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AVEO'S Natalie Moore- Standover Merchant
AVEO Retirement and Aged Care
Domain Country Club  - Retirement Village
Warning! Be really careful before purchasing from this predatory company.
In fact, just don't buy or lease from them full stop.
 Wikifrauds will shortly publish the full story of how an elderly couple in their 90's have been dealt with by this parasitic company. People looking to do business with this company are strongly urged to consult a capable independent contract law solicitor first. We will also publish what can best be described as a 'stand over' contract this couple are being forced to sign under 'financial duress', along with a list of lies told by the Ashmore manager relating to repairs and maintenance which were not done, photographs of which we will also display.

Update July, 2022:
Furthermore, Since first publishing thie webpage, the elderly couple cited above have had no remedy or satisfaction from AVEO whatsoever. None! Indeed, AVEO offered them a paltry $10,000 in compensation, and one of the terms of the offer was that they persuade Wikifrauds to remove this page. In fact, AVEO forced them off the couple's freehold unit, and then onsold it as a leashold only. Thus AVEO finished up as the outright owner of the freehold which they got for nothing. The couple are trying to have AVEO pay just a reasonable settlement figure of $50,000. Unless and until this requirement is met in full, AVEO will remain on Wikifrauds.
In addition,  the offending manager, who lied about repairs and refurbishment to the couple's unit, was one Andrew Keating.
The AVEO officer who made the totally unsatisfactory settlement offer is Natalie Moore, (above) Head of Sales, AVEO Head Office, Sydney. We will publish her standover offer and her contact details should AVEO fail to properly satisfy the couple's more than reasonable claim. Meantime, we wonder how Ms Moore manages to sleep at night knowing what she and her company does to vulnerable elderly people.

July 16, 2022: We have now published Ms Moore's 'standover' offer here. The manager who 'dealt' with this elderly couple is Andrew Keating, see business card above. Ms Moore is well aware of this posting as Wikifrauds emailed her prior to July 15 and included a link to ths page. She has chosen to ignore our email and has blocked the complaints from their own webpage feedback platform. In other words, previously posted complaints are deleted and all feedback is monitored manually by some 'gatekeeper'.

The elderly couple who gave rise to this webpage, finished up getting less than half the price they paid to buy into AVEO - less than half! By the time AVEO had finished financially raping them, they had lost nearly all their assets saved over their entire lives. AVEO is the worst kind of predatory retirement scheme the world has seen. Pasted at the foot of this page are documents that show the financial rape of this couple. Their names have been redacted.

We herewith ask that AVEO comply in full with the request mentioned above by July 15 2022. . . . Ignored by Ms Moore.

AVEO is already facing two separate class actions for unfair and unconcionable conduct in its contracts with the elderly. link
Three shocking reviews on AVEO, and an ABC Four Corners investigation on AVEO's exploitation of the elderly. Indeed, Google AVEO and the search engine will return dozens of complaint issues etc.

The Aveo Group is owned by American company, Brookfield Financial Properties LP, 250 Vesey Street, New York USA.

This particular retirement village is located at  74 Wardoo St, Ashmore QLD 4215, but all is not as idyllic as it appears. Flooded dwellings, poor maintenance and one-way contracts. More coming soon.

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