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                                                                     Terry Dallas and Mega Gold                                     
                                                                                                           Warning!                                             Date: April 12, 2013
                                                                                                                                                                  Update  June 30 2015  Check here

                                  Terry John Dallas is a thief, a con-man, a liar, a fraudster, and worse, a known sexual predator.
                                  Associated broker: Elizabeth Seewald, aka Liz Orchard                                         
                                  This scumbag has now turned to internet dating sites! See Report

These are very serious allegations against Dallas and we stand by them. Mr Dallas knows who we are, and is herewith invited to take legal action against us if he wishes to do so.

Terry John Dallas and his two companies, Mega Gold Capital Australia and Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited (Hong Kong) are both  front companies for a 'fee in advance fraud.' Another of his companies, TMAC Australasia Pty Ltd, is a front for a gold trading scam.

                    Terry Dallas's Queensland driver licence                                                                                Dallas pasport

Dallas, who resides in Bankok, has a demonstrated history of fraud in Australia and our due diligence on this man has recently revealed that a large number of investors have been duped in recent years, albeit by smallish amounts, but a very large amount in total. It is also known that he has taken fees in advance for financing a casino development in Vanuatu. This never got off the ground and as far as we know, Dallas kept the fees.

He portrays himself as the multi millionaire owner of  4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands on Queensland's Gold Coast, but our research shows us clearly that this property has, since being built in 1985, belonged to a Liao Su-Chin Yang. Dallas has never shown on this title, however police sources have confirmed that he did at one stage live there, and that the licence above is real but apparently out of date despite the date shown. We should add that Mr Dallas is known to a number of police forces in Australia, and not only on fraud-related matters. (These other matters relate to quite disgusting activities of Dallas and should not be exposed on this forum. Interested people may contact us if they would like further information)


Other Associated Companies: TMAC Australasia Pty Ltd, registered on August 9, 2010. Registered Office: 4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands QLD
                                                   C.A.P. Asean Resources Pty Ltd. September 2, 2011. Registered Office: 4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands QLD
Associated broker: Liz Orchard
Associated Activities: The website "AustraliaTradeNow.com" has an entry for Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited indicating that they deal in aluminium ingots, steaming coal, used oils, iron ore, LNG and diesel products with sales in excess of US$100 million per annum. (the company was only registered in June 2012!)

Posing as a twenty-year wheeler dealer in the big financial and commodity markets of Asia, Dallas's latest money raising involves obtaining fees in advance for access to a $250 million Loan Fund he has supposedly arranged with his Asian connections. To facilitate the appearance of legality to would-be borrowers, he registered Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited, 20th Floor Central Tower, 28 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong on June 13, 2012,  and then registered Mega Gold Capital Australia Pty Ltd on November 19, 2012.

Since then, Wikifrauds believes that Dallas has received over $180,000 in fees paid by would-be trusting clients, for loans that have been approved but not settled, and he has refused to provide any clients with any proof of funds at all. Borrowers were told in October and November that the $250 million would be in country by November 21. Then they were told proof of funds would be provided by December 21, 2012. This did not happen and so far nobody, including his Australian associates who are now helping with our enquiries, has seen any evidence that the funds exist at all. All people are hearing is that Dallas is extremely busy flying here and there between Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong getting all those things in place to make it all happen. So far, all anyone has had are postponed settlement dates

                                                Extract from a recent loan offer showing fee deposit instructions:  (Note the auto-generated signature)

Fee requests detail (shown above) that the payments are to go to a Terry Dallas private bank account , and it was this request that immediately rang alarm bells with us. Why would a legitimate lending company want fees paid to any individual and not to the company?  Our following investigation and contacts with various reliable sources, has resulted in this webpage.
The Gold Bullion scam. Gold by the tons!
Dallas's Gold trading scam is quite preposterous. He claims to have access to two lots of gold bullion - one at 2000 metric tonnes and another at 5000 metric tonnes! That's about A$267 billion on today's market! Click here to read one of TMAC Australasia Pty Ltd's documents on this subject and do your own calculations. He must be dreaming - perhaps he thinks he's a James Bond character of some sort - "Goldfinger".

The scam apparently involves getting gold into India. For this endeavour he has a connection in India, and here the mystery increases. We have been provided with a letter in support of a business visa for Dallas to enter India. The letter was written by Partho Mukherjee of Toshniwal Enterprises (P) Ltd. The complication here is Dallas's passport number. As you can see from the above, his passport number is N4226566. On the support letter from his Indian colleagues, his passport number is given as E4069831. See document.
Instructions to prepare False Documents:
The following is an email from Dallas to an associate in Australia. It clearly shows the steps to be taken in creating documents. "Cut and Paste". (The only alteration to this email is the replacement of the recipient's name with Xxxx:) Note also that Dallas's email address is a "hotmail" account. What kind of legitimate and supposedly successful businessman uses Hotmail ??

