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Ronald Shane Flynn
US$14 million Fraud
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More coming on Flynn shortly.
Meantime, read this article in the UK Daily Mail  and this one from the US Federal Grand Jury.
Flynn is understood to have operated in Thailand and the Philippines, and Australia, where we are led to believe he has a resident daughter. He is also the founder of Global Satellite Broadcasting Coropration (GSBC), a company which in the surface appears to be nothing but hot air press releases.

"professional" stock exchange lister implicated in yet another massive fraud. Richard James Walker is an Australian business advisor responsible for listing numerous spurious companies on second-tier European Stock exchanges, and the resulting losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars of investor's money in Australia and elsewhere. He's a 'go-to' man when one has a bird with no wings, but needs to fly. A classic shonk!

He is connected to Flynn via a mutual operating company, NetNetNet.TV. Both Flynn and Walker are listed as company directors. See officers listing.


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