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Serene Industries Ltd. (SIL)   Christopher James Woodward, and Jeff Ong (Wong)


THESE TWO FRAUDSTERS and a shonky heater business
Demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in advance
Promising 10 Year product warranties
Rubbish, high failure, non-compliant products
Zero warranty support – because they claim the business has never existed!
They blame their product failures on an infiltration by cyber criminals from eastern Europe.

                                                          Christopher Woodward, CEO and fraudster            Jeff Ong, equally culpable co-conspirator

Latest update, February 2024;

SERENE IS NOW FINISHED, CLOSED – Finally the music stopped for Woodward and Ong, their fraudulent narrative has finally ran out.

THE NEW ZEALAND SAFETY REGULATOR has issued the first prohibition order for Serene fan heaters. More prohibitions for other Serene heater models are very likely to follow.

In late December 2023 Woodward published a message still on the Serene website confirming that Serene Industries has closed.
This follows Woodward’s grand announcement to the market only 6 weeks prior that he has sold Serene to a large New Zealand electrical manufacturer.

From February 2024 the New Zealand Safety Regulator (Worksafe New Zealand) is swinging a wrecking ball through Serene Industries.

WorksafeNZ have issued a prohibition order for the S2069 fan heater, and the S2068 and S207T model have also been flagged. These are exactly the same heaters as the models flagged in the first safety reports to the Regulator filed in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Note that this order is a prohibition, not just a recall notice. A prohibition prevents these heaters ever being made/sold again.

Finally, inevitably, ironically….but unsurprisingly;
  The tide has turned and the pendulum has swung hard the other way. All of the safety concerns that were raised via independent technical reports filed with the Safety Regulator as far back as 2017, 7 years ago, have been uncovered and reconciled to the current long list of ongoing Serene safety incidents recorded in New Zealand.

  After 7 years all of Woodward and Ong’s lies, deceit and fraudulent explanations to the market is at an end. The industry can now be cleaned up of their dangerous, illegal, unsupported rubbish, whilst the Serene brand is consigned to the scrap heap.

  Ironically per Woodward’s fraudulent remarks, denials and threats of corruption including being shut down per below - the only ones that ended up being shut down by the Government….is Woodward and Ong.


1. Worksafe prohibition order  https://www.worksafe.govt.nz/about-us/news-and-media/unsafe-serene-classic-s2068-wall-mounted-bathroom-heaters-prohibited/

2. The same notice gazetted in NZ Govt archives. https://gazette.govt.nz/notice/id/2024-au527

Statement from Woodwards largest investor and known victim.

Christopher Woodward (depicted) is the principal behind this web of lies and deception as investigated by Wikifrauds, et el.

The deceit by this one individual is disgraceful and knows absolutely no bounds, even in the face of obvious cause and liability, where he is only ever concerned for himself. The fullness of this investigation reveals that Woodward’s involvement in this industry as far back as the 1980s is largely just a trail of wreckage that has cost everyone that he encounters bitterly, from sole traders, to SMEs, to multinational corporations.

With Serene, Woodward convinces licensee investors that his business is a successful tier one global operator in the electrical heating appliance industry. In reality, he only costs customers their money with shonky/dangerous products, as well as good business operators their investment and reputations, whilst he destroys both the careers and health of experienced managers.

He dismisses all product failures as well as rejecting the warranty claims that inevitably follow.
He deliberately manipulates and/or ignores electrical safety regulations and the regulators.
He blames everyone else for the massive product quality and safety shortcomings in his products, as well the numerous safety and fire incidents recorded.
He even dismisses these Wikifrauds images as not him, even though they were lifted straight from the Serene Industries website.

Woodward simply does not belong in the appliance industry, and because of his propensity for fraud he should be banned from running any business.  Commercially, society will be a better place when Woodward is no longer in it and considering the number of people that he has ruined over the years, there are many that are astounded he is not locked up.

