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 BEWARE:   Daniel Truman Brown and J.R.Truman Capital  of Waterman Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Wikifrauds has received verifiable allegations about this company and Daniel Truman Brown and his partner Adam Newley being a pair of scam artists. We are investigating further and will publish our findings shortly along with a list of his business associates.
                                    Daniel Truman Brown                  Adam James Newley                  Adam Magill, Brown's lawyer and former                          Brown's current girlfriend, Sarra Kirsty Jones
                                                                                                        Brown's partner.                      QLD police officer, on numerous serious fraud charges
.           Professional Erotic dancer
                                                                                                                            Read more about Magill here and second link.

One allegation we have is that Adam Magill was used by Brown to assure one victim that her investment with Brown was a sure thing. This assurance from a lawyer later cost the elderly lady her home!
We also understand that Brown himself has recently been in and out of the Brisbane Magistrates Court dozens of times for many matters. And we wonder whether Brown is tangled up in Magill's legal problems.
Meantime,  if you are thinking of doing business with Brown,  be especially carefull to undertake thorough due diligence and consult  a reputable independant  solicitor of your own choosing first. 
Likewise, if you have further information on either Brown's or Newley's spurious activities, please contact us in confidence.

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