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J&J Wholesale Cars, Liverpool NSW  Worst dodgy used car dealer in Sydney
   Jason Younis,  aka Jay McAlister
   Biggest liar and conman in the motor industry. An absolute thief wih first class honors.

Now trading as Auswide Wholesale Cars, Villawood NSW


October 25, 2016: The examples given below are but a few. Wikifrauds gets at least one complaint a week about these scammers, far too many to publish. All are the same - people have paid good money for bad cars that breakdown and never get fixed. In some cases, people have paid for cars and not received the cars nor been able to get their money back. Others have been stuck with massive repair bills and no warranty. Nearly all cars sold are unroadworthy but have been supplied with dodgy certificates (pink slips). We haven't kept count of the complaints but estimate it to be well over 100 since we first published. Again, DO NOT do business with this outfit or you will be in a world of pain.
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They have only been in business under this name since September last year (2014). We believe they formerly traded as WDA Wholesale Direct Dealers Pty Ltd. They are not members of the Motor Traders Association (MTA). They are however known to Fair Trading over a dozens of consumer complaints.

Feb 26, 2015:
Used car buyers should not purchase vehicles from this company without a full independant mechanical and body check undertaken by a recognised service such as the NRMA.

Wikifrauds has evidence of a disgraceful sale that took place this week concerning a totally unroadworthy vehicle sold with a dodgy certificate and by misrepresentation. Please stay away from this untrustworthy and dishonest dealer. Everything that comes out of their mouths is lies.

Example: Purchase of Landcruiser
It was agreed in writing between a customer and this dealer that the vehicle was to be delivered Sunday Feb 22, 2015. It was not delivered until the following Tuesday. The customer lost 2 days work at that point by waiting at home for a car that "was on its way".When it finally arrived, it was rolled off the tow truck because it wouldn't start. The tow truck driver didn't want to help. Client called the dealer who responded,"what do you want me to do about it, it drove fine onto the tow truck, saw it with my own eyes". Client called Fair Trading NSW. They said not to do anything to the car until a mechanic looked at it, ie do not buy new battery etc. Client called a mechanic who came to try to jump start it. The battery was flat and still wouldn't start with jumper leads. Investigations found a melted ignition fuse. The car did NOT drive itself onto the truck. Impossible. Client still has the melted fuse. Vehicle then assessed by a properly qualified independent NRMA technician and was found to be in a dangerous and unroadworthy condition. A rough estimate of $4000 neeed to be spent to pass the mandatory roadworthy tests and certification. The NRMA report stated that it was not to be driven as it was in a dangerous condition.

The paperwork that came with the vehicle was supposed to include a 12 month warranty but that was not supplied. There was a certificate of roadworthy (completed by some dodgy mechanic who will be dealt with by the Roads and Maritime Services, formerly the RTA) and the RMS transfer document only. The client asked the dealer about the missing warranty and they simply said they forgot it. No contract of sale has been provided as required by law. (And, the dealer does not display his licence number on his website, also required by law.)

The client asked for full refund. The dealer reluctantly agreed but at the client's cost to return car, which required another truck at a quoted cost of $250, and the dealer will not refund any money without the car in their possession.

The client has lodged a complaint with Fair Trading NSW and requested their assistance. On their advice a demand was emailed to the dealer yesterday, Feb 26,  for the dealer to refund all money paid. Telephone discussions between the dealer and the client reveal that the dealer received the demand but ignored it. The dealer re-stated that even if the vehicle was on a truck at the dealership, he couldn't guarantee an immediate refund as "only the bosses can do that". In fact the person on the phone was a 'Jay' or 'James', and he is the boss.

Click here to see NRMA report on this dangerous and  unroadworthy vehicle:
Cick here to see advert showing 12 months warranty which the client did not receive. Note in the description that the kilometers driven show as 0 - nil, zero! This is also illegal advertising.

March 10, 2015  - Still no response from dealer and still no refund to client!

