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Serene Industries Ltd. (SIL)   Christopher James Woodward, and Jeff Ong (Wong)

THESE TWO FRAUDSTERS and a shonky heater business
Demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in advance
Promising 10 Year product warranties
Rubbish, high failure, non-compliant products
Zero warranty support – because they claim the business never existed!

Christopher Woodward, CEO and fraudster                Jeff Ong, equally culpable co-conspirator     

LATEST, August 2022:
Woodward is sabre rattling again. He is now telling people "
Wikifrauds are about to be prosecuted for corruption and closed down by the new AU government we understand"
Attack being the supposed best form of defense, and since he and his company are in an indefensible position, he has again resorted to telling outright lies. And this statement by Woodward shows his ignorance of the political and executive form of government in Australia.

Well Mr Woodward, if you are reading these comments, please go ahead and take legal action against us.
But remember, there's no defamation in truth - you will not win!

In 2020 WIKIFRAUDS commenced investigating the Australian operations of Serene Industries Ltd, as a result of numerous customer complaints received relating to Serene product warranty claims being declined.

WIKIFRAUDS investigations are compiled from numerous conversations with people who have been associated with Woodward as well as sighting the multitude of email communications sent and received by both Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) concerning their Australian business since as early as 2015. There is enough material to fill a room.

THE FRAUD, LIES & DECEIT orchestrated by Woodward / Wong

– this is their deceit / shonky business in numbers;

12x Individual fraudulent customer warranty claim denials across Australia – details enclosed.

1x Inadvertent offer of full customer support – that clearly demonstrates that these two men know they have obligations to customers.

12x Official denials by Woodward since 2020 that Serene never even existed when the products were sold in Australia – when actually the business has been fully operating there since 2014.

AUD $250,000 - The losses across hundreds of customers and resellers in Australia that have been left stranded and out of pocket with poor quality and failed Serene product, all with zero support.

AUD $1.6 Million – The losses that have been forced onto one individual who was the principal Serene Australia licensee and importer who was invited by and signed up by Woodward in 2015. These losses are as a direct result of Woodward’s shonky Serene products with zero warranty / product support.

1x Global insurer who deemed Woodward and his total Serene business and products to be completely uninsurable.

6x Senior managers in Australia and New Zealand that have walked out on Woodward since 2017.

50+  False claims and statements made internally to managers by Woodward, about the quality and safety certification status of Serene products.

2x  Legal threats from Woodward claiming that any Serene Australia business was actually just a rouge internet trader purporting to be an official Serene reseller.

8x Woodward has been formally cautioned by his Australian / New Zealand managers since 2017 - take some responsibility or this will blow up publicly.

6x Separate attempts at the business Serene Australia between 2012 – 2022. All have universally ended in disaster because of shonky products and zero support.

6x Formal investigations triggered into Serene / Woodward in Australia and New Zealand;
- the Safety Regulator(s)  -  ACCC  -  CHOICE Consumer  -  NSW Small Claims  -  Wikifrauds.


To anyone who is considering participating in any business, investment or financial exposure with Christopher J. Woodward and Serene Industries Ltd, including any other business that he is connected.

Simple recommendation is DON’T !

Serene Australia are actually just one occurrence in an otherwise long line of people and businesses that Woodward has forced over the years into incurring massive, terminal category financial and reputational losses.

Since the 1980s there are few, if any, known examples of a Woodward partnership or alliance that has not met a bitter and costly end.

Next to death and taxes, Woodward is one of the few certainties in life – you will get burnt - his antics will most certainly cost your money, your reputation, and a good chance your health…..and that is when you get off lightly.

History has now recorded a long line of instances of Woodward’s antics completely ruining people’s businesses and lives.

The only certainly with Christopher J. Woodward, is that he excels at being a master of manipulation and deceit, while being a man of less than zero integrity.


Multiple Australian customer warranty claims have been declined by the owner and manufacturer Serene Industries Ltd.
– all for the same reason, because the Serene business never even existed prior to 2021.

These relate to Serene branded heater products sold in Australia since 2014.

Serene Industries Ltd is headquartered in New Zealand, and it is owned and run by a Christopher James Woodward who is based in Hong Kong.