In New Zealand it is primarily the safety regulator that allows Serene to continue to fully operate there, where Woodward has for years knowingly promoted electrically unsafe and technically non-compliant products.

It is my hope that through a change of senior management within the New Zealand regulator, that we see these dangerous Serene products finally taken off shelves and Woodward shut down in New Zealand, just as he was reported on and shut down in Australia years ago.

Denying warranty claims by communicating using a deceased persons email.
Claiming these Serene website images are not them.
Claiming this story is published only because a $1 Million demand was not paid.

LATEST, August 2022: 
Woodward is sabre rattling again. He is now telling people 
"Wikifrauds are about to be prosecuted for corruption and closed down by the new AU government we understand"What utter rubbish !!
Attack being the supposed best form of defense, and since he and his company are in an indefensible position, he has again resorted to telling outright lies. And this statement by Woodward shows his ignorance of the political and executive form of government in Australia.

Well Mr Woodward, if you are reading these comments, please go ahead and take legal action against us.
But remember, there's no defamation in truth - you will not win!

In 2020 WIKIFRAUDS commenced investigating the Australian operations of Serene Industries Ltd, as a result of numerous customer complaints received relating to Serene product warranty claims being declined.

WIKIFRAUDS investigations are compiled from numerous conversations with people who have been associated with Woodward as well as sighting the multitude of email communications sent and received by both Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) concerning their Australian business since as early as 2015. There is enough material to fill a room.

THE FRAUD, LIES & DECEIT orchestrated by Woodward / Wong

– this is their deceit / shonky business in numbers;

Dozens of individual fraudulent customer warranty claim denials across Australia – the most prolific responses from Serene are enclosed.

1x Inadvertent offer of full customer support – that clearly demonstrates that these two men know they have obligations to customers.

5x Attempts to communicate with customers through either a deceased sales managers email, or Serene personnel names/emails that don’t even exist.

30 plus official denials by Woodward since 2020 that Serene never even existed when the products were sold in Australia – when actually the business had been fully operating there since 2014.

AUD $250,000 - The losses across hundreds of customers and resellers in Australia that have been left stranded and out of pocket with poor quality and failed Serene product, all with zero support.

AUD $1.6 Million – The losses that have been forced onto one individual who was the principal Serene Australia licensee and importer who was invited by and signed up by Woodward in 2015. These losses are as a direct result of Woodward’s shonky Serene products with zero warranty / product support
from Serene Industries Ltd.

1x Global insurer who deemed Woodward and his total Serene business and products to be completely uninsurable.

6x Senior managers in Australia and New Zealand that have walked out on Woodward since 2017.

50+  False claims and statements made internally to managers by Woodward, about the quality and safety certification status of Serene products.

3x  Woodward claiming that any Serene Australia business was actually just a rouge internet trader purporting to be an official Serene reseller.

8x Woodward has been formally cautioned by his Australian / New Zealand managers since 2017 - take some responsibility or this will blow up publicly.

6x Separate attempts at the business Serene Australia between 2012 – 2022. All have universally ended in disaster because of shonky products and zero support.

6x Formal investigations triggered into Serene / Woodward in Australia and New Zealand;
- the Safety Regulator(s)  -  ACCC  -  CHOICE Consumer  -  NSW Small Claims  -  Wikifrauds.


To anyone who is considering participating in any business, investment or financial exposure with Christopher J. Woodward and Serene Industries Ltd, including any other business that he is connected.

Simple recommendation is DON’T !

Serene Australia are actually just one occurrence in an otherwise long line of people and businesses that Woodward has forced over the years into incurring massive, terminal category financial and reputational losses.

Since the 1980s there are few, if any, known examples of a Woodward partnership or alliance that has not met a bitter and costly end.

Next to death and taxes, Woodward is one of the few certainties in life – you will get burnt - his antics will most certainly cost your money, your reputation, and a good chance your health…..and that is when you get off lightly.

History has now recorded a long line of instances of Woodward’s antics completely ruining people’s businesses and lives.