March 17, 2015: This story gets worse by the day! Clear case of fraud:
It turns out from a check with the RTA, that the vehicle in question does not belong to the dealer. So this shonky dealer has sold a vehicle that is not theirs to sell, and have therefore obtained a financial benefit by deception and misrepresentation, which is the definition of fraud. This will be reported to the NSW Fraud Squad in the next day or so.

, on March 16 these scammers offered to float the truck back and then refund the customer's money. A tow truck took possession of the vehicle at 2.30pm today and it was confirmed by the dealer that it was received by them. They promised to refund the money immediately, and send a copy of the deposit transaction to the client. As at 6.30pm this has not happened. The client has phoned several times and was told that they were doing it right then!

Update March 19, 2015: The client has finally received her money back in full. However she remains out of pocket for the two days wages she lost waiting for the vehicle to arrive and still stressed at the worry and insulting manner with which she was treated by this "Alister" character, whoever he is.

Threat to us: Update March 21, 2015:
The following pasted email suggests a threat to us by these thugs:

----- Original Message -----
To: Investigator1
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2015 12:35 AM
Subject: RE: Re Worst dodgy used car dealer in Sydney

Well mate the money was refunded what are you going to do
Best Regards Sales Team
Address 80 Orange Grove road or known as (Cumberland Hwy ) Warwick Farm 2170  Phone 02-98222444
Trading hours 9am till 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am till 6pm Saturdays and Sundays
To view our stock please go to www.jjwholesalecars.com.au  
FULLY UNDERCOVER WAREHOUSE WITH MORE THAN 150 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM ( Bring the kids to play in our Kids Corner plenty for every one
Buy @wholesale and Save !!!

Our response:
From: investigator1@wikifrauds.net
To: jjwholesalecars@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Re Worst dodgy used car dealer in Sydney
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 03:08:51 +1100

First of all I'm not your mate!
Secondly, I have now stated that the money has been refunded. (of course you know that the client took two days unpaid leave waiting for the car to arrive when promised, so whilst you have refunded the amount paid, she lost two days pay and went through a lot of stress)
Thirdly, and because of the totally rude and "get stuffed" attitude taken by your staff to both victims, I am doing nothing further. Innocent car buyers should be aware of the antics your team gets up to once you have their money. One of them might be the next buyer of that dangerous shitheap!
I've worked in the retail motor industry for over 30 years and have never come across a more disgusting bunch of cowboys and bullies in that time.
As I said I would, I did consider removing the page but then I figured that I'd be letting the public down. You have earned a place on this website and you had better learn to live with it . . .  mate!

Their reply:
ok see you soon john

Second complaint: The following email came in to us late Monday March 9.  It is pasted directly from the email:

"I just rang this "car yard" and after explaining briefly what I was calling about, I asked what the managers nane was and got her to spell it for me. I then requested to speak to the manager "Jamie McAllister" (if thats his real name)  and she told me he was in a "meeting". I said I really needed to talk with him. She then said, "I have another call" and hung up on me!
I waited about 10 minutes then called back from a different number and asked to talk with Mr Jamie McAllister. She then put me through. I spoke with him and explained my daughter had purchased the said vehicle and had just taken it in for a rego check (we knew it was up for rego within a month of purchase but thought it was roadworthy as she'd only just bought it from a car yard!! )... well... I went on to list the things that were wrong with the vehicle to which he said it wasnt his problem. I replied.. well actually it is because you are a car yard and you sold my daughter an unroadworthy vehicle which is still under warranty. He said the vehicle had no warranty due to blah blah... to which I said it was as I'd already rang fair trading and the vehicle was under the required 160,000 kms and it was also less than 10 years old. He then said he didn't have to talk to me as the vehicle was sold to her and the rego was in her name which meant she was the owner. I corrected him on this as well and explained rego doesn't prove ownership. ... whoever paid for the vehicle owns it and that would be me! He told me I need to check my facts cause I don't know what I'm talking about.... I restated the above and told him as a car dealer I'm surprised as obviously he doesn't know what he's talking about. He then said he didn't want to talk about this vehicle..... I went on to day that I rang to explain the situation and ask what he was prepared to do about it to help out my daughter... after all what you did was sell her an unroadworthy vehicle. .. which is against the law... and I'm giving you an opportunity to correct this. He said no I'm not going to do anything. I asked him again.... and he said no.... that it wasn't his problem basically. I told him I would take this back to Fair Trading and then I said, this proves you are not only a f#%king arsehole but a snake as well. I then hung up. I plan to lodge a formal complaint with Fair Trading and any other organisation who I find online to complain about this shonky crew." 
Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5 on the Telstra 4G network