Since early 2020 Christopher Woodward and his Commercial Manager Jeff Ong (Wong) pictured, have been advising all customers with warranty claims in Australia:

1. That all Australian customer warranty claims are declined, there is no support whatsoever.
2. This is because Serene Industries Ltd has never had a business or products in Australia.
3. Further, no Serene product has ever been designed for, intended for, made compliant for, or market released in Australia.
4. Any Serene product that is in Australia can only be a dangerous and illegal counterfeit product that has been sourced illicitly from the ‘murky grey or dark web’ and sold by online ‘an internet scammer’.  
5. Serene Industries Ltd is however willing to honour warrant claims by selling the customer a replacement.

In July 2020 Serene Industries Ltd / Christopher Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) has since changed this narrative:
6. Serene Industries has launched its business and products in Australia from just 4 weeks ago (June 2020).
7. These products are designed and fully certified compliant for Australia with full warranty support available.

Updated: In August 2022 Christopher Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) are upping the ante as the warranty claims increase:
8. Serene Industries has only been in operation in Australia since mid-2021 (not 2020 as previous advised) and confirm:
> That all warranty claim communications are now going unread.
> That they are now blocking all incoming warranty claim emails concerning the original Serene Australia.
> That their diligent efforts resulted in
this illegal internet trader has been shut down by the Government.
> That WIKIFRAUDS will also be prosecuted and shut down by the new Australian Government (see above).

(This date shift captures the swath of failed product that has been sold by a subsequent agent in the 2 years since this story was first published – this agent also now realising that they actually have no product or warranty support.)


WIKIFRAUDS enquiries lead us to Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd, a company that Woodward co-owned and had invited and signed up as the exclusive Australian representative for Serene Industries Ltd in 2015.

WIKIFRAUDS has substantiated the following facts about Serene’s history in Australia:

1. Since at least 2014 - Serene Industries Ltd / Christopher James Woodward has actually had his Serene business and full product range operating in Australia, through various agents and licensees.
2. Serene Heating Australia P/L was the longest and most pronounced, that operated from October 2015 to September 2017 that was swiftly shut down.
3. From 2015 - Christopher James Woodward is recorded by ASIC as a shareholder of Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd. 
4. Since at least 2014 - all Serene products have been designed for, intended for, certified compliant for, and released in Australia.
5. Since at least 2015 - all Serene product safety compliance certifications for Australia have been published on Serene Industries website 
6. These safety certifications are actually all issued by Australian providers, in Australia, for Australia.
7. Since at least 2014 - Serene Industries Australian office details have been printed on every product carton that Serene has ever made, as well as on the Serene website.

8. Since at least 2014 - all Serene sales brochures have the Australian office contact details included, as are still published on the Serene website.
9. Serene Industries Ltd has been investigated by the Safety Regulator with multiple heater fires recorded in Australia and New Zealand.
10. Investigations into Serene also include Choice Consumer Advocacy, ACCC, NSW Small Claims, and Legal forums.

11. In September 2022 the new Tasmanian master agent as published on the Serene website contacted the Director of the original Serene Heating Australia P/L confirming;
> A request for any old original Serene heater stock?
> They purchased a container of Serene heaters and there are numerous product failures, some are failing straight out of the carton.
> They cannot get support out of Serene Industries Ltd
> They tried calling the Australian office phone number as published by Serene Industries Ltd since 2020 – turns out this is an unattended number!
> They certainly WILL NOT be purchasing any more product from Serene Industries Ltd.
> They have advised their customers that they can no longer support their Serene product sold.

SEE FULL DETAILS (Click link at bottom of page)
1. The various warranty claims from Serene Australia customers
2. The fraudulent responses by Christopher Woodward / Jeff Ong (Wong).
3. Supporting documents confirming the original sales and product origin.

4. Serene Australia trade agreements signed by Woodward in 2015.
5. Images of the Serene Australia business that Woodward co-owned and helped establish, that he now says has never existed – a picture says 1000 words.

Also included are discussions and communications that WIKIFRAUDS has had or been privy to, with various parties who have experience with Woodward:
6. The founders and directors of Woodward’s Australian company Serene Australia.
7. Senior sales staff in Serene Australia
8. Various parties who have been directly involved with Serene Industries Ltd and Christopher Woodward in both New Zealand and Australia.
9. Multiple parties that have been involved with Serene Industries Ltd and/or Christopher Woodward over the years.

10. An ex-online reseller for Serene Australia.


WHO ARE SERENE INDUSTRIES LTD and Christopher James Woodward?