   From: Terry D [mailto:gunga123@hotmail.com]
Friday, 8 June 2012 11:04 PM

  Xxxx, looks like the 2.5 million mt diesel deal getting some legs,Ive sent you this i think we need one of these done up on tmac letterhead to enable
  me to get
some protection a cut and paste job will do just put im my passport details where sharon delany is and use tmac letterhead,
  Thank you
  Terry Dallas
We will be publishing further documents and emails in coming days
Terry Dallas, Sexual Predator.
As a general rule, Wikifrauds is only concerned with the activities of fraudsters and their methods, and it has always been our aim to expose financial predators as a means to save people from investing or doing business with such people. We are not normally interested in anything else about their private lives unless it relates to fraud.

However, Wikifrauds has discovered that Terry John Dallas is also a known sexual predator with a predeliction for very young Thai boys. We are able to state without reservation that this information has been verified by no less than four independant sources, two from high official sources. It is apparent that his fraud activities are the means for him to practice his evil ways with these poverty-born young Thai boys. We have, but of course will not expose, the names of two such victims. Dallas virtually 'owns' at least one young boy, whose servitude to Dallas is the only way this boy's family is able to survive - they depend on Dallas paying for the services provided by their son. This is as close as it gets to tragic human exploitation and is not far removed from sexual slavery.

He is well known to hang out in the seedy gay bars of Bangkok and other Asian cities, and he can't be missed on the streets of his chosen hideaway village in northern Thailand, crawling around in his bright-blue Nissan Navara 4WD utility with lights all over it and the loud 'doof doof' sound system.

This behaviour by Dallas puts him in a league of his own amongst all the fraudsters featured in this website.
Dallas turns to dating sites in his thirst for more money: There seems no end to to the lengths this deviout will go to. Wikifrauds received this email today (Nov 3, 2013) from a lady who was being led down the path by Dallas. The email also included a transcript of following chats on Yahoo messenger which can be read here. Notice how Dallas, who claims here to be an RAAF Orthapaedic Surgeon based in America, sneaks up on the subject of bank accounts. (The photo of his new fake driver's licence along side his original is shown below.)

"I was contacted yesterday on the dating site "Plenty of Fish" by Terry John Dallas.  He claimed to be an orthopedic surgeon with the RAAF who had recently been deployed to the Air Force base in Olathe, KS.  (Further investigation on my part revealed this facility has been closed for a number of years).  He claimed to have been widowed two years ago, with an 8 year old son who lives with his mother-in-law in Greece while he is in the military.  He said he was raised in Greece, but had attended medical school in Australia.    He emailed me pictures that were allegedly of himself and his son, including a picture of his "driver's license". The picture is different, but as you can see from my attachments, the license is exactly the same as the one shown on your website.   A "cut and paste" job.

He asked me to log into Yahoo messenger so we could chat today while he was at "work".   He told me he was deleting his profile on POF, because all he had found on the dating site were women looking for "fun" and he wanted something serious, and he felt like he had found that with me.   Keep in mind, this is after ONE chat session.  He did delete the profile, and it made me immediately suspicious.  This morning, he started asking about which bank I used and what credit card companies, saying he wanted to open accounts in the US because he was retiring from the RAAF in December and wanted to remain in the US and open a private medical practice.   This sent off a huge red flag for me, and I told him I wasn't comfortable discussing personal finances.   An internet search of his name led me to your website.   I don't know if this is a new method of attempted fraud, or if it simply hasn't been reported.  I have no actual PROOF of fraud, as he didn't actually ask for money, but after reading your report on him, I feel like that is the direction he was attempting to steer the conversation.  I didn't see any mention of this type of fraud on your website, but I wanted to make you aware of my interaction with him, in the hope that perhaps you could warn other women who use internet dating sites. I am attaching a copy of the email and pictures he sent, as well as a transcript of the our yahoo messenger conversation. The longer we chatted, the more pushy he seemed and the more suspicious I became.

Hi it's me Terry

         terry dallas 


         Today at 5:44 AM



It's morning  here and I was thinking about you,. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking. It means so much to me it has been long times i had this kind of feelings. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and only you  All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me about 2 yrs now since i lost the mother of my child and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. talk later and hope you will like my pics ok and that is my son John 

                       The 'real' licence                                                                                       The licence sent to our emailer.
We will continue adding to this file as information comes to hand. Meantime, if you are considering dealings with Dallas or any of his companies, or have already done so, please contact us in confidence.
Update: We have been advised that this scumbag Dallas is now trying to scrape money together by selling on eBay. The informant in this case was suspicious about the conduct of payment to Dallas for a boutique guitar.
Watch out for him on eBay. His user name is "dalla-terr". DO NOT purchase from this man.
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