Registered in the UK with a single director, Chanqian Liu, who resides in China.
This is a total on-line scam company
Hymax sells on-line only, and produces a range of sham and fake products sold worldwide.
And just remember, every dollar you spend on Chinese imports, good or otherwise, pays for a dozen bullets for the Chinese Revolutionary Army to use on 'disobedient' minorities like the Tibetan and Uyghur people.

This link list dozens of companies or on-line retailers owned by Hymax, and details the dud and fake products Hymax sells worldwide. There are too many to list here. Any and all Hymax owned outfits are shams - crap products and no way to get your money back. Check it out. And when you look up Hymax on the net, the London address all looks rosy and wonderful. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Our initial investgations were prompted by this particular matter below, and since then we have uncovered  a vast number of complaints about Hymax operations.

 IBUYWIG The ladies hair wig on-line website "Ibuywig" is a total rip-off. To be sure you are reading about the correct website store, this is their inage below: DO NOT purchase a single strand of hair from this cowboy outfit selling cheap Chinese rubbish at huge prices.The complaints are numerous, and can be read by going to this  product review site. by Trust Pilot.
Wikifrauds arranged DNA testing one wig we have received from a very unhappy customer, to see if it is actually human hair as claimed. It is indeed horse hair.
Of course Ibuywig's ownership is hidden behind secret domain registry information - there's little chance of finding out who owns this scam outfit. See: https://www.crazydomains.com.au/whois/ibuywig.com/#result

However, we did find this under their own 'contact us' section:

If you are hunting for your dream wigs or have any questions regarding our prices, designs, shipping or know more about our wigs, please feel free to email us via ibuywig@wigs.market.

We strive to provide you excellent customer service, and we will do as much as we can to enhance your shopping experience

You can also go to “Help & FAQs” to find more answers about enquiries.

If you still do not have the answers you are in search of, please contact us via following steps. We usually respond to all inquiries within one working day.

 However, we have established that their actual physical addess  of this "London" company is Beishashi Room 0811,  8th Floor, Changhe Building, Changjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui, China 230088, This is only a mere 5,540  miles from London!

Google search result on Hymax returns this page, with the description "Home goods store" Really !!!

 Above: The registered address of Hymax. Doesn't look much like their true address! We will soon fund out as one disgruntled buyer has sent a return package with an Australia Post tracking number LK164177913AU

We checked with Companies House in London. Yes, this sham is registered in the UK, (Link to Companies House) and a further 'people' search shows a single director, LIU, Chanqian, a 25 year old residing in China. See extract pasted below.
Read also about the company operating this scam, Hymax Company Limited, or simply google Liu Chanqian, and you will find dozens of victims from all over the world. Check this out, again on Trust Pilot.

1 officer / 0 resignations

LIU, Chanqian

Correspondence address
No.6 Building 2, Pinzhou Community, Bao'An District, Shenzhen City, China, 518000
Date of birth
February 1997
Appointed on
16 April 2020
Country of residence

Contact us if you have been ripped-off.


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