WIKIFRAUDS has substantiated the following via public and company records:

1. New Zealand Companies Office records confirm:
(a) Serene Industries Ltd is registered in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ Company office 4176478) and they also have an office in Hong Kong.
(b) Christopher James Woodward resides in Hong Kong, however further documents lodged have him residing at an address in Auckland, New Zealand.
(c) Serene Industries Ltd in New Zealand appears to be registered to a parent company Serene Ltd in Hong Kong.

2. Australian ASIC Company records confirm:
(a) Serene Heating Australia Pty Ltd was registered in June 2015, 4 months prior to the business commencing in Australia. (ABN 11 605 789 197)
(b) The same Christopher James Woodward of Hong Kong is registered as a shareholder since October 2015.

3. Serene Industries publish on their website www.serene-ind.com
(a) Their Australian office email and phone number
(b) They have a single Australian distributor in Tasmania as well as online sales.
(c) They also have a UK and European offices
(d) All Serene sales brochures going back as far as 2014 include the Australian office contacts

4. The Serene Australian and New Zealand office details are printed on all of the Serene product cartons as far back as 2014.

5. These Serene Australia domains were registered by Serene Heating Australia P/L and all point to Serene Industries website since 2015.

A MESSAGE for Christopher Woodward, from his largest known victim;

WIKIFRAUDS: Since you have been gone from Serene Australia, do you have any questions for Woodward?

“Nope……we, like many others in Serene have tried talking sense with, as well as getting answers from Woodward for years, with no result.”

WIKIFRAUDS: Does the Serene New Zealand business have this level of trouble?

“Yes of course - we have seen this first hand, just the same shite, different country.
Every senior director / manager worth his salt just walks out, just as we did in Australia - no experienced industry personnel puts up with Woodward’s crap.”

Behind the polished Serene management profile published online, since 2012 that is actually a continuous revolving door of senior industry executives that have walked out on Woodward after only a relatively short time.

Most who have experienced Serene first hand are absolutely astounded that Woodward can keep trading at all.”

Mr Woodward, it’s long overdue that you face these reality checks;

1. Mr Woodward, you fit perfectly the definition of a serial con man and imposter.

A serial CON MAN is the kindest that describes you when reconciling this WIKIFRAUDS outcome to your original Serene business investment pitch and plan to us in 2015 as well as your prior history back to the 1980s.
 – we couldn’t make any of this up.

Only a con man promotes themselves as a 44 year industry veteran with a tier 1 global heating business, when in fact they allow themselves and their business to end up on WIKIFRAUDS as a normal function of doing business.
This includes emphatically denying your business even exists, even to the authorities, when all your products sold fail and the distributors and customers requires support.

You tell white lies and go to extraordinary lengths to appease even the most discerning industry due diligence.
You spin PR nonsense about how capable, innovative and large Serene is, whilst promoting yourself the founder. In reality any capability and quality legacy belongs squarely with Serene’s previous owner prior to 2012, for which you had absolutely nothing to do with.

Your grandiose profile that Serene is a leading international heater business in the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe is just a Walter Mitty fašade.
We now discover your grand new Australian office launched from 2020 is just an unattended phone number connected to a vacant address.

You boast grandiose claims about how profitable and successful Serene Industries is – historical annual $1M profits for NZ, that we learn the truth is consistent $350K losses.
You contractually signed up an Australian license using a Serene entity that didn’t even exist – only discovered because you cannot pay the bank account of a company that does not exist.

You licensed a customer base that is largely worthless - only because we discover that they have already been burnt off through your prior attempts at this business.
You licensed the use of the Serene Living brand IP for Australia that you confirm you have trademark registered – that turns out to be already owned by another national corporation, who immediately took legal action on us.

You promote inferior rubbish products that you don’t even own the IP or designs to – whilst you grandiosely claim that you co-own the factory. It turns out you are in the main just buying crap products off the net and sticking the Serene name on them – just the same as anyone could do from a laptop.

Your beautiful Serene product cartons may as well have had bricks or rocks inside them – just unsaleable junk that turns out only good for scrap metal.
A Nigerian scam quickly came to mind, as Serene Australia was simply an expensive intermediary between China and a Melbourne scrap metal yard, whilst you pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars – and berate your sales managers because the products sold gets returned whilst receiving the most angry customer feedback.

