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"Should have gone to Specsavers" - Not!

We are not in any way accusing Specsavers of fraud or any other criminal activity. We are however suggesting that this glitzy high-profile retail company with a massive advertising budget, needs to be better and more ethical than a used car yard.
In NSW, when drivers attain the age of 75, they are required to pass an annual fitness to drive test. This includes eyesight testing, the results of which are then transmitted on-line to the NSW Government, which may then impose conditions upon the drivers licence.
So, in June 2023, our complainant attended Specsavers at Penrith for the required eyesight tests and was diagnosed with macular degeneration and cataracts. Two days and nearly $500 later, our complainant walked out of Specsavers with an expensive pair of multi-focal glasses which he had been told by the staff at Specsavers were required to enable him to be assessed as fit to drive.
Fast forward to June 2024. Our complainant, an old aged pensioner, who had since relocated to Mudgee NSW, was required to undergo his second annual assessment. He had received several SMS messages from Specsavers Penrith to attend their office for re-testing. However, Specsavers do not have an outlet in Mudgee, some three hours away, so our man went to a local non-franchised independent eyecare specialist. At that specialists clinic, he underwent more expansive tests and eye scans than he had experienced a year earlier at Specsavers. Yes, he had macular degeneration and mild cataracts, however, he passed the assessment and was advised that he DID NOT NEED GLASSES to drive. So his $500 pair of multi-focal glasses which he was talked into purchasing from Specsavers were of no benefit whatsoever and a waste of money/

It is our opinion that the slick staff at Specsavers Penrith acted in a similar manner to those famous car dealers who push add-on products to the car purchase. He did not need the expensive glasses, or any glasses for that matter, in order to retain his driver licence. He was 'gouged' into parting with a lot of money for nothing.

If you need to see an eye specialist for any reason, by all means go to Specsavers but obtain a second assessment from an independent practice before parting with your money!


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