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                                                                   "Dr" Peter (Pierino) Liva    Australia, currently in Brussels
                                                                    Patrick Guy Thomas           London and Brussels, native of South Africa
                                                                   "Dr" Edward Garner           London and Brussels, native of South Africa
                               If anyone has had, or is contemplating, dealings with any of these people, please contact Wikifrauds urgently. 

If anyone has heard of a supposed $800 million loan fund allegedly being made available for on-lending by a prominent southern African political leader, please let us know immediately.
Patrick Guy Thomas: Claims to be CEO of PG Consulting. Wikifrauds traced this man as far as we could through LinkedIn entries, and finished up at a Nigerian webpage with all the jazz and claims, but no solid information and no active links, just a glossy front page that tells the reader nothing about the team or staff, and no details on supposed acheivements.

"Dr" Edward Garner: Claims to be the CEO of Angie Nelson Financial Consulting. A reference to this South African company (see listing) shows totally different ownership altogether. See also. We can't determine how old this last entry is, but a check of the current telephone directories covering all South Africa failed to show this company.

Peter Liva is a cheap fraudster from Australia with a long and very bad credit history. We have a list of around twenty or so people from whom he has snaffled somewhere between $2M and $3M over the last two years, using fake documents to con unwitting people with his scam plot. He is currently (as of October) still in Brussels staying at the Novatel - on other people's money we might add. More details coming soon.

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