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                                                                                    Mille Capitaux

                                                                 Mille Capitaux of Luxembourg is a complete scam.
                           Anyone talked into depositing funds for any purpose with this company will lose their money - full stop.

Wikifrauds has been contacted by a victim of this bogus company (person) who has done considerable research and provided us with enlightening information about this outfit. The scam is being run by this man who claims to be a high ranking official of the Bank of China.
It is an extremely well engineered version of the typical Nigerian scam where a victim is advised that they have received an inheritance and need to make an appropriate claim to receive the money. The documents created by this scammer are quite amazing but nevertheless false.
                               This scammer uses these photos as his identity, and refers to himself in email correspondence as "brother Fan"

This document from the Luxembourg authorities is self-explanatory (Load advice letter)

This fraud company, which is not registered in Luxembourg as claimed, even has its own very handsome website, which indicates that the fraud has been running for some time and plans to continue. Well, not if we can stop it. See website  A simpkle test we did was check the Luxembourg address in their website on Google maps. The address does not exist!

The address given by the scammer for Mille Capitaux is the Paris address for BNP Paribas Bank. It all looks convincing to the uninitiated, and off goes the money required to open international bank accounts in order to receive the inheritance.

Anyone targeted by this outfit should report the matter to their local police immediately.