As soon as you are paid in advance for product, all prior written trade agreements and warranty assurances instantly vaporise as though they don’t even exist.
Any such assurance from you is literally not worth the paper or cardboard carton that it is printed on.

You make grandiose claims about how Serene’s engineering is the finest in the world, and that you are the best in the business. But when your products inevitably fail, you then instantly blame everybody else including the customer – and quickly shift your claims of engineering superiority to that of dangerous and illegal counterfeit products that were sold by Serene imposters / internet scammers that you have never heard of.

You invent the most preposterous and outrageous explanations to deny customer warranty support and explain the managerial concerns about safety and compliances.

From our very first meeting, Serene already clearly had a highly toxic company culture in New Zealand. We now realise this was driven purely out of the universal stress and bewilderment of your New Zealand managers being forced to navigate your endless scheming and bullshitting. This also included the high product failure rates and multiple compliance breaches in New Zealand.

History now reveals that there is a long line of licensees/investors that you have forced into terminal category losses as a direct result of your lies, deceit, scheming and reckless antics.

At the very least, the fact that you now deny you have ever had a business in Australia prior to 2021 and state that any Serene product in the market can only be dangerous illegal counterfeits - is testament to the confidence that you actually place in the Serene business and products.

At this rate Mr Woodward you are well on your way to having your whole business upended on prime-time TV 60 Minutes or the like.
Another customer has already talked about going to TV CH9 and there have already been numerous reports filed with Choice Consumer Advocacy, ACCC and Small Claims Court etc.
We have already cautioned you about this many times over the years, and if TV exposure eventuates – we will be there.

2. Mr Woodward, you are also the industry epitome of arrogance, negligence, hubris and incompetence.

You and Serene Industries are to the electrical heating business – what the Pike River Mine disaster is to coal mining.

You describe yourself on LinkedIn as a ‘driven appliance industry veteran of 44 years’.  But since 2012 Serene’s entire track record and this egregious outcome is testament to all the original concerns flagged by the electrically qualified industry professionals that you convinced to join Serene - ironically for their technical expertise and trade experience that you simply don’t have.

You claim that Serene quality and engineering is among the best in the world. But as well as fraud you let Serene operate continuously within the domain of criminal negligence when it comes to electrical compliance and safety. The product safety and compliance shortcomings that you let happen are absolutely frightening by industry trade standards.

Product wise nothing in your business works or has a clean bill of health, without exception everything is riddled with just completely dumb engineering with clearly no trade training or experience, and clearly nobody knowing what they are doing, and most certainly nobody is quality checking anything at all in the factory.

We well remember your explanation for our insurers regards the first major product failure you had three years prior to our arrival. The failure was absolutely spectacular and cost half a million dollars in a single transaction, yet the technical error made was so simple. All the while we could not fathom how or why such an experienced industry professional would make such a simple but devastating error……but now we can see exactly how that would happen.

Even by the most inferior quality standards, it is completely beyond us how the rubbish that you ship to Australia even makes it into cartons in the factory, with the expectation anyone in the world would buy it. Serene Australia is simply an expensive intermediary between China and a scrap metal yard.

Your only corrective action towards glaringly obvious quality, electrical safety or compliance concerns raised by your senior managers, is to pontificate how successful you are, and threaten them with termination.

For the same reasons Serene Industries didn’t even make it to the first Australian insurance renewal before one of the largest global insurers simply wrote you and Serene off as being completely uninsurable.

Three leading industry veterans that know of you, all independently provided us with technical and legal advice recommending;-
> Get the hell out of the Serene business immediately and at all costs – that means ALL costs - even running rough shod over any consumer law obligations.
> Have absolutely nothing to do with Woodward, the man is a cowboy and is trouble with a capital T.
> Woodward will ruin you, and not just financially, he and his business is continually within the bounds of criminal negligence and when push comes to shove it will not be Woodward that ends up in the gun.

Unsurprisingly after WIKIFRAUDS forces everything to be laid bare – every original managerial concern flagged that you dismissed years ago as outrageous and worthy of termination, were actually proven to be absolutely bang on – whilst yours and Serene’s reputation have also ended up precisely where they told you it would.

There are no known people that speak highly of you, many people who have experienced you first hand, including us, are astounded that you are not locked up…

How you continue to trade at all is beyond us. Our only explanation that we can deduce is that this is testament to your ability to manipulate and bullshit people.

