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Note: Anyone looking to visit Ali should keep these two addreses on file:

The following is an explanation of the inner workings and so-called business operations of WGA, and its head, Ahsan Ali Syed. It has been compiled from a number of sources including various 'clients' of WGA, and inside information from reliable employees who have secretly given us and some others a real look at what goes on. The information has been double checked from various sources and we are satisfied that it is correct.

The Inner Circle:  This group really run things  and are at the heart of the conspiracy. These are the real criminals.

                               Ahsan Ali Syed

                               Founder and chief architect. The head man and public face of WGA
                               Omer Khan  (Now gone!)
                               Chief Financial Officer. The second highest man and co-author of the scam. Rumoured to have left WGA on Friday June 24.
                               Shahereyar Ali Mirza. Cousin of Ali Syed. Also known as "Hussein". 
                               IT expert and right-hand man to Ali.
                               Mir Hyder Ali. Also cousin of Ali Syed.
                               Administrative Assistant.
                               Ashish Gupta
                               Account Manager
                               Arun Sasi
                               Legal Officer
                               Ghazi Al Malood
                              Director. Nominal Bahraini director, but in fact a very important and old friend of Ali.
                               Nawaf Ghazi Al  Malood
                               Son of Ghazi Al Malood by one of his two wives.

The Outer Circle:  This group are really just the semi-innocents who simply do what they are told by Ali and the inner circle.
                                Many are held at WGA almost against their will. Ali has control over them in some way as will be shown below.

                                Bahawanna Ghimire- Telemarketer. Has recently targetted Italy and the renewable energy sector.
                                Kerry (or Karri) Werner

Ali's office structure and his control is pure James Bond stuff. There are CCTV cameras in place and Ali monitors every office and all members of his staff continually. All emails in and out go through his controls first. If you send an email to any member of staff, he reads it first and filters out anything he does not want the staff to receive. All telephone conversations are monitored in the same way, and most likely recorded. Even mobile phones provided to staff are monitored, and employees also suspect that the housing supplied by Ali is bugged. They are forced to have private conversations 'outside' in the open air, and some get their own Bahraini SIM cards for privacy when using their mobile phones. If Ali is away on business, or out of the office, then his cousin Shahereyar Ali Mirza, or Hussein as he is widely known in WGA, takes over these responsibilities and reports back to Ali. "Hussein" is a highly-skilled IT expert who can allegedly "hack anything".

Ali's control over his staff is readily exemplified by an experience related to us by none other than Keith Johnson. Keith was at a restaurant one evening having visited Ali earlier that day. He was about to dine when two of Ali's female staffers entered the restaurant. Keith courteously asked the girls to join him, which they did. A short time later one of the girls received a phone call from Ali who angrily instructed them both to immediately leave, stating that they were not permitted to talk in any way to his clients. The girls apologised to Keith and promptly left. How did Ali know they were there? Was Keith being watched, or were the girls being watched?

Most of Ali's inner circle have false passports, and many of the staff are illegals in Bahrain with no visas or CPR's, including some of those in the outer circle. Ali is able to get around this because Nawaf Ghazi Al Malood bribes immigration officials to turn a blind eye. Some of the girls working there cannot leave WGA because to do so would mean that they would be turned over to immigration and expelled back to Nepal or India, where Ali knows they face arranged marriages. So they stay and do his bidding, fearful of doing otherwise. Ali and Omer live in the luxury area of Reef, the middle level staff live in Busaiteen, not very nice at all, and the Indian staff live in Muharaq, a really awful area of Bahrain - bottom of the rent scale. This probably helps Ali put fuel in the new Bentley he recently purchased. Appearances and ego are everything to this gaudy bling-wearing thief.

Others who have innocently joined WGA, thinking it was a legitimate business, soon leave. Anyone asking too many questions is immediately shut out and eventually forced to leave. Ali divides his tasks into pieces and allocates those pieces to several people, then assembles the completed tasks himself. No member of staff knows what the others are doing, and discussions about their functions are forbidden. The end result is that the whole task gets completed but only Ali and the inner sanctum get to know the whole result. People who know nothing can say nothing. The telemarketer analysts follow a strict pattern. When an assesment is made and a client advises that they can't pay the fees, and have no assets to use to leverage fees from, the client is dumped and the files are shredded. All documents received up to that stage are destroyed.