Sounds all too familiar. And this Jamie McCallister character is probably using a false name.

Third matter: We received the following from a Facebook blog:
"Never ever ever buy from these people. Serious scammers & ripped off a friend of mine ... not the first time they have done this either!"
June 04, 2015 New complaint just in:
The following email arrived today. We have withheld the name but have no doubt it is factual. Will these ratbags ever learn:
Hi ,
These are by far the worst people to deal with , i bought a car and then went for rego to find it was un road worthy , i gave them the list and took it back .... end story they bodged all work and then passed the rego and then got it home to find out that it is not road worthy.
So now i have a car that is usless and if something went wrong could have hurt or killed my Family ..
Fair Trading is being involved and RTA will be onto the person who passed the rego.
These people should be locked up becuase what they are doing is just as close to attempted murder selling cars like this 
Thank you

June 18, another complaint:
"I purchased my car from wholesale direct autos in September 2014 (a Mazda 2 Neo) for $3,200. 

Two days later it broke down out of no where, approaching traffic lights the engine just stopped. After calling the dealership and expressing my frustration they agreed to send a tow truck and fix it through there mechanics. Me and my partner sat on the side of the road for an hour and a half and nothing arrived. I called back and was told no tow truck was coming it's not there problem and spoke to me very aggressive but agreed to still fix it. I got a tow truck from my own money $100 and they agreed to fix it. I called and spoke with a man named John who told me to deal with him as he was the manager. He advised me the engine had blown and started accusing me of overheating the car purposely. (What because I was 21, a girl? I must of purposely done it, the idiot) but agreed to put a new engine in

After a month on and off calling I could never get past the receptionist who said various dates it would be done by, it was never done.
I contacted fair training who referred me to the tribunal and my case was heard in December 2014. They had until January 2015 to pay and didn't. I tried to call and there number was disconnected. I looked up there ABN (on ABN lookup) and realised they had closed and reopened as j&j wholesale in early January 2015

I have no idea where to go now.
I have a court order for wholesale direct auto to pay me but I've been told unless I can prove they are the same company as j&j wholesale I haven't got a leg to stand on, I would have to go back through the tribunal 

I know it's the same company
They advertised my car on there new j&j wholesale website  after shutting down wholesale direct autos"

We understand this car has now been re-sold by J&J and still they refuse to refund the client's money. Wikifrauds has undertaken to assist the client in bringing charges of fraud, theft and conversion against Jay Macalister and his company. This IS NOT a simple civil matter any lnger, it is a criminal matter.

June 27 2015: Next complaint:
I have researched the company online that I recently purchased a car from at Liverpool, I am one of the lucky ones from what I've read I poured $4500 into a ford territory 7weeks ago to find out now it will need thousands of dollars of repairs to pass a pink slip, from my understanding the vehicle is over 5 years old should be sold with a pink slip, I rang the car yard to ask about this , the guy told me that the inspection number is on my paper work wich I found so I rang the rta and they said they haven't even heard of that pink slip number provided , so now I'm trying to battle them to fix my car, I thought I'd tell our story to try and stop these crooks from operating, I have also emailed to current affairs in regards to these crooks
Thank you

If you are having problems with this outfit, contact us or go to the Department of Fair Trading NSW and the RMS?RTA. Dealers like this and their dodgy "cash" mechanics put people's lives at risk.