Hybrid Reserve
                                                                   Be warned, this is a huge scam.  
THIS STORY was released by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) today, January 6, 2020. It has been researched and published by investigative journalist Rebecca Trigger, and is an informative narration of a huge but very clever international scam. We do not need to repeat the story word for word here, but recommend readers check this link to catch the story. Rebecca Trigger may be contacted for further information.

We will observe however, that after many years of investigating and exposing many fraudsters, most victims we have heard from in one way or another should look at themselves. They inevitably fall into two catagories - those who are desparate or those who are greedy. When will people wake up to the sad fact that if something sounds too good to be true, then it more than likely is not true.  Quite simply, high returns equal high risks, and the higher the promised return, the more likely it will become some sort of rip-off. And as Rebecca has pointed out, a slick glossy webpage spruiking well known identities doesn't mean it is credible. Potential investors or borrowers should spend a lot of time undertaking their own thorough due diligence - it's tedious work but not that hard to check out the bona fides of people and companies. It might cost a few dollars here and there for company reports from ASIC, but what's the value of a few small fees compared to the value of some of the massive losses we have seen, and which were largely avoidable.              

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