Mr Woodward, these images are of your Serene product cartons that were taken by us in 2018 after being purchased from Serene in New Zealand.
These all well illustrate just how completely out of control your narcissism, ego, self-assured hubris is.

The fact is that for all the reasons detailed here - behind your “We are Number 1” anyone would struggle to find a worse example of an electric heating business anywhere in the western world. The best brands in any business don’t actually need to print such egotistical nonsense on cartons, their quality legacy does that job.

And without exception the Australian office details are printed on every carton, for the business that you claim never even existed prior to 2021.

3. Mr Woodward, it is actually what you haven’t done that is the most damning;
If all your numerous public statements are in fact true, in which you claim;
> There has been unauthorised representation of Serene Industries products by rouge traders/scammers since as far back as 2014.
> The theft of the Serene name, Serene IP and Serene trademarks by the same.
> Dangerous and illegal non-safety certified counterfeit Serene products being sold in Australia – most likely reworked used heater returns out of Europe.
> All whilst you have never even had a business in Australia prior to 2020….(and you have since adjusted that to 2021 to cover the ongoing warranty claims.)
> Serene Industries has launched civil legal proceedings against these ‘scammers’ - for IP theft and defamation.
> These rouge imposter scammers have been shut down by the Government and are being prosecuted.
> Wikifrauds is being shut down by the Australian Government for corruption.
….then Mr Woodward, it really is a wonder why that;

> ASIC records show a registered company since mid-2015 (see above) that has the Serene Heating name, and that even has yourself registered as a cornerstone shareholder.
> After 8 years you have never once raised any concern whatsoever with either ASIC, ACCC, the Australian Safety Regulator or the Police?
> You haven’t actually commenced any legal action at all, beyond all your noise and bluster of confirming publicly that a prosecution is well underway.
> The directors of your Australian company that you call ‘internet scammers’, have never heard from any government agency concerning illegal trading or IP theft.
> As for Wikifrauds and corruption  – they too have never heard from any government agency.
> In 2+ years you have never once contacted Wikifrauds to prove Serene’s innocence and have the Wikifrauds investigation and report quashed.
> Since as far back as 2014 across Australia there are circa 800x resellers all with Serene trade agreements – all of which have been made known to you. Yet not one of them has been contacted by you with your claims that their Serene products are not actually by Serene and that they should be scrapped or recalled.
> In 2020 and without any question whatsoever – the Serene New Zealand office has provided full spare parts support FOC under warranty claim, to an Australian customer that we sold products to in 2016.

4. You reap what you sew…
Mr Woodward, considering the evidence against you - only a desperate madman would lash out and blame WIKIFRAUDS and the original Australian directors for these numerous product failures and investigations and publicity arising.

> No one else has done anything whatsoever to defraud and lie to Serene investors and customers – only YOU and Jeff Ong did that.
> YOU convince people to invest in your Australian business that largely doesn’t exist, with a range of rubbish products and a brand that you don’t even own in Australia.
> YOU took huge sums of money in advance for rubbish products, that may as well have had bricks / rocks in the cartons, only to finally end up as scrap.
> YOU promise generous warranty assurances and product support by industry standards, that universally doesn’t exist.
> YOU tell anyone with a failed product and warranty claim that your Australian managers were actually rouge internet scammers peddling dangerous and illegal re-worked second hand counterfeit products from Europe, whilst you never even had a business in Australia, and the products were never designed for or released in that market.

As for you and Jeff Ong repeatedly saying that you have never heard of us or our business in Australia – what an absolute crock of shite!
Here is a photo taken of Jeff Ong in December 2015 whilst he proudly hosted us on a Serene Industries factory inspection… at your behest.


                                                                                                                                  Jeff Ong, Commercial Manager 

5. There is no defamation in truth…
Mr Woodward, you can threaten all the big-wig legal action you like – and you can continue to bullshit everyone concerned.
But despite your raft of most persuasive and lengthy written explanations to customers - there is not a single person who believes you, not for a minute – with WIKIFRAUDS being the product of that.

This because the most damning evidence that contradicts and undoes everything you say – is actually published by you and included on the Serene website.