The only certainly with Christopher J. Woodward, is that he excels at being a master of manipulation and deceit, while being a man of less than zero integrity.


Multiple Australian customer warranty claims have been declined by the owner and manufacturer Serene Industries Ltd.
– all for the same reason, because the Serene business never even existed prior to 2021.

These relate to Serene branded heater products sold in Australia since 2014.

Serene Industries Ltd is headquartered in New Zealand, and it is owned and run by a Christopher James Woodward who is based in Hong Kong.

Since early 2020 Christopher Woodward and his Commercial Manager Jeff Ong (Wong) pictured, have been advising all customers with warranty claims in Australia:

1. That all Australian customer warranty claims are declined, there is no support whatsoever.
2. This is because Serene Industries Ltd has never had a business or products in Australia.
3. Further, no Serene product has ever been designed for, intended for, made compliant for, or market released in Australia.
4. Any Serene product that is in Australia can only be a dangerous and illegal counterfeit product that has been sourced illicitly from the ‘murky grey or dark web’ and sold by online ‘an internet scammer’.  
5. Serene Industries Ltd is however willing to honour warrant claims by selling the customer a replacement.

In July 2020 Serene Industries Ltd / Christopher Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) has since changed this narrative:
6. Serene Industries has launched its business and products in Australia from just 4 weeks ago (June 2020).
7. These products are designed and fully certified compliant for Australia with full warranty support available.

Updated: In August 2022: Christopher Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) are upping the ante as the warranty claims increase:
8. Serene Industries has only been in operation in Australia since mid-2021 (not 2020 as previous advised) and confirm:
> That all warranty claim communications are now going unread.
> That they are now blocking all incoming warranty claim emails concerning the original Serene Australia.
> That their diligent efforts resulted in this illegal internet trader has been shut down by the Government.
> That WIKIFRAUDS will also be prosecuted and shut down by the new Australian Government (see above).

(This date shift captures the swath of failed product that has been sold by a subsequent agent in the 2 years since this story was first published – this agent also now realising that they actually have no product or warranty support.)


WIKIFRAUDS enquiries lead us to Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd, a company that Woodward co-owned and had invited and signed up as the exclusive Australian representative for Serene Industries Ltd in 2015.

WIKIFRAUDS has substantiated the following facts about Serene’s history in Australia:

1. Since at least 2014 - Serene Industries Ltd / Christopher James Woodward has actually had his Serene business and full product range operating in Australia, through various agents and licensees.
2. Serene Heating Australia P/L was the longest and most pronounced, that operated from October 2015 to September 2017 that was swiftly shut down.
3. From 2015 - Christopher James Woodward is recorded by ASIC as a shareholder of Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd. 
4. Since at least 2014 - all Serene products have been designed for, intended for, certified compliant for, and released in Australia.
5. Since at least 2015 - all Serene product safety compliance certifications for Australia have been published on Serene Industries website www.serene-ind.com

6. These safety certifications are actually all issued by Australian providers, in Australia, for Australia.
7. Since at least 2014 - Serene Industries Australian office details have been printed on every product carton that Serene has ever made, as well as on the Serene website.

8. Since at least 2014 - all Serene sales brochures have the Australian office contact details included, as are still published on the Serene website.
9. Serene Industries Ltd has been investigated by the Safety Regulator with multiple heater fires recorded in Australia and New Zealand.
10. Investigations into Serene also include Choice Consumer Advocacy, ACCC, NSW Small Claims, and Legal forums.

11. In September 2022 the new Tasmanian master agent as published on the Serene website contacted the Director of the original Serene Heating Australia P/L confirming;
> A request for any old original Serene heater stock?
> They purchased a container of Serene heaters and there are numerous product failures, some are failing straight out of the carton.
> They cannot get support out of Serene Industries Ltd
> They tried calling the Australian office phone number as published by Serene Industries Ltd since 2020 – turns out this is an unattended number!
> They certainly WILL NOT be purchasing any more product from Serene Industries Ltd.
> They have advised their customers that they can no longer support their Serene product sold.

