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                   Expression Sessions Child Photography and now Zess Imaging Pty Ltd   (link)
                                                                                            Owned and operated by Jesse Baravykas.
                                                                                   A compulsive repeat offender and conman, DO NOT do business with this man.

                                                                                                                                                              First published June 18, 2015
                                                                                                                                                             Updated Feb 22, 2018. Further updated April 25, 2020, and again on December 31, 2020. and again on January 20, 2022

  Stay away from this unethical scam company or you will get your fingers burnt bigtime!

                                                          Here we go again - another skimming company and scheming con-artist, leeching money from clients with no valid authority.
January 2022 email from another victim, this one from New Zealand where this asshole Baravykas comes from:

I have been paying off photos that I had done with expression sessions since 2008 and had finished paying for them. Payed over $1000 for the ones I wanted and then started having troubles with contacting them concerning my account photos and payments with them and still havent received anything.. just wondering what I can do about this situation ive been trying alot throughout the years to get ahold of them or someone that can help me with this..  

December 31, 2020: An email from yet another victim scammed of $1000:

From: alison pennell <alison_pennell@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 30 December 2020 7:43 PM
To: investigator1@wikifrauds.net

Hi. In 2010 I was approached by expression sessions being an aboriginal single mum I was told much the same as the lady at Penrith on your website only I was at blacktown Westfield's still to this day I've received nothing and paid around $1000 still to this day haven't got the package nor money back 

Latest plea for help, February 2018:

Hi My name is Xxxxxxx. I was approached by expression session in mandurah at the forum. I purchased the 1600$package and i have been paying 20$ a month since my daughter was two years old! I would be coming close to having paid my photo package as my daughter is 9 this year! Can anyone tell me how to contact them as i have moved state's and dont want to loose the 2 canvas&disc that came as part of the package but it had to be payed in full before i recieved those items. Thank you kindly Miss Xxxxx

The following is a disgusting story of pressure sales tactics, false pretences and a company with their hands in a clients pocket. Despite numerous requests for this client to be provided with a bona-fide copy of the contract, the company has refused to do so and continues to rip money out of her bank account. Below is her sad saga in her own words:

July 2013 – Got sucked into having photos taken at Penrith Plaza of my daughter xxxxx who at time was 11 months old.

Came back three days later for booked appointment to view photos and see if I wanted to buy.  I explained that I was on a single parent pension and couldn’t really afford a package, was happy to buy some individual prints. Was offered the lowest package with like a dozen prints but it was well over $500 I can’t remember the price. I thought too much

They explained I could do fortnightly payments at a minimum of $25 per fortnight over 19 payments less the $50 for the enlarged print that I could take home today (Its hanging up at home).  I agreed was given a receipt for the $50 paid and I left. I definitely remember 19 payments/fortnights and thinking yep I can do this.

I went back a few days saying I wanted the contract I signed. They didn’t have it and asked me to call head office in Castle Hill.

I then rang at various times to get this and it was never sent.  Importantly they hardly answer their phone.

Last year I rang asking for account balance/summary and where were the pics.  I was told I signed up to a $1,200 deal and it would be paid off in 2 years! I was what??????  Asked them to send contract. Kept asking – gave up so many other things going on it got annoying and I just decided to wait till June this year and keep letting them take the deductions. Stupid me.

I rang a few weeks ago – after several days got through to someone

1)     Update credit card details

2)     Update postal address

3)     Ask for contract and payment summary

They didn’t want to give me the contract or payment summary. Told me I still had over $1000 left to pay.  This confused me because when I rang last year was told I would be finished paying by June/july.

They said I ordered a suite of photos and canvas and a cd.  I’m like no I order 13 prints only – and took one home on the day and order the minimum package because I was on a single parent pension. They were told this when I had the photos taken they did a credit check and I told them this again last year. Why on earth would I sign up to so much. 

I don’t have a leg to stand on because I never got my contract. So I asked again please send me this contract so I can see what I signed for.

I gave them new address and new credit card details – I didn’t want to default on my payments till I had read this contract.

