The dating site "My Aussie Crush" or is a total fake and scam. It is simply there to attract men, and presumeably women also, into purchasing credits in order to message other "members". These other members do not really exist. It costs a minimum of $25 to purchase just ten credits, and at one credit per message sent, that's $2.50 per message sent to an employee or a cloned  robot who then teases the sender into yet another message, and so on until the credits are exhausted. The unsuspecting sender then buys more credits to enable the explicit chat to continue.

The enticement is cleverly pitched with extremely pornographic photos and explicitly framed sexual messages and invitations to indulge in actual meetings for the purposes of exciting sexual contact, which of course never happens.

Furthermore, the website has some very clever software that enables the so-called interested parties (employees) to suggest that they are in the same location as you are. Yet we have found numerous examples of the messages containing the viewer's suburb and caiming they are from the same place - but they are not. When the profile of the messenger is checked, they are NOT from the viewer's locale at all, indeed some are from completely different states! Click here to see a perfect example of the con job. (Check the download in the tray at the bottom left of your screen)

The website is out of Europe somewhere, click here to read about ownership.
Read another review here  To view a sample page, click here.

WARNING - The website is a total fraud. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!
                                                                                                                              Extreme Warning ! Scam Website.               
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