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                                                                     Terry Dallas and Mega Gold                                     
                                                                                            Extreme Warning!                                                         Date: December 22, 2012
Terry John Dallas and his two companies, Mega Gold Capital Australia and Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited (Hong Kong) are both front companies for a fee in advance fraud.
Dallas has a demonstrated history of fraud in Australia and our due diligence on this man has revealed that a large number of investors have been duped in recent years, albeit by smallish amounts, but a very large amount in total.

Dallas lives predominanty in Thailand, where he is known to frequent the many seedy bars and nightclubs in Bangkok, and is a frequent visitor to Hong Kong and Singapore. He portrays himself as the multi millionaire owner of  4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands on Queensland's Gold Coast, but our research shows us clearly that this property has, since being built in 1985, belonged to a Liao Su-Chin Yang. Dallas has never shown on this title, however Queensland Police sources have confirmed that he did at one stage live there, and that the licence above is real but apparently out of date despite the date shown.

                                                               Dallas's claimed Gold Coast residence which has direct boat access at rear.
                                                               Registered office for all Dallas companies. He IS NOT the owner of this property!

Other Associated Companies: TMAC Australasia Pty Ltd, registered on August 9, 2010. Registered Office: 4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands QLD
                                                   C.A.P. Asean Resources Pty Ltd. September 2, 2011. Registered Office: 4 Excalibur Crt, Sovereign Islands QLD

Associated Activities: The website "AustraliaTradeNow.com" has an entry for Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited indicating that they deal in aluminium ingots, steaming coal, used oils, iron ore, LNG and diesel products with sales in excess of US$100 million per annum. Just how they achieve $100m in sales in just a few months is a difficult concept to swallow.

Posing as a twenty-year wheeler dealer in the big financial markets of Asia, Dallas's latest scam involves obtaining fees in advance for access to a $250 million Loan Fund he has supposedly arranged with his Asian connections. To facilitate the appearance of legality to would-be borrowers, he registered Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited, 20th Floor Central Tower, 28 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong on June 13, 2012. Following the insistance of several potential borrowers in Australia, he then arranged for Mega Gold Capital Australia Pty Ltd to be registered on November 19, 2012.
Associates:  Martin John Kennedy, Director and 25% beneficial shareholder, Mega Gold Capital Australia Pty Ltd
                     Robert John Falconer, 24% beneficial shareholder, Mega Gold Capital Australia Pty Ltd.
                             Current position: Police Prosecutor, Southport Court, QLD.
                             (Set to become a director in 2013 when current contract with QLD Police expires around April 2013)
                              Said to be a long time friend and confidente` of Dallas.
                    Wisanu Kanpanya, 23 year old Director, TMAC Australasia Pty Ltd, a young Thai boy supposedly located on the Gold Coast.

Martin Kennedy: Dallas is a user of people. Apart from his current victims, is his own personal friend and fellow director, Martin Kennedy. He has had Kennedy arrange for all the Australian organisation to be put in place, the registering of Mega Gold Capital Australia Pty Ltd at Kennedy's expense, the hiring of new staff at Kennedy's office in South Morang, Victoria, and a whole lot of work by Kennedy in acceptance of loan applications, consultations with lawyers and loan portfolio managers, travel and accomodation costs to meet with clients, and in general allowed Kennedy to do all the legwork to get this supposed lending platform in place.

It is Wikifraud's belief that Kennedy has been blindly led by Dallas into obtaining fees paid directly to Dallas's personal bank account based only on the verbal assurances of Dallas of funds being available. Judged on the amount of work and effort Kennedy has put into this matter, we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Kennedy is also a major victim of his friend Dallas. Indeed Mr kennedy is working with us behind the scenes to bring this matter, in detail, to the attention of the authorities, and has contacted clients to advise them of the situation.

Robert John Falconer: Falconer has been a close associate of Dallas for some years. Around mid 2012 he travelled to Hong Kong with Dallas and was there at or around the time that Mega Gold Asia Pacific Limited was registered. Here the pair met with known fraudster, Tua Toki. Following that meeting, Falconer returned to Australia and contacted one of Toki's victims, "Shane", and advised him that he would have his fees refunded by Toki within a fortnight. This of course did not happen.

The big questions are: 1. What sort of relationship exists between a police prosecutor and a known fraudster like Dallas, who is a person of interest to QLD 
                                  2. What is a police prosecutor doing passing on messages from another fraudster to one of that fraudster's victims?
                                  3. What calibre of barrister fails to undertake any due diligence on either Dallas or Toki before engaging in business dealings with these
                                      infamous men?
We have endeavoured to contact Falconer to establish more facts. He indicated via a phone message on January 30 that he would call us, but so far has failed to do so. This also followed a number of requests by Kennedy to Falconer for him to contact us. Readers can draw their own conclusions as to any role Falconer may have played in these matters.


Extract from a recent loan offer showing fee deposit instructions:  (Note the auto-generated signature)

Our sources of information about this subject are first hand. Indeed, two of Mega Gold's clients are clients of our own other business activites, and we have well over two months correspondence on file with Mega Gold, including loan offers and requests for fees. We can personally attest to the hundreds of hours work on these projects undertaken by Kennedy in his full belief that the funds would be available. However, one of the fee requests detailed that the payment was to go to a Terry Dallas private bank account (we have the details), and it was this request that immediately rang alarm bells with us. Why would a legitimate lending company want fees paid to any individual and not the company? In fairness to Kennedy, when this request was opposed, he then arranged for fees to be placed in trust in the borrower's name with Mega Gold's Australian lawyers. We do however believe that over $70k has been paid by other borrowers direct to Dallas.

Borrowers were told in October and November that the $250 million would be in country by November 21. Then they were told proof of funds would be provided by December 21, 2012. This did not happen and so far nobody, including Kennedy, has seen any evidence that the funds exist at all. All people are hearing is that Dallas is extremely busy flying here and there between Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong getting all those things in place to make it all happen.

This is an ongoing matter and more will be revealed in due course. At this point we are assembling a brief of evidence to hand up to Queensland Police.
Meantime, if you have paid any fees to Dallas or Mega Gold, or are considering dealings with Dallas or any of his companies, please contact us in confidence.

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