Eventually about four days later someone else rang to confirm my new address and said they understood I was so upset that nothing had arrived yet after the money I spent and would send the dozen or so prints and then if I didn’t want the canvas that I ordered (which I still say I didn’t’) then I won’t get them if I don’t want them. So I’m like sweet I have the prints I’ve paid a shit load of money. I don’t want the canvas or CD that I ddint’ order in the first place.

Prints arrived  – but not the contract or payment summary. Of course I can get payment summary from my bank that’s not an issue but I’ve been paying $25 per fortnight since July 2013.

I got a call last week saying card declined. So I’ve tried several times to ring them to ask

1. Aren’t you using new credit card that I gave you several weeks ago? 2. Where is the contract?

I then got this letter in the mail.  (See below)

I managed to leave a voice message this morning.

I can’t email them direct, only through website.

I want to talk to Managing Director. I want it done via email so there is a paper trail not via phone calls.

Frustrated need help please . Far out man."

And another:

Hi My name is Jody springall. I was approached by expression session in mandurah at the forum. I purchased the 1600$package and i have been paying 20$ a month since my daughter was two years old! I would be coming close to having paid my photo package as my daughter is 9 this year! Can anyone tell me how to contact them as i have moved state's and dont want to loose the 2 canvas&disc that came as part of the package but it had to be payed in full before i recieved those items. Thank you kindly Miss j Springall

..... another  Hi I have been trying to get a hold of this company expression sessions and no luck I have paid money and they promised to remove my default unfortanly no luck and I never recevied my photos and now I am unable to get credit need help asap Thanks kirsten Stevens.

More: Aug 2014- I went into a so called contract with Expression Sessions. Like so many other persons I faced the same situation. Again there was this contract with no authenticity, they had promised to send the copy of what I signed but never received it actually. I was lured into a fortnightly contract of $ 26.8 not including the $ 50 deposit for a medium sized package worth around $1400. This agreement had been reached in their stall at Centro Roselands ( Roselands Shopping Centre). I had been told that I would be receiving a dozen plus photographs, a cd of these photos and two canvas copies. I did receive the photographs, when I asked for cds and canvas copies they changed their words and said that I would only receive them upon completion of my payment like in a layby. Eventually by 26th July 2016 I had paid off every bits of what I owed them and did contact them. Lucky me I thought as I got a reply saying that I would get my package within 2-6 weeks. It's been over 4 months that  their deadline has finished, but to date I haven't received what I should have. I have rung so many times from then to date, only for the phone call ending unanswered. When I entered the contract I had just started my life in Australia as a permanent resident who had migrated for a better life and got drawn into this alluring proposal. Then I was the only person working as my wife was studying certificate course for a supporting job. Our family income was a mere 950$ per fortnight thanks to the casual job I had. Still I got into the contract thinking that I can afford 26.8$ for a sweet memory of my baby boy in the after years. All in vain! is there any way that I and others who faced the same situation get any justice as a resident Australian should get. Is there any way to bring this institution under justice. Please help me if you can.
Kindest Regards, Krishna Dip Shakya

And yet another: (This one from NZ) When my child was 4months old I was approach a west city for pictures and I was quite happy to do them, I didn't mind the cost, however my child is now 2 and still haven't received my photos of my child which I've paid $700odd for.  3 months ago I received a call asking me if I got a package and I said no I did not, and the lady asked me over the phone if they had the core text address, I said no and they took down my current address..then randomly sent me a text message this Monday, asking me to confirm if I'd receive the package they'd sent...so instantly I rang the number that text me and it went to an answer phone that doesn't have any company inbox message - just someone saying hola and a beep, so I googled the company to get an office number and rang through to someone who took down the number that texted me to ring it, and said she would ring me right back, neverdid, in stead I got an email yesterday of a tracking number of a package that's going to the wrong address...I rang Nz post to trace the number, they couldn't find it.

One more: 

Ok so I had my son done at 6 months which he is now 2. I have been paying them $43 weekly and it comes up as 9 easy payments see attachment. I worked out that I paid over $4000 for a $700 package that I signed for being a single parent. I tried everything to stop the payments and my bank can't without their permission. Iv had enough my kids have had to miss out on a lot over this. Please help me recover my dead money. I didn't get any photos or canvas I paid for.
Tiffany Clark Broken Hill

We are going to take a deeper look at this outfit and publish everything we discover.