Remember Mr. Woodward
> Since 2015 there is enough supporting communications and documentation provided by you to fill a room.
> YOU twice invited us to join your business in 2014 and then in 2015, not the other way around.
> YOU signed off the Australian license that authorised us to sell your Serene products.
> YOU supplied us the 2016 Australian catalogue that bares your signature (copied below).
> YOU still publish to this day on the Serene website all the original Australian product catalogues back to 2014.
> YOU promise 10 year product warranty support, just as you still print on all the product cartons – we didn’t just invent that.
> YOU supplied all the crap quality and failed products, nobody else is responsible for that.
> YOU put the Australian office details on every Serene product carton that you have ever made since 2012.
> YOURS and Jeff Wong signatures are on every product shipping doc that you sent to Australia.
> YOU dismissed us outright and quickly threatened termination whenever we flagged and attempted to correct all the quality and compliance concerns very early on.
> YOU advised all customers with failed product that their products are actually dangerous and illegal counterfeits sold by rouge scammers that should be reported - nobody else did that.

In the end Mr Woodward, if in fact the whole of Serene Australia prior to 2021 and as far back as 2012 is just a fictious and illegal nonsense that never actually existed as you insist – then it seems extraordinary the number of people and why they would each commit to significant investment in establishing Serene Australia offices, signage, warehouses, agents, brochures, websites as well as all the effort and cost of pursuing customers nationally – all for a business that both doesn’t exist and that they universally have no interest in….    

6. Mr Woodward, history keeps repeating itself.

This is the history of SERENE AUSTRALIA prior attempts:
Mk 1 2012
Mk 2 2013
Mk 3 2014
Mk 4 Nov 2015 – Sept 2017
now up to Mk5, 2020 – 2022, and just more of the same – in 10 years you have achieved absolutely nothing, actually it is less than nothing.

In 2020 long after we have departed, you promote your grand new Australian office in association with roping in a new Tasmanian based sales agent, citing that all rubbish of the past has been cleaned up and Australia is now under the direct representation of Serene Industries Ltd selling online, with a master stockist/agent in Tasmania.

Incredibly, but unsurprisingly, and as
if right on cue - the product failures continue and the new master agent is also left abandoned with zero warranty support.
Your only action is to just shift the prior announced official Australian launch date in 2020…..to 2021 in order to capture these additional product failures and also label them products from a business that has never existed prior to this date.

From 2020 we discover Serene Industries entire Australian operation has been just an empty fraudulent nonsense, worse than any prior attempts:
> From your new online sales you promote, this is actually now just an endless loop of nothing on a website that doesn’t work..
> To your grand new Australian head office that is effectively an unattended phone number connected to a vacant address.
> You ship the same crap products to the new sales agent, when these products also fail you continue to deny all warranty support.

Now we discover that your entire career as far back as the early 1980s – including doing business with multi-national corporations is in the main just a trail of wreckage and the same highly problematic associations that have universally ended bitterly, costing everybody that you encounter their money and reputation.

7. Mr Woodward, in trying to understand you, most of the answers can be found in these clinical definitions found online;
 – you fit them all near perfectly, and you can be succinctly described as a cross between Arthur Daley, Trump and Walter Mitty.

(a) Narcissistic personality disorder
‘A mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, whilst having little to no interest in anyone else.’

(b) Psychopath or antisocial personality disorder
‘Describes someone who is callous, unemotional, and morally depraved and with little to no conscience, who has a lack of empathy towards others.
‘Psychopaths can and do follow social conventions but mostly only when it suits their needs. They will exude an outward superficial charm and kindness, whilst inside they are running an agenda. They have an impaired ability to bond with other people, as well as a need to always be on top of any situation or relationship.’

‘A psychopath will lie, cheat, manipulate, deny, contradict, distort and corrode the truth and rationalise to the point that even they struggle to reconcile and delineate within themselves what is reality and what isn’t.’
‘Their behaviour commonly includes behaving recklessly whilst having little to no regard for anyone else or any consequence.’
‘They will deny that they are at any obvious fault, and have a complete unwillingness to accept any responsibility for their actions.’

(c) Walter Mitty Syndrome
‘An ordinary and unremarkable person who indulges in and plays out to others their fanciful daydreams of personal triumphs and grandiose success and superiority.’

We very clearly recall during our association with Woodward two separate instances of you categorically telling us about your early career;
1. Serving as the MD of the BBC London
and 2. being dropped on the front line serving with the British Secret Police Service.

The BSPS and the BBC would be the last organisations in the world that would give you a job – you wouldn’t last ten minutes with either.
Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of the BBC on your Linked in profile – because if that was actually legit, you would have it there front and centre.


