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The on-line accomodation hotel booking website "Trivago" is a rip-off of both consumers and hotel owners alike. If you think by booking your stay with them that you are getting the best deal, think again. Australia's consumer watchdog, the ACCC, have taken Trivago to court for misleading advertising and other matters. What happens behind the scenes is not much short of the stand-over tactics of Al Capone minus the violence. Trivago intimidates hotel owners into paying them massive booking commissions in order to secure a booking, and those fees are built into your room costs.

Solution: By all means use the Trivago website for your search, but do not rely on what you think are the facts shown. Locate a hotel you fancy, and contact them direct for the best deal. Whatever you do, don't book with Trivago.

Another couple to avoid is "Booking,com", and "Expedia Hotels.com' -  for the same reasons.

Read the ACCC" judgement news.

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