June 18, 2015: Since first publishing early today, we have discovered that this outfit has dozens of complaints about pressure tactics, rip-offs etc etc. Here's a few that confirm our thoughts. They have been copied and pasted word for word from various forums on the internet.

From Scambook: Link

The hit me up because they told me it was a free photo session when I went to go look at my photos I had to pay 50$ deposit thy than told me it was only 237$ to get the rest , weeks later they than told me it was 5000 and something . I told them I can't afford it and they won't let me cancel them!!! Not have they only done it to me but they have done it to a numerous of other people. I want something done.

From Oh Baby Forum:

I was approached in a mall about having a free photo shot of ds and agreed to it as I thought it would be good. They kept putting hats on ds which I didn't like without asking me which I didn't like. I was pressured into buying a keyring which I didn't really want and they kept saying they didn't know the prices when I asked. I went back a fortnight later to view the photo's and wasn't impressed with them, dh and I have taken a lot better. They asked me what photo's I wanted before telling me the prices but as I wasn't impressed with them and none of them popped out as me I said I didn't want to buy any. I saw the keyring and the photo was not good and the keyring looked very tacky. I said I didn't like it and could I get my money back. They said I could but they couldn't do it there as they didn't have any cash but they would get their manager to ring me. 
A week later I hadn't received a call so I rang them. I kept getting put on hold, eventually got to talk to someone who said I could get a refund and she tried to put me through to the accounts people but they were on a conference call so they would ring me back. 5 days later I hadn't heard anything so I rang again to speak to them and got told that they don't do refunds. I also got verbally abused on the phone and when I tried to say that I had been told by 2 people that I would get a refund I got told that they would not talk to me again and that I tried to ring back then they would call the police. 
I know it's only $10 but it's still $10. If they won't give me my money back then I just want the keyring even though it's not very good. 
Am I only the person to have this experience or have other people had a bad experience with them?

To read more complaints, go to Oh Baby Forum

This mob has been behaving like this for a long time. Here's one from way back in 2008. Nothing has changed, these vultures have a culture of pressure and then not supplying what is verbally quoted at session time.

"Just wanted to let everyone know about our recent experience with Expression Session photography which is a mall based photo session. It costs $9.00 for a photo shoot where they put the child into hats and various outfits and work really hard to get smiles. The session was lots of fun but I was a little concerned afterwards that I didnt get much information. I was booked a time to come back and collect the photos and was advised they would be printed out and I would get to pick the best ones. 
On arrival on Friday I was told that they had taken 61 shots of my daughter and that they had printed 19 photos out. I was then advised that for $2,000+ I could purchase all photos on a disc and have copyright of them to send/print whatever I wanted. The 19 photos were various sizes and would have costed I think around $1200 to purchase. I was mortified at the expense and told them outright that I could not afford that kind of money. I eventually got 8 photos of various sizes for $449. So for $500 dollars I got 8 photos (1 large, 4 about 1/2 A4 size and 4 more with 6 photos per page, plus a keyring - photo only one side and their advertising the other and two very badly cut fridge magnets). 
Whilst I love the photos I am disgusted with the cost. Our wedding photos cost under $3,000 and we had a photographer for the entire day, over 300 photos all printed out to choose from and then an album made for that. I am in the process of writing them a letter (they have no contact details in NZ only Australia) to ensure that they are aware that we give no authority for them to sell, distribute, use or pass on any of the photos of our daughter they still hold. DONT BE SUCKED IN LIKE ME!"

What these ratbags have been doing is "clensing" their facebook page daily. By Cleansing, we mean that they receive a comment or comments on their page and daily remove all that are complaints. Sadly for them, we have been monitoring this and will soon publish screenshots of dozens of complaints. The issues are all about being charged beyond the fees authorised, demands for more money, photos taking up o a year to be sent out to the buyers and so on.

If you have had similar problems with them, please let us know  Contact Us