WIKIFRAUDS investigations and report is compiled from numerous conversations with people who have been associated with Woodward.

WIKIFRAUDS has also sighted the multitude of communications sent and received by both Woodward and Jeff Ong (Wong) concerning their Australian business since as early as 2015. This includes the various Serene Australia trade agreements. There is enough material to fil a room.

Prior to WIKIFRAUDS investigations commencing and being made known to Woodward/Serene Industries in 2020, as well as the numerous other agency or advocacy investigations since in 2018 - Woodward / Serene Industries Ltd has been provided with numerous opportunities as far back as mid-2016 to explain and make amends with all issues arising.

Whilst Woodward has, without exception, acknowledged receipt of every single communication put to him since 2016, to date he has provided not a single explanation to anyone as to why he and Serene Industries Ltd behaves and operates the way they do around their failed products and declined warranty claims.

Since 2017, the only response(s) to date from Woodward/Serene Industries Ltd;

1. Without exception, Woodward has acknowledged / replied to every single concern put to him with either;
“your nonsense is noted” - “do your worst” – “regards to all” – “you will be prosecuted” – “you will be shut down for corruption”
2. To emphatically deny publicly that Serene has ever had a business in Australia in any capacity whatsoever prior to mid-2020 (he now says 2021).
3. That any Serene products sold in Australia prior to June 2021 can only be dangerous and illegal counterfeits sold by a rouge internet trader illegally purporting to be an authorised Serene reseller.
4. That Serene Industries have since orchestrated that this illegal trader has been shut down by the Government.
5. To confirm that Serene is commencing immediate legal action from August 2020, for defamation and damages as a result of these various products sold / warranty claims and investigations arising.
6. Serene Industries Ltd is now blocking all email communications from any warranty claimants in Australia.
7. That “WIKIFRAUDS is also going to be shut down for corruption by the new Australian Government.”

However, to date (mid-2022), the reality is;

8. No legal proceedings by Serene Industries Ltd have materialised.
9. The authorised Serene reseller actually shut down the Australian business completely in 2020. This was after receiving both legal and technical advice to have absolutely nothing further to do with Serene’s non-safety compliant products - even at the expenses of their warranty obligations under consumer law.
10. WIKIFRAUDS frequently receives threats of this nature from those accused, Woodward’s comments are just business as usual.

WIKIFRAUDS enquiries have also led us to this feedback from other associated parties who have been directly involved with Serene Industries Ltd and Christopher Woodward in both New Zealand and Australia since the 1980s.

They also universally require that their names are withheld from having ever being associated with Woodward.
However their stories all share the same common thread.

1. From a former manager in New Zealand.
“I prefer not to contribute to these enquiries because I try not to think of the man at all.” 
“I walked out on Woodward in March last year. He owed me a heap of money and I gave him 24 hours to pay or I was out of there.”
“After finishing I went on a 7 week holiday overseas and returned to take up another job with a very good company.”
“I am now back to enjoying life and I am just pleased to have that prick Woodward out of my hair.”
“I have moved on in life but I still think Woodward is not only a prick but an idiot as well. He is a born liar and clearly has a memory that quicky changes to suit the circumstances of the day.”

2. From a former sales agent in Australia.
“Since departing Serene we have been watching these developments with interest but we no longer receive any Serene warranty claims, thank goodness!”

3. From a former sales personnel in New Zealand.
“As discussed please leave my name out with any Serene public notice or with energy safety people. I worked in sales for Serene Industries and I was employed by Christopher Woodward.”

“Finally, I just terminated my contract and walked out as everything about the man is trouble.”
“Woodward is always in a bitter feud with everyone in his business - Serene products are problematic - the compliances are left to expire - there have been fire incidents with fan heaters - Woodward frequently disputes warranty claims – my commissions were always paid late – my expenses were continually disputed or not paid at all - basically Woodward expects everyone else to bankroll his business."

“Woodward biggest problem is that he is a complete know-all, can’t tell him anything, everything is his way or the highway.”
“He is an absolute authority on the New Zealand market – yet he doesn’t even live in New Zealand and infrequently comes here.”
“Because he does not listen to or respect any of his staff, I don’t know even know why he bothers employing people.”
“However typical of a person like Woodward, when it suits him he is very quick to take your new initiative that works and proudly claim it as his own.”

