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Of all people and companies around the world, who would have thought that Microsoft themselves would seek to extort money from customers who run Windows 10 !!

 This actually happened to us! The is the story from our own editor!

 "I was working on a legal document - in fact an affidavit - which had to be lodged with the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney by the close of business yesterday, 16 March  2018.
After about two hours of careful and exacting construction of the affidavit, the computer suddenly and without any option, began a Windows 10 update. There was no way of stopping it or even minimising the screen to allow the current work to continue.
The update took nearly two hours during which time it re-started the computer several times. when it was finally complete, I opened the computer again to find that all the previous work on the affidavit had been lost.

Here's the rub. I called Microsoft this morning to firstly see if there was some way I could retrieve the unsaved parts of the document, and secondly to see if there was any way I could stop or defer further automatic updates from again  interrupting work in process. I was directed to an online tech chat  forum. I explained the problem and asked how it could be fixed. This tech guy, code named 'Hyland' said he could sort the problem out but I would be charged $69.99 for the fix. I said that I was not going to pay for a fix on their software, being Windows 10. Why should I when if Googled, the problem is well known - Windows 10 simply has no option to stop the auto updates or defer them. The tech went on and took a look at my PC, then came back with what he thought were errors in the system, in other words suggesting it was my fault, but that he could fix it but there would be costs involved that I would have to pay for! I told him I would not be held ransom for a Microsoft issue, and that the time lost by me in this instance and the would-be issue in late filing of the affidavit may also cause problems for me when the court next sat to hear the matter I was working on.

He then pulled he plug on the chat line - end of session. So I rang another Microsoft number again this morning to speak to someone who could take a complaint and deal with the issue. I asked for a supervisor so I could escalate the problem. I sopke with one person first and eventually got to a supervisor. He came on and off the line a few times but then simply hung up on me after some 7 minutes. This is on top of the 47 minutes on the first call!

Well, Microsoft needs to adresss this issue. I'm sure that there would be thousands of Windows 10 owners who have firstly, been hit with the same problem, and secondly, been extorted into paying for a fix to Microsoft's own software.

If you have had this problem, please let me know. I'm more than happy to start a class action against Microsoft.

Editor, Wikifrauds.
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