Super Annuation - Crooked Employers who don't pay your money to you!                                                      
The following employers are listed below because they have not paid your superannuation!

They are listed in an effort to make them pay or suffer the bad publicity that will follow this publication. Should they decide to pay you in full the delinquent amounts PLUS interest owed, then and only then, will we remove their names from this site.

Gary Rush, the former Mayor of Bathurst NSW: Not only has this man not paid superannuation to entitled employees of his Spectrum Windows business, but he has taken deposits from clients for products that he has not delivered and has not refunded payments made for these products. This guy is a conman of the first order, and his disgusting behaviour and ethics have been well exposed by Ray Hadley, Sydney radio 2GB's formidable morning show host. Go to:

Jude Camilleri Family Discretionary Trust: Owes thousands of dollars in unpaid superannuation and unpaid annual leave and annual leave loadings, to several  former employees of Hills Car Rentals. This company and or associated entities has properties worth millions, including a large commercial property at Bella Vista NSW, a holiday mansion at Avoca Beach on the NSW Central Coast, and an expensive waterside apartment in Sydney's Breakfast Point. All propped up by the employees' unpaid superannuation. Why can't these predators re-finance their holdings and payout their former employees!!!! Instead, a representative of the trust, Elizabeth Camilleri, claims that "they can't afford to pay the money owed". Well, liquidate some real estate or borrow against it and pay up. Simple really.

Evidence of this deprivation of employees money by the Jude Camilleri Family Discretionary Trust
includes contrived payslips issued with non-existent superannuation funds named on the payslips. In other words, fraudulent documents aimed at giving the employee comfort that their superannuation contributions have been made. A deliberate contrivance aimed to deceive. This itself could easily be seen as a fraud and would most likely be found as such if tested in court after being reported to the NSW Fraud Squad. This situation can be resolved by the stroke of a pen if the Camilleri's had any morals at all.

ASIC records show other entities under the umbrella of the Jude Camilleri Family Trust include JC Motors, Camilleri Contracting, Managed Recovery Services, and Norwest Collision Centre. All have the same ABN number 17 084 629 916. All are managed by Jude Camilleri. All are registered either in Castle Hill or Dural, NSW.

Update, July 2022: Mr Camilleri contacted Wikifrauds last week and requested removal of the above, stating that "the superannuation issue was settled a long time ago". We checked with several past employees, and two of them stated quite clearly that they were paid the well-overdue superannuation only after the Australian Taxation Office stepped in. Well that's fine, except we are of the opinion that had they not sought help from the ATO, their payments would still remain unpaid.  All employees contacted were unaminous in wanting the above report to remain on this website.

Note: The information published above has been approved by the former employees themselves.

Jude Camilleri

Any employees who have been dealt with by the likes of Rush, Camilleri and others are welcome to contact us, with or without remaining anonymous, may do so by clicking this link below:

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