4. Extracted from a conversation with an engineer who was involved with Christopher Woodward manufacturing fan heaters in New Zealand in the 1980s.
“As far as I remember Woodward was living in Hong Kong and was selling to the UK and as well as for other manufacturers.”

“I am not surprised at all to hear that there are difficulties with Woodward. I well remember he was a pure salesman that believed his own bullsh*t.”

“Half Woodward’s problem is that he has no electrical or technical training or experience. We didn’t have him anywhere near our design or production so basically he couldn’t stuff it up.”

“A few years ago Woodward tried to sue the people that own Goldair. He claimed that he originally created all the original Goldair designs and that they were all his.
“As soon as the original Goldair people from 1980s were called as expert witnesses in court Woodward disappeared again.”

“I heard that SKOPE completely closed their heating division overnight some years ago around the same time that Woodward was involved as a major aftermarket heater supplier to them. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Woodward’s involvement was the catalyst of Skope’s decision to just close their heating division after 50 years in the business”

5. From an experienced operator in Australia and New Zealand electrical industry.
“I remember a phone discussion with Woodward recently out of the blue, he had invented some nonsense claim that our business was using his IP but we quickly shut that down as it was a nonsense he was simply trying on.”
“We have absolutely no interest whatsoever in being involved in anything under Christopher Woodward. The man is a cowboy and anyone involved with him is backing the wrong horse.”

6. From a technical consultant to the electrical appliance industry in Australia and New Zealand.
“Serene Australia is just one in an otherwise long line of people that Woodward has shafted for big money.”
“Woodward is a real dodgy bugger, I refuse to have anything to do with the man – he is a class A prick.”
“Woodward’s antics sent a mate of mine broke. I came across him at a show in HK and had it out with him, Woodward tried to threaten me!

From an engineering veteran of the electrical manufacturing industry.
“I well remember Woodward, he was involved with our heater manufacturing and sales in the 1980s”.
“The kindest I can describe the man is a cowboy in a suit. Fundamentally Woodward had no technical, trade or electrical training or experience and was always prepared to compromise safety.”

“I always suspected Woodward as a fraud/imposter. Back then the man always looked and sounded immaculate but when it got down to business – everything he did was problematic, most of everything Woodward said was bullsh*t and any assurance from Woodward wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.”

“At my recommendation we sacked Woodward on the spot in 1993. What he was doing for us we could do much faster and better ourselves and without the bullshi*t.”
“Soon after we got rid of him we were notified by the OA office that Woodward had filed bankruptcy in New Zealand.

“Please tell those that you are assisting;
That if they are having any difficulties at all with Woodward, then they need to get out of his business immediately and at whatever the cost.
Technically the man is dangerous and is an accident waiting to happen – if he is now in charge of manufacturing electric products, then people will end up being killed.
Any assurance from Woodward is worthless, and any existing difficulties they experience will only get worse.
Woodward cost us a lot of money in the 1990s, the man will completely ruin any SME operator that has financial exposure with him”.

8. “As far back as the 1980s, these words consistently arise out of any discussion, communications or feedback received concerning anyone’s experience having had an association with Christopher J. Woodward. We have not encountered a single person that could speak highly of, or recommend him.”

“absolute c**t - coward - imposter -  compulsive liar –  insane -  deceitful – a know all –  a fraud –  a bullshitter –  absolutely full of himself –  a weasel -  scheming - completely flawed -  technically inept – bigoted - reckless – lost it -  narcissistic –  cantankerous –  inflated b/s -  toss pot –  believes his own b/s –  class A prick –  bargain basement trash –  a loner - Nigerian scammer -  in a class of his own – low level operator -  Walter Mitty –  irrational -  a nutcase - struggles to relate to others –  couldn’t lie straight in bed –  way out of his depth –  intractable -  real dodgy bastard – will never change –  unhinged –  a crook –  slippery as an eel – a cowboy in a suit – fickle – real odd character”


1. To see full details the 12 frauds including the actual responses to customers by Woodward / Wong.
2. The supporting comments from others in the industry that have encountered Woodward / Serene Industries Ltd over the years.
3. Many images right back to 2015 of the Serene Australia business that Woodward / Wong claims has never existed.

These images below illustrate just how swiftly Woodward’s lies and deceit comes unstuck.
- a 2016 Serene Australia brochure supplied AND SIGNED! by Woodward in 2015.
   Go to the 12 individual frauds here, and further compelling reading and supporting documents.
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