Splash Pty Ltd., Hervey Bay, QLD

There's a fair bit of "scuttle-butt" surrounding some lawyer's conflicts of interest in this meltdown. We have anecdotal evidence that a solicitor acting for an investor induced an investment of some $380k in Splash whilst all along knowing that Splash was most likely insolvent at that time. Further, we are also given to understand that the said solicitor's wife was working for Splash at the time, and that indeed the solicitor himself was also acting for Splash. Seems a conflict of interest might well exist here. We are presently waiting on legal advice before publishing the lawyer's name.

Interested parties should check this out for an account of the proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia, winding up Splash : Link   . . .
. . . or simply google "640 the esplanade pty ltd vs splash bay pty ltd" as there's plenty to read in the search engine results.

Meantime, here's the latest in the liquidation proceedings.



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