balancing "Mr A's" interests and those of the wider group of victims. It is plainly obvious that Tua Loki has promised certain things if the client withdraws the information provided to us. We also pointed out that according to other informants, Tua no longer had any money to refund. The client then replied thus:

"Dear  - it is not true that Tua does not have money as some of the monies have already be repaid in part  settlement . Thanks "Mr A""

We then asked the pointy question of why Tua had only repaid some of the client's money. This was the next response:
"I am telling you that I unequivocably want it removed or I will join with a court injunction to do the same - There are parts of that statement that are not true and I am in breach of my agreement with Tua. Please  I am matter factly saying to you that you no longer have my permission to use my statement or post it . Thanks "A" ( If it is not removed by Monday ) I will be co joining you personally together with wikifrauds.net for damages - quite simply it has to be removed asap. Thanking you in anticipation ."

Wikifrauds is a serious site dedicated to exposing fraud and assisting victims wherever possible to recover fees lost, and to push for justice to be administered to the culprits. Whilst we understand Mr A's position, we will not ourselves buckle under any pressure applied to us by any criminal, regardless of the way such pressure is applied. We have removed the client's name and contact details, but retain all the correspondence, and we are prepared to supply this information to bona fide victims and relevant authorities. Finally, we note that when it suited Mr A to use Wikifrauds as a tool for recovery of his $70,000, he has now recanted his allegations in the face of a chance to get his money back, some of which he claims he has now received. We point out to Mr A that he would have received nothing at all had it not been for us exposing his situation in this public forum which he requested we do. This website is not going to be 'used' by people who say one thing, get a result, then wish to withdraw. The ongoing integrity of the site is a matter of great importance to our wider readership.

We encourage all other victims to immediately contact Tua and demand that they get the same treatment as Mr A and have their money refunded also.

 The original email of Aug 25 below has now been "sanitised":
One of Tua's victims who contacted Wikifrauds has given us permission to expose his details. This client, "Mr DB", paid $60,000 in fees to Spearhead, and cannot obtain a refund on a loan that should have been settled in June. It has cost "Mr DB" a further $10,000 in losses and interest paid on the $60,000. We congratulate "Mr DB" on his willingness to step forward. Pasted below is the first email from "Mr DB" to Wikifrauds:
Dear sir,
Just to inform you my name is D B and I am a victim of the lies and fraud involved in paying a sum of $60k which was to be paid for an insurance bond to Spearhead– to be refunded if the loan did not eventuate . That loan has not eventuated and after many delays and broken promises it is apparent that Tua has no intention of repaying the money . Can we also go to a current affair to ensure he is closed down asap.?
My address is xxx/xxxx Ave, XXXXXX, Qld
Ph (removed)
email is (Removed)
We have spoken with "Mr DB"who has also provided us with some text messages to and from Tua, and will be supplying us with further documentary evidence of this fraud. Disgruntled Spearhead clients are looking to lodge formal allegations of fraud with the Queensland police shortly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sep 22, 2011: We have received even more information from a number of disgruntled clients detailing Tua Toki's activities, and some have provided original  agreements signed by Toki under the first incantation of his company, Spearhead Services, as distinct from Spearhead Services Group. Amongst other documents Wikifrauds has been provided with proof of payments made to Toki under agreements that clearly state that these monies are fully refundable should the matters covered by the agreements not proceed. In each case we have inspected, matters did not proceed, and in each case, requests for the refunds have been ignored by Toki. Our early estimates are that Toki has probably taken well over a million dollars from trusting clients who are only just now realising that they have been taken for a ride. Tragically, the impact of this fraudster and liar is that some folk are now in real danger of losing their homes and businesses.

Narelle Norman: Just like Eva Braun, faithfull to the end. (Inserted May 11, 2012)
Narelle Norman's name will be more than familiar to all of Toki's victims. Her title at Spearhead is "Executive Assistant". Apart from Toki's wife Jo Bamford, she has been the one constant in the Spearhead Group while numerous others in varying capacities have come and gone - usually unpaid and often having lent money to Toki themselves. She has worked for years with Toki, and we have seen many emails from her, in her name, to victims who have had just cause to demand their money be returned. She handles all of Toki's correspondence and incoming phone calls. There is simply no way that Narelle Norman does not know what has been going on, and nothing she says or does now will exculpate her from her role in assisting Toki and Bamford with their frauds. She should have left Toki a long time ago but has chosen to remain. This choice will ultimately cost her dearly - she may also become the recipient of a government sponsored holiday! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                         There is strong evidence that Spearhead is also colaborating with EFSL

Empowered Financial Services Limited (ACN 137 742 442 ) is an unlisted public company, limited by shares, and first registered on June 17, 2009.
We also have grounds to believe that one Mr Charles Fowler may also be heavily involved.

Concerned readers or clients who have not already discussed these two companies with us are urged to do so in complete confidence. Contact us.

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