When visitors are scheduled to see Ali, all the workers are instructed to look at their computer screens which will now be displaying a Bloomberg site or some other financial site, so the whole place appears to the visitor to be a legitimate finance house with all these 'analysts' apparently monitoring world business matters. They are in fact doing nothing, but it looks good. And his real show piece for clients who have just signed away a fortune on a bogus loan agreement, is for this showman to pray over every page of the contract. Mind control - and we are informed that Ali reads many books on this subject.

Ali buys assets and has them put in other people's names. He rarely signs any documents himself. For example, his horse stables in Deauville, on the Normandy coast of France, were purchased in his cousin Shahereyar Ali Mirza's name. The agent who brokered this deal was Georges Valladier, a well known equestrian trainer in both France and Bahrain. Georges Valladier probably knows nothing, and was introduced by his son
Valladier, who had at the time a business relationship with Ali.  Wikifrauds has exchanges several emails with Georges Valladier who in the end was never paid the brokerage fees owed by Ali for the purchase of the horse stud in Normandy. This gentleman is yet another of a long string of Ali's victims. He has also severed his relationship with Ali.

Ali owns a recently re-decorated mansion in Hergiswill, Switzerland. When Ali and his entourage are in Switzerland, they usually stay at the City Garden hotel, but we understand that Ashish Gupta, the 'accountant', stays in a Hotel in Horgen, which is closer to Hergiswill where Ali lives.

Another source has advised that Ali is a close friend of famed arms dealer and international fraudster, Adnan Khashoggi, and is often in conversation with this man. Apparently their friendship or business relationship goes back a fair way to the days when Ali lived in London. More about this will be published later.

Khan Gone: News from a reliable source, a former employee of WGA, has confirmed that Omer Khan has left Ali. We are advised that Omer Khan was becomng increasingly alarmed at Ali's behaviour and though it too dangerous to continue working for WGA. Khan's change of attitude coincided with the birth of his daughter, and thoughts of his family overrode his obligations to Ali. He announced he was leaving, and days later when he attended the office for the last time, Ali had de-activitaed his keycard and he was unable to enter he building. He called one of the relatuionship managers to allow him entry and was refused. He tried once more a day or so later, and was again refused. And as Ali had his passport and his wife's visa, Omer and his family have been unable to leave Bahrain ever since.
Since Omer Khan left, Ali's in-house lawyer Anoop has quit and his wife also, and Ashish Gupta simpy didn't turn up for work one day, and has not been seen or heard of since. Apparently Ali was "surprised and kind of shocked".

Our information is that, quote: "The employees now have just nothing to do. Nothing! No customers, no income, no revenue... nothing!"

Ali has not travelled since April or May 2012. He has not paid the company that furnished him with a flight attendant and the pilots. So the company went against him. The company, led by a bank, reposessed his jet from Bahrain and flew it to Zurich, in May. And Ali's Australian lawyer, John Mulally, has been telling everyone that Ali sold the jet to make way for a new one! Anything to perpetuate the lies. Mulally has been in this up to his neck all the way.

Update September 2013: So where are the staff and connections now?

Information from very reliable sources has been provided to Wikifrauds over recent weeks.
   Omer Khan - left as described above and keeping a low profile. Efforts to locate him or have him contact us have failed. Last rumoured to be back in the 
   USA and continuing his studies. Sooner or later he will be looking for work and his name will come up on any Google search. Somebody will contact us for  
   information, as they have in the past with various people we have exposed and who have tried to obtain employment. It's not that easy to get a job if your 
   name is on Wikifrauds. If Omer wants to contact us, we can discuss removal of his name. Otherwise he will have to change it to ever have a legitimate future.
   Hyder Ali and his wife - "ran away in the middle of the night" according to one informer. New information (Sep 2012) suggests that Khan may be in Canada
   and looking for a job. Drake International in Canada has done a search on his name and just recently and visited our site.
   Arun Sasi - WGA house lawyer. Also left WGA and reportedly too scared to talk to anyone.
   Kerry (or Karri) Werner - also gone and we don't know where.
   The tea maker - another Abbas and his brother also left WGA, having not been paid their salary!

All of the above people were conned by Ali to varying degrees. Ali's lies to his staff are manifest and the informants who have come to us have all advised the same thing - "Ali is full of bullshit".

    Shahereyar Ali Mirza. (Pictured below) Still there with Ali in Bahrain. Now Ali's right hand man. In fact, he probably always was.
    Malood - both father and son continue their association with Ali. It is through this connection that Ali was able to befriend the King's son, and thus become a protected species in Bahrain.


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