WHO ARE SERENE INDUSTRIES LTD and Christopher James Woodward?

WIKIFRAUDS has substantiated the following via public and company records:

1. New Zealand Companies Office records confirm:
(a) Serene Industries Ltd is registered in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ Company office 4176478) and they also have an office in Hong Kong.
(b) Christopher James Woodward resides in Hong Kong, however further documents lodged have him residing at an address in Auckland, New Zealand.
(c) Serene Industries Ltd in New Zealand appears to be registered to a parent company Serene Ltd in Hong Kong.

2. Australian ASIC Company records confirm:
(a) Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd was registered in June 2015, 4 months prior to the business commencing in Australia. (ABN 11 605 789 197)
(b) The same Christopher James Woodward of Hong Kong is registered as a shareholder since October 2015.

3. Serene Industries publish on their website www.serene-ind.com
(a) Their Australian office email and phone number
(b) They have a single Australian distributor in Tasmania as well as online sales.
(c) They also have a UK and European offices
(d) All Serene sales brochures going back as far as 2014 include the Australian office contacts

4. The Serene Australian and New Zealand office details are printed on all of the Serene product cartons as far back as 2014.

5. These Serene Australia domains were registered by Serene Heating Australia P/L and all point to Serene Industries website since 2015.




1. A swift reality check for Christopher Woodward (hyperlink)

2. A photo summary of Woodward’s Serene business and products in Australia, that he keeps telling everyone never existed and was just an infiltration by cyber criminals. (hyperlink)

3. General feedback from other industry operators experience(s) dealing with Christopher Woodward since the 1980s (hyperlink)

4. Read about each customer warranty claim and Serene / Woodward fraudulent report (hyperlink)


WIKIFRAUDS investigations and report is compiled from numerous conversations with people who have been associated with Woodward.

WIKIFRAUDS has also sighted the multitude of communications sent and received by both Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) concerning their Australian business since as early as 2015. This includes the various Serene Australia trade agreements. There is enough material to fil a room.

Prior to WIKIFRAUDS investigations commencing and being made known to Woodward/Serene Industries in 2020, as well as the numerous other agency or advocacy investigations since in 2018 - Woodward / Serene Industries Ltd has been provided with numerous opportunities as far back as mid-2016 to explain and make amends with all issues arising.

Whilst Woodward has, without exception, acknowledged receipt of every single communication put to him since 2016, to date he has provided not a single explanation to anyone as to why he and Serene Industries Ltd behaves and operates the way they do around their failed products and declined warranty claims.

Since 2017, the only response(s) to date from Woodward/Serene Industries Ltd;

1. Without exception, Woodward has acknowledged / replied to every single concern put to him with either;
“your nonsense is noted” - “do your worst” – “regards to all” – “you will be prosecuted”
2. To emphatically deny publicly that Serene has ever had a business in Australia in any capacity whatsoever prior to mid-2020 (he now says 2021).
3. That any Serene products sold in Australia prior to June 2021 can only be dangerous and illegal counterfeits sold by a rouge internet trader illegally purporting to be an authorised Serene reseller.
4. That Serene Industries have since orchestrated that this illegal trader has been shut down by the Government.
5. To confirm that Serene is commencing immediate legal action from August 2020, for defamation and damages as a result of these various products sold / warranty claims and investigations arising.
6. Serene Industries Ltd is now blocking all email communications from any warranty claimants in Australia.
7. That 
“WIKIFRAUDS is also going to be shut down for corruption by the new Australian Government.”

However, to date the reality is this:

8. No legal proceedings
have been commenced by Serene Industries Ltd whatsoever.
9. The authorised Serene reseller has not once heard from any authority whatsoever concerning illegal trading or passing off Serene Industries products.
10. WIKIFRAUDS frequently receives threats of this nature from those accused, Woodward’s comments are just business as usual.
Unsurprisingly, in 11 years Wikifrauds has never heard from any authority either